Made Trade : The New, Online, Ethical Marketplace! (PLUS, A GIVEAWAY!!!)

    You guys, I am so VERY excited to introduce you to Made Trade!  It’s like an online flea market of your dreams, where the abundance of fashion, footwear, decor, furniture, and accessories are ALL ethically and sustainably made with transparency. Made Trade prioritizes 5 main values: fair trade, sustainable, USA-made, handmade, and vegan. Each of the 50+ brands and their products must fall into at least one or more of those categories.  This way, their customers can shop according to their values!  Made Trade just officially launched, so y’all are pretty much the first to know about this gem. And, amazing news… Made Trade has generously offered to gift one of you $250 to spend on their site!  See my most recent Instagram post to enter.

    For extra motivation I am going to post some of my very favorite Made Trade offerings below, but you can also go ‘head and peep the pre-filtered animal-friendly fashion here, and their vegan home goods here.

    SIDENOTE– Can we take a moment to revel in the diversity and realness of the gorgeous models on the Made Trade site? Thank youuuu!

    Reasonably priced, organic bamboo (and non toxic dye) flare pants. YAS.

    Bold, eco-friendly, handmade, statement-making earrings. Gimme!

    Zero-waste, super soft sweatshirt that I want to wear with oversized black sunglasses to run my errands

    Made in the USA, recycled brass + quartz amazing necklace that I would wear layered with other pieces or standing on its own

    This color, though!  Perfect dress for the holidays. Made sustainably in the USA

    Gorgeous throw made by artisans (the name of the maker is stitched onto the organic cotton!) in India

    Super cool looking, eco-friendly light made in the USA and composed of walnut & rope

    USA made, handmade, and eco-friendly… this oil slick clock is just so gorgeous!

    I hope you enjoyed learning about Made Trade!  Go enter the giveaway if you’d like a shot at getting some of these gorgeous pieces for yourself or loved ones in time for the hoidays. XOXOXO and good luck!



    Faux Fur For Everyone!

    You guyyys!!!  It’s the end of 2018, and wearing animal fur is finally taboo!  Excuse me while I pop all the bottles in celebration.  (If you’re wondering why fur has been banned in not only the biggest high fashion houses but in entire cities, take a look at this quick article with 9 bullet points outlining why fur is bad for animals, the environment, and even our health. There are some photos in the article, but not of the very graphic nature.) Basically…. You can’t really wear real fur anymore, it’s embarrassing.

    And aside from the cruelty involved in the fur trade, there is also simply no place for it anymore. Whether you like the look of shaggy or sleek, colorful or basic black, and cropped or floor length… And whether you have $100 or $1,000 to spend… There is a perfect faux fur jacket or coat out there for you!  And I am happy to help you find it.

    Below I’ve listed my top spots to find faux, and under each retailer I have posted a pic of my favorite option available there. Click the photo to shop the exact jacket, or click the brand name to peruse all options!  Also, at the bottom of this post I will link several of my favorite faux options from mainstream retailers.  Enjoy, knowing that you are living intentionally and that your shopping and style choices are reflective of that! It’s a beautiful thing, you beautiful thing.


    1. UNREAL FUR (average price $300, available at various retailers and at Unrealfur.com)… I love this Melbourne-based brand because the quality is incredible for the price point, everything is ethically made, they’ve garnered a hip cult following in NYC and LA, are available everywhere from Planet Blue to Revolve to Free People, and they are outspoken about their mission to end animal cruelty. YES!unreal fur
    2. Apparis (Average price point around $250, this is an ethically made, PETA approved brand.) They’ve been featured in Vogue for their stylist aesthetic, and I like the “fluffy” quality of the jackets. The have vibrant jewel-colored options as well as some more traditional colors available. One color blocked one I’m dying for is the LISA. They can also be found at Intermix
    3. Le Seine & Moi (the first French faux fur line ever! A little on the pricier side, but unbelievable quality. Ethically made, variety of neutral and wilder colors available.) 
    4. Spirit Hoods (average price point around $200-$250, 25% off with code HOWL at checkout); their faux is ethically made in LA, and 10% of proceeds go to help endangered species!!!  I personally have their leopard coat and it keeps me SOOO warm… I’ll post a pic of my coat below.  Other faves are the grey wolf coat and the tundra fox bomber. I like that some of their coats have the ears on the hood– hence the name. its a playful, cheeky touch and keeps it from looking sooooo real. Their hooded designs have earned a very loyal, festival-going following… Even though I usually just wear mine to go eat ramen with my family or to run to CVS. To each their own! 
    5. The Design Studio Hawarden (around $150-$200 average price for a faux fur bomber, and just SO FUN and unique!) I love this brand because they don’t take themselves too seriously, while still remaining chic. Fun color blocking, patterns and textures make for an unmistakable aesthetic, and it is made ethically by a mother/daughter design team in the UK.
    6. Shrimps (OMG! OMG! I love EVERY single piece on their page. Super expensive, though, and I’m not willing to sell my firstborn. If you have money to spend, however, no judgment from me, and send me a pic of your fabulous coat!!!) I love their color options, designs, and faux leather bomber options (like photo below)… I only wish their peacoats were not made of wool. Le Sigh. 
    7. A few mainstream retailers that are particularly reliable for offering a plethora of beautiful faux fur options: Free People, Nasty Gal, Asos, Planet Blue.  Hit the arrows on the left and right below to navigate some of my favorite picks from these spots… Anything from Nasty Gal is 50% off!


    I hope this has made you feel prepared to tackle the Fall/Winter months in style!  Remember to consider this an investment, just as consumers buying leather and fur coats would consider it an investment; these prices may not be in the $50 range, but you will have them for a long, long time if you take good care of them, and you are supporting ethical business and animal welfare with your purchase. As always, let me know if you have any questions at all. Thank you for caring and shopping conscientiously!





    Jambu Vegan Shoes: For The Woman On Her Feet All Day! (Discount Code)

    Over the years, I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve gotten from women who work in the service industry, doctors’ offices, or some other type of job where they are on their feet all day long— asking me WHERE oh where can they find some truly comfortable-yet-stylish shoes?  i do love a pair of comfy shoes, but I hadn’t found a brand that I could truly wear ALL DAY without my feet hurting… Until now!

    Jambu’s vegan shoe selectionsare made with memory foam insoles, so you honestly feel like you are walking on air. I would wear these to an all-day outdoor festival, traveling to a pedestrian city like NYC, or just a full day of shopping/running errands.  The specific pair I’ve been wearing is the Parker, and let me tell you– if you are looking for comfortable booties for women, these are a MUST. They come in several colors and the price point is amazing ($59…AND i have a 15% off discount code for you! Veggie18, valid until 11/15/18). The shoes run true to size.

    Jambu offers vegan snow boots, athletic shoes, sandals, and booties, all with the memory foam insoles and all at a very reasonable price point.   **Important Note! This is not an entirely vegan brand. If you are perusing, make sure you are in the “vegan” sub-section under the “women” heading!

    On my wish list: their snow boots!  Check this brand out and let me know what you think (remember discount code Veggie18). Your feet AND your wallet will thank you!

    jambu vegan shoes




    Vegan, Organic, Cruelty-Free, 7-Free Nail Polish: Handmade Beauty

    Hi friends!  I recently have featured a new favorite product on my Instagram, and I got so much feedback that I wanted to give it a home here on the blog, as well.  Vegan, organic, cruelty-free, 7-free Handmade Beauty polishes have become a must-have beauty staple of mine, and so far it seems like you guys are loving it, too.  Aside from the health benefits of switching to a clean polish (which I will address later on), I also love the packaging (smooth wooden tops and minimalistic design on the glass) and the names of the polishes (inspired by nature– such as jicama, mushroom, and pomegranate).  I also love that the polish doesn’t chip quickly like some other brands, as long as you apply a topcoat.  I recently went almost two full weeks without having to touch mine up, which is awesome when you have a full time job and a newborn baby to tend to!  Nobody got time for that.

    handmade beauty nail polish

    Now, onto the health benefits of making the switch to a clean polish!  These are the harmful chemicals you are avoiding by doing so:

    • Toulene: Used as a solvent, most usually as a paint thinner.  Inhaling high levels can be harmful to your central nervous system, cause birth defects, and lead to developmental issues.
    • Dibutyl Phtalate: Commonly used as a plasticizer. It is linked to cancer and birth defects such as malformation of the embryo.
    • Formaldehyde: Commonly used to preserve dead bodies. It is irritating, triggers asthma, and is linked to cancer.
    • Formaldehyde Resin: Used in production of adhesives; is an allergen.
    • Camphor: Used as cover in nails. Poison that can cause seizures and disorientation in large doses, also leads to yellow nails.
    • Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP): Chemical used in plastics to improve flexibility. It can be an endocrine disrupter, affecting hormones and reproductive health.

    By picking healthy (and pretty!) options like Handmade Beauty, you keep you and your loved ones safe. If you have any questions, let me know!




    Currently Loving: So Delicious Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternatives (With Cultures!)

    I was vegetarian for the majority of my life, so dairy was, by far, the hardest part of my transition to veganism (at least, when it came to the food I purchase and eat). Switching away from cow’s milk wasn’t too difficult (coconut and oat and soy, oh my!), but cheese and YOGURT were daily staples of mine that took awhile to find great replacements for. Years later, I can say that through a lot of trial and error, I ultimately found what I like! I am so excited to talk to you guys about one of my favorite food brands, a brand that made my transition a little bit easier: So Delicious!

    so delicious dairy free yogurt

    So Delicious is a dairy alternative brand offering a plethora of products which are widely available at mainstream grocery stores. I am a fan of their frozen desserts, CocoWhip (I eat it with strawberries for a healthier dessert option), and most of all: their yogurt alternatives. Coconut-based, gluten-free, vegan, and containing live and active cultures, So Delicious yogurt alternatives are not only incredibly thoughtful and healthy, but they also do live up to their name!

    Their yogurts are a perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness, with the creamy texture I look for in a non dairy yogurt. They have 13 flavors to choose from: some faves are their pineapple brûlée, vanilla, strawberry banana, key lime (my husband’s favorite) and blueberry. (I haven’t tried this personally yet, but I’ve also seen foodie bloggers making yogurt bowls with the So Delicious unsweetened option, stacking on tons of toppings like berries and coconut shreds and cacao.). The yogurts are available in single serve sizes, or, in some flavors, in big ol’ 24 ounce tubs. I typically grab the single serves, plus one tub of vanilla which I use to make chia yogurt bowls for my mornings. I hope you’ll give So Delicious a try and let me know what you think. You can click here to find a store near you that carries their products. If you find one you love, or a yogurt bowl with toppings that you think I need to know about, send it my way, I would love to see! Xoxo



    Natural, Organic Skincare Spotlight: Rosemira

    If you’ve been looking for luxury skincare without synthetic preservatives, additives, paragons, phthalates, artificial fragrances or dyes… I urge you to check out Rosemira!  (Heads up: 90%, but not all, of their products are vegan! So be sure and look at the bottom of each product’s page while shopping, they clearly disclose when beeswax is used and when a product is vegan.)  NEVER animal tested, obviously!

    Aside from transparency on each product page, I find the website super shopper-friendly; there are skin type recommendations, directions, and notes on each product such as “great for mature and dry skin, and also for rosacea” and “use this product sparingly, and always directly after cleansing.”  I feel like this makes you feel less overwhelmed and more empowered to achieve best results.

    When working with Rosemira, I told them that I had skin on the dry side, and that my main focus was anti-aging/reversing damage– so they sent me products with that in mind. After several weeks (I began using the products in late August) the products I can personally vouch for:

    See Me C Repair Serum

    Super lightweight and fast-absorbing.  This serum works well on areas with broken capillaries (plenty of those after pregnancy!) You simply use a small amount after cleansing, gently rubbing it into your skin and paying close attention to stressed-out areas of your skin and areas where the sun naturally tends to hit your face. These Rosemira serums are somewhat of an investment compared to what you might find at your local drugstore, but it will last you forever as you only use a tiny amount at a time, and I LOVE the way my skin looks and feels after putting it on. You can just TELL how clean the formulation is. It leaves you with a slight citrus scent, as well, which I like.

    The Tinted Sunscreen Serum (Bright Gold)

    I LOVE a good tinted facial sunscreen. Super lightweight and only mildly protective, I wouldn’t necessarily use this as my primary facial sunscreen on days where I plan on spending tons of time outside. It is more something I would use in an additive way, kind of as a highlighter replacement, or when I have a mostly-indoors event but still want some sort of daily coverage… It truly does give your face such a glow! Important to shake before use. Love the natural, woodsy scent.

    Divine Honey Rose Replenishing Cream

    This is cool, because even though this is one of their few “vegetarian-friendly” formulations, they have a vegan version upon request!  I did that, and loved mine. This cream is perfect for daytime; in my opinion it almost goes on more like a lotion, going on silky smooth and absorbing into the skin quickly. Makes my skin feel smooth and clear… I will definitely re-order this once I run out!

    Blue Bliss Beauty Balm

    Super, super rich and moisturizing.  I actually really enjoy the way it smells– very natural. Cacao butter and essential oils make this product SUCH a decadent treat for your skin.  I will say, it is so thick– I found it best to put a pea-sized amount in my hands and warm it up a bit before application in order to help its spreadability. I concentrated around my eyes and on dry areas of my face and applied it right before bed (this might not be a product I would use during the daytime, as it is a heavy moisturizer… I LOVE it at nighttime, though.).

    I am such a fan of Rosemira— the unique and luxury products, the clean ingredients list, and what they stand for as a company.  I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the Rosemira products YOU swear by, so I can give them a try next

    In a nutshell: If you are in a place to invest in premium, organic skincare right now, I would highly recommend these products!



    It’s Vegan… But Is It Eco-Friendly?

    As a vegan fashion writer, aligning an appreciation for style with a love for animals has always come naturally.  The trickiest part of my job, however, is finding beautiful, animal-friendly clothing that is also eco-friendly AND made ethically in regards to factory conditions and wages.  This is a challenge, yes, but a worthwhile and rewarding one.  Aligning all of these core values takes extra effort but is NOT impossible, especially if you just give yourself permission take it one step at a time.  Today, we are going to start the process by quickly addressing which vegan materials are eco-friendly— soon, we will also tackle the big picture of ethics together!  We can do this!

    eco-friendly fashion from reformation

    (Wearing an eco-friendly dress by transparent brand Reformation )

    Let’s go ahead and state the obvious: when shopping for vegan fashion, one’s initial reaction is “hey this isn’t that hard!”  Throw a rock, and it will hit any cheapie store selling clothing that doesn’t list any animal byproducts on the labels.  It is important to realize, though, that some of these materials are actually causing major devastation to our animals and the planet we all share and love. Water pollution, emissions, and little plastic microfibers which come off in the washing machine and end up in our oceans (and in our fish) are a few factors to consider when choosing fabrics to invest in.  Let’s break it down:

    The Earth-Friendly Five

    1. Buying recycled/vintage/second hand pieces is always best!  Aside from not contributing to rising demand for new clothing to be produced, you are also keeping discarded clothing from going straight to a landfill.
    2. Organic cotton.  This is different from regular cotton, because no earth-harming pesticides or GMOs are used in production. (Regular cotton is very pesticide-heavy, which pollutes our oceans.)
    3. Bamboo. It is one of the most sustainable materials available to us, deriving from a grass requiring no fertilizer or pesticides.  It is very soft and moisture-wicking, perfect for sheets, towels, baby clothing, and more.
    4. Hemp. This is a high yield crop, also grown without a need for fertilizer or pesticides.  It improves soil quality, and is durable and strong as a fabric, which leads to a long wear-time.
    5. Linen. Made from the (entire) flax plant, this is a zero-waste material that requires very little energy/water/resources to produce on a large scale. Linen is recyclable and and biodegradable, plus it is super hardy so you can wear the same garment for decades.

    The Fearful Four

    1. Polyester
    2. Acrylic
    3. Rayon
    4. Nylon

    While readily available, the chemicals used in the making of these products—plus the chemical waste— is not a great thing for the environment.  They are not recyclable or biodegradable. The production of fabrics like polyester require petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Not to mention, these fabrics are known to contain and be treated with harmful, possibly-carcinogenic chemicals.

    One thing to remember is that most of this is not black and white.  Organic cotton, for instance, while clearly the “clean” option, requires an excessive amount of water to be used in production. So, like most things in life, you do a cost-benefit analysis and buy mindfully, doing the best the you can. Remember to be kind to yourself– you care and are learning, and that is by far the most crucial step in becoming an ethical, conscious consumer.

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