Last Minute, Affordable Gift Options That Can Get Here In Time For Holidays… Because Life Happens

    1. For the beauty junkie: LXMI balm-to-oil. I know I talk about this product a lot, but that’s only because I swear by it.  I gave it to my photographer and blogger bestie, Mary, and she texted me the next day to say that even using this stuff for ONE DAY made a notable difference in her skin!  FREE SAME-DAY SHIPPING ON AMAZON, and it’s just under $50.  Trust me on this one.
    2. For the burgeoning cooking enthusiast: Purple Carrot!  Pre-portioned ingredients are sent to them with instructions, so they can make delicious plant-based meals at home! Personally, I would be thrilled if someone gifted me this.  Different packages at different prices are available, and you can give them a little certificate with the run-down on how it works on Christmas.
    3. For the person who can never find their keys/phone/wallet: Tile!!! I am obsessed with these. You can put them on key rings, in your wallet, and synch them to your phone so that you can always find your belongings in a hurry.  $60, 24-Hour Delivery
    4. For the traveler or music-lover: Cowin e7 Noise Cancellation (vegan leather) cordless headphones.  I had to do some major digging to get the definitive answer that these were animal-friendly… But yay, they are!  A top seller on amazon, these are supposed to be just as good at $60 as their $300 peers are, in regards to noise cancellation and comfort. Same-day shipping available!
    5. For the accessories-lover: Burgundy, vegan leather watch. Only $34 and available on Prime!
    6. For the candle freak: Voluspa is luxurious, burns forever, and is cruelty-free!  $40, same-day delivery!
    7. For the gym rat: The Ultimate Gym Bag, with wet pockets and drink holders to boot. Only $25 and available for 1-day shipping!
    8. For the men: Tommy Bahama zip sweater. Every well-dressed needs a ribbed sweater! This one comes in several colors and is available for X-Mas eve delivery.
    9. For the person who is always on the go: Vegan leather duffle.  I’ve long-time loved this bag, and it will arrive by X-Mas eve! This looks just like my Matt & Nat duffle, but is a fraction of the price. Only $84 and is super versatile.
    10. For the person with fur-babies: Furbo!  We recently upgraded to Furbo from PetCube, and what a difference. Watch your dog when you’re away… It lets you know when your dog is barking, and you can even toss your dog treats!!! Incredible. Same-day shipping, $169.

    I hope this helps you guys find your last minute affordable gift options!  No time like crunch time, right???


    XOXO and happy holidays!



    Vegan Winter Fashion | Alternatives to Wool, Fur, & Leather : Finding Animal-Friendly Sweaters, Coats, and Boots!

    As some of you know, I am now writing and curating the vegan fashion articles for Raise Vegan (the first ever vegan parenting & pregnancy mag!!!).  I could not be more excited to be involved in such an important, cool publication while entering into this crazy new chapter of my life… Motherhood.

    My premier article was all about vegan fashion.  I got a pretty positive reaction from readers and subscribers of Raise Vegan, so I thought I would post it here (below) as well, for you to enjoy.  I hope you find it helpful this winter season!

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Unless, of course, you’re an animal or an animal-loving human. Just take a look around you; the very moment the temps begin to drop, you’ll find fur coats, wool sweaters, leather boots, and down parkas abound.

    It doesn’t need to be this way. Nowadays, we simply have far too many identical-or-better-looking alternatives available– all of which are just as effective at keeping you warm– to keep on shopping the same old tired, irreverent brands and materials.

    Pre-vegan me used to traipse around the city in my vintage, floor length fur coats passed down from my grandmother— I felt I was the epitome of chic. This behavior is now taboo, as evidenced by high fashion houses Armani and Gucci pledging their fur-free statuses in the past year. You can still get the look, though, if you’re into that sort of thing! If you have copious money to spend, look to eco-fashion hero Stella McCartney, whose “Fur Free Fur” coats have truly set the bar. If you’re a mere, average, working mortal like moi, don’t stress! You can absolutely get in on this action with the bourgeoning availability of “cant even tell its faux” pieces by brands like London’s Unreal Fur (prices range from around $200-$350).

    Wool: the sneakiest of fabrics. Assumed by many to be the product of a sheep’s simple, peaceful haircut. Five seconds spent googling images of the term “mulesing,” though, and you will know the truth. So what do we wear instead? Ethical fashion house, VAUTE, has sweaters for men and women alike that are not only extremely high quality and vegan, but also eco-friendly! If you’re on a budget, not to worry… Simply check your material tags while shopping (located on the inside of the sweater), and eschew anything labeled as containing wool, cashmere, or angora in favor of materials such as cotton, hemp, tencel, and acrylic.

    Winter boots— whether for mountain trekking or city slicking— are absolutely a winter staple. Luckily for us, the vegan leather options are endless these days! My picks for snow boots are Sorel (I own their Winter Carnival Boot), Cougar Shoes, and Columbia… All of which have tons of great vegan options to choose from. If you’re looking for something a little bit more along the lines of a sleek over-the-knee boot, riding boot, or ankle bootie — I would encourage you to check out cruelty-free brands like Bhava, Cri De Coeur, and Matt & Nat. After all, we want to put our money into ethical and eco brands like this so that they can keep on upping the game in the fashion revolution, yeah?

    Finally, let’s wind this article DOWN. See what I did there? Joking aside, down is just the worst. Geese are live plucked, and you can only imagine how awful an experience like that would be. Long thought to be the most protective measure out there for frigid temperatures, would you believe that it was actually the military in the 1980’s who sought out alternatives once discovering that down was actually a total liability when wet? I personally decided to splurge on my down-alternative parka by Hoodlamb, because I despise being cold and I visit Colorado every year around the holidays. Let me tell you that this coat is perfection— way warmer and more luxe than a Canada Goose (yuck) and also eco-friendly! If you need to save a few bucks, check out Noize and Save The Duck for more earth-friendly options.

    Voila! Hopefully you feel prepared to tackle the winter season with style and with your ethics intact. More info is always available on my blog, fashionveggie.com, and on my Instagram where I showcase my favorite ethical brands. I am always here to help you! I can’t wait to talk more about vegan fashion with you all in upcoming issues— because it’s a new day in fashion, where cruelty in any form is not necessary, nor is it tolerated.


    Petit Vour Beauty Box — Cruelty Free Luxury

    Who doesn’t love a good subscription box??  Even better, though, Petit Vour— voted Best Subscription Box in the 2017 VeggieAwards– is a GREAT one, filled with natural, vegan, cruelty-free, luxury beauty products out of your dreams.  You may have heard of them, as Petit Vour has been featured in Glamour, Huffington Post, The Wallstreet Journal, NYLON, and more.  I love getting introduced to new ethical brands through my monthly PV box, and I also love gifting a box to people in my life who are just beginning to expand their definition of or dabble in animal-friendly living– for instance, my vegetarian mother who has always been a TOTAL beauty junkie, or my veg-curious bestie who has mentioned that she wants to start weeding out beauty products which have been tested on animals. It’s only $18/month, but the value of the products inside ranges from $45-60!

    In this month’s beauty box, I found a mascara by Juice Beauty, a skin-perfecting beauty mask by Odacite, a full brow serum by Province Apothecary, a recovery cream by Ursa Major, and a beautiful sheer pink, moisturizing lip balm by True Moringa (all of which are available on their site in full sizes). I am having a blast trying them all out, and plan on getting full sizes of most of these products to add to my weekly arsenal!

    In addition to their beauty boxes, Petit Vour is a one-stop shop for all things cruelty-free: Apparel, accessories, wellness, beauty products, and skin and hair care.  Definitely check them out, I highly recommend!


    “His & Her’s” Stocking Stuffers <$25

    Time to order your stocking stuffers!   My stocking strategy is to put a bunch of cool-yet-affordable stuff in there– I don’t want to go broke in order to achieve the “full, fluffy” look.   If ya dig, this post is for you!  As usual, all items featured are 100% animal-friendly.


    vegan his & her's stocking stuffers

    1. rose gold ear buds …Just super chic and great for travel!  2. “Define Me” fragrance roll-ons (I get stopped EVERY time I wear this!) I love it so much that I wore it on my wedding day. A dollar from each sale goes to scholarship programs for women in low income countries. 3. Pacifica 7-free vegan nail polish – Such great color selections, and on sale! 4. Mrs. Meyers candles.. I have these stashed all over my house! On sale, great price. 5. faux croc with bees coin purse – I grabbed this for myself! Keeping it in my car to hold all my change to feed the meters and use for tolls. On sale!  6. cozy, cute socks! Who doesn’t need a few pairs of these, especially around the holidays? 7. Osea Malibu’s “ocean milk cleanser” .. Give your loved one a taste of the good life!  This stuff is gold, and the sample size is actually pretty plentiful, affordable, and perfect for a stocking stuffer! 8. LXMI nourishing balm-to-oil – this stuff is incredible for dry, winter skin. Also ideal to put on during air travel to save your skin. Personally, I put it on my face every night before bed and swear it prevents wrinkles! 9. double buckle faux leather belt.. i use mine all the time (well- I used to, before my stomach started growing with new baby!) It’s very “in” right now to put this over a maxi dress or sweater, and it’s hard to find a cute one like this that isn’t made out of animal leather!

    vegan his & her's stocking stuffers

    1. Orgain protein powder.. This is my hubby’s fave! Great flavor, not chalky. 2. Preserve 5-blade razor – for a close, soothing shave that is ALSO eco-friendly and vegan! Made out of recycled yogurt cups… cooool. 3. Herban Cowboy cologne in “dusk” (people rave about this fragrance! It’s actually somewhat difficult to find cruelty-free men’s cologne… So grab this one before it sells out! 4. Wild Man vegan shaving set – I am getting this for my hubs!  Smells great and makes shaving a treat. 5. bartender ice molds (if your man likes a good cocktail after work, this will dress up his drink. Great for when you have company over, too! 6. Mack Weldon dress socks (Matt swears by these and gets them in his stocking every year.  Lots of looks to choose from! No wool. 7. Vegan Collection “captain belt” – comes in black or brown; great for work or events. Durable and looks like genuine leather. Fantastic price point, too! 8. MyKind men’s multivitamin.. What would our men do without us? Make sure his everyday nutritional needs are accounted for with this one-a-day. 9. monogrammed wallet (Looks classy! Order now so it’ll be monogrammed in time for the holidays!)

    I hope this guide helped give you some direction for your holiday shopping… I want to prevent you from doing what I did last year, which is frantically running around last minute for stocking stuffers!  Love you all, and feel free to let me know if there’s anything you think I should add!


    “Don’t Bully The Bullies” x Philanthropic Blogger Babes: Veggielitas

    Rescue tees by Veggielitas. I have on a size medium; Matt wears a large. Photo by MAS Photography

    I love meeting fellow bloggers with a cause, and I am especially excited when they also give back.  Let me tell you– the female duo behind vegan lifestyle blog Veggielitas is the real deal. While their blog focuses on delicious plant-based recipes, nutritional tips, & organic, cruelty-free beauty, they have taken their entrepreneurialism a step further in creating animal rescue tees.  The girls give a whopping 40% of the profits from their sales to START rescue, an incredible non-profit group who transfers at-risk dogs and cats from places like high-kill shelters, Mexico, and South Korea to rescue groups.  Be still my heart!!!  Their shirts (I clearly had to get them for myself and for Matt) feature pittie breeds on the front, as they, along with chihuahuas, have the highest euthanasia rates.

    When shopping this holiday season, please consider investing in gifts that contribute to the betterment of our world.  We could all use some good karma heading into 2018, yeah?

    veggielitas rescue tees



    Black Friday / Cyber Monday SALES

    I know, I know… Everyone is talking about sales sales sales, and it seems sometimes that our society is just obsessed with STUFF.

    However.  You sometimes do need/deeply want said stuff.  And right now you can save a ton of money.

    ** Note:  I am going to include a few of my favorite “Shop Small” retailers before all of the bigger retailers … Because it is so important to support them, too!  And I won’t be including notorious fast fashion offenders (i.e. Zara, Forever 21, SheIn) which is a shift for me this year.  “Ethical fashion” doesn’t just refer to the use and treatment of animals; it also has to do with the working conditions of human beings who made the clothes.  I am by no means perfect in this area yet, but if I know a retailer to be “bad,” I’m not going to support them in any capacity.

    Ready to dive in?? Here are my faves:

    Deux Lux | vegan handbags! 30% off with code: Thankful30

    Hoodlamb | (winter, weatherproof parkas! Down-free, fur-free, eco)

    OSEA MALIBU (if you know me, you know I am a true believer in this brand and use their products every day) Right now you can get a free mega gift set with a purchase of $125 or higher 

    Petit Vour | (vegan beauty products + vegan beauty boxes… huge sale section)

    Pixie Mood | (vegan bags!) 40% off entire site with code: PMBF40

    Vaute Couture | (vegan winter coats! YES!) Various sales packages

    Vegan Chic take extra 15% off black friday-cyber monday sales items through 11/27 (great for gifts and shoes/bags/belts shopping for your man, too!)

    ANN TAYLOR | 50% Off Everything with code: THANKFUL DATE: 11/22 – 11/24


    ASOS | Black Friday Weekend- 30% off Everything DATE: 11/22 – 11/28 CODE: EPIC30 TIP: Search for Shoes and Bags with the NON LEATHER Filter!!!

    BB DAKOTA | 50% Off Black Friday DATE: 11/24. VEGAN LEATHER HEAVEN!

    BERGDORF GOODMAN | 40% off designer selection

    BLOOMINGDALE’S | take $25 off every $200 spent

    E.L.F COSMETICS | Get 50% off sitewide using the code CELEBRATE on orders $30+. Plus, your order ships free for a limited time. Exclusions apply. CODE: CELEBRATE

    JOSS & MAIN | Up to 80% off! THE BEST home stuff… from furniture to decor

    JUICE BEAUTY | Cyber Monday Exclusive Event: 20% Off any order 11/23-11/28. Use code RSCM17. DATE:11/23 – 11/28 CODE: RSCM17 {Juice Beauty Vegan Product List HERE}

    MACY’S | take an extra 20% off everything with code HURRY

    MADEWELL | Take 25% off everything DATE: 11/21 – 11/26 CODE: DONTSTRESS

    MYTHERESA | enjoy 30% off on selected items by entering the code BLACK30 at checkout DATE: 11/23 – 11/26 CODE: BLACK30 (Hello, Stella bags!!!)

    NASTYGAL | It’s Black FriYAY with Nasty Gal – 50% off everything

    NEIMAN MARCUS | Today only.  Save up to 60% off when your take an extra 33% off select merchandise at NeimanMarcus.com

    NORDSTROM | Cyber Monday at NORDSTROM! Extra 20% OFF selected sale items. FREE shipping. FREE returns. DATE: 11/24 – 11/2

    REVOLVE | Take up to 50% off sale styles DATE: starting 11/23

    RIVER ISLAND | 25% off all orders, for a limited time only* – Sale Items + Mark Downs excluded DATE: 11/23 – 11/27 

    SAK’S | Designer Sale! Up to 40% OFF* designer selections. In Stores & Online. Shop Now!

    SEPHORA | up to 50% off select items with Black Friday deals under $15

    SHOPBOP | Get 20% off orders of $200 + .25% off orders of $500+ and 30% off orders of $800 or more with code MORE17 at Shopbop! DATE: 11/21 – 11/26

    STELLA MCCARTNEY | I’ve been waiting all year for this one! Up to 50% off! 

    T3 MICRO | Black Friday starts early! Enjoy 25% off luxe hair tools DATE: 11/21 – 11/26 CODE: FRIDAY17

    REFORMATION | 30% off everything

    TOO FACED | Shop the Pink Friday Sale for 25% off everything DATE: 11/24

    TOPSHOP | Save up to 50% off + Free Worldwide Shipping DATE: 11/22 – 11/27


    There you have it! I hope you all had a beautiful holiday with family and loved ones!  I want to say, also, that my heart goes out to those who find the holidays hard for whatever reason… You aren’t alone!  And to all of those who saw my Instagram post announcing my big news (more on that to come!)… Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We could not be more excited and thankful. 

    xx Happy shopping and happy living,



    Find Your Perfect Teddy Bear Coat (At A Reasonable Price)

    brown teddy bear jacket from nordstrom

    Teddy bear coat (also comes in cream color): Nordstrom | Boots: Bhava (all vegan shoes)

    Need a snuggly, cruelty-free way to stay warm this winter? Try my personal favorite wardrobe staple: the teddy bear coat.  It feels like your softest, favorite blanket wrapped around you all day, and is super versatile.   I like to throw mine over fancy outfits OR yoga clothes.  And nothing beats it while traveling.  This is a great option for you if the super-realistic-looking-faux-fur thing skeeves you out; these jackets literally look to be the texture of teddy bears!  Tips:  I tend to size down in these oversized styles, and they are usually made of poly.  Here are my top picks:


    The reversible (available in several colors); $89

    reversible teddy bear jacket teddy bear coat pink and red


    The bomber style (available in 3 colors); $168

    furry bomber jacket


    The vintage look; $178; 40% off with code THANKU

    teddy bear jacket j crew


    The casual and cost-effective, comes in 3 colors; $33.99

    The glam teddy; $168 but 30% off with code MORE17

    faux fur teddy bear coat


    The heavy coat, 3 colors available; $129

    teddy bear coat teddy bear jacket


    Happy Shopping!  And thank you for being kind to animals this winter!