Plaine Products : Eco-friendly Packaging + Natural Ingredients

PLAINE PRODUCTS is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic!

Let’s talk about the reasons that you should join them:

  • Did you know that only 5-10% of plastic is reclaimed for recycling? And even then, most of it ends up in landfills and in our oceans.  It is killing our ocean earthlings, and is scary for our future. According to Plaine’s website, it is projected that unless we make a change by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish!!! Heartbreaking.   Plaine has decided to provide a much more eco-responsible alternative: aluminum packaging! Even the boxes they use in shipping their products to you are made of 100% recycled materials. When you are running low or out of your product, just let Plaine know, and they’ll send you a refill!  You can use the same box your refill comes in to send back your old jar to be reused.  For further explanation about how their refill service works, go HERE.
  • Their products are vegan, cruelty-free (in case you are new to my page, anything ever featured on this blog will be vegan and cruelty-free!), non-gmo, free of sulfates/parabens, phthalates, palm-oil-free (I’m trying to totally eliminate palm oil, personally, so this makes me happy), chemical-free, kid-safe, and biodegradable.  Healing, nutrient-rich aloe vera is the main ingredient. Check out the specific ingredients further HERE.
  • Onto my more shallow values when it comes to the products I purchase: these products look and smell great (it reminds me of what you’d find in a fancy spa), and I love the way they look in my shower. I consider this merely a bonus, but it is still worth mentioning!

Try Plaine Products and let me know what you think.  I love the peace of mind that comes with knowing that I’m part of the solution, not the problem, when it comes to our ocean pollution.



plaine products in shower



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