Sud Muffin

It’s stocking stuffer time!  I have been on the lookout for eco-friendly, locally-made, personalized soaps that show just how well you know and love the recipient.  They are, for the most part, a cost-effective addition to the stocking (all that stuff in there- it adds up!!)– plus, everyone has to use soap right? …. Right?  Well, hopefully most people use soap.

Some ideas for your family member/significant other/friend who….


Loves a theme and the holidays:  This is Lush’s holiday favorite, Snowcake



Is soooo artsy:   Full Moon, by Sam’s Suds



Is a girly-girl, lover of all things beautiful:  Blushie’s True Romance



Is a nature lover:  Sapphire Crystal Geode by Soapsmith



Has a sweet tooth:  The Little Soap Store’s Doughnut Soap



Has a hobby (yet you can’t afford the clubs):   Golf Soap, again by The Little Soap Store



Ay Babay

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The holidays have arrived… Which means that for your new-mom friends: the “holi-daze” has arrived.  Crack them up and increase their chances of emerging from this time of year with their sanity intact with these funny (and practical) gifts:

Organic cotton bib: available here

Cute onesies: 100% organic cotton and made in the USA, available here

Eco-friendly baby moccasins made of cork: available here

Matt & Nat’s vegan leather diaper bag is sold out on their website BUT is available here

Cruelty-free bubble bath (for mom): available here … *I use this and LOVE it.  Made in the USA

Cowboy/gentleman mustache pacifiers:  available here (YOU ARE WELCOME)

Red lips pacifier: available here

Cruelty-free dry shampoo (because she will be needing that): available here


Tamara the Turkey

Beware vegans who offer to bring the turkey to the Thanksgiving party…

Meet Tamara (as in Sister, Sister‘s Tia and Tamara, obviously), my contribution to the annual “Friendsgiving” celebration.  Pinterest fail or success, you decide; regardless, I will now provide the how-to:

Get a melon and slice the bottom off so that it has a stable base

Attach a Bartlett pear with a skewer to the melon as a head; then with toothpicks, attach a slice of carrot as the nose, and a slice of red pepper as the snood.

Attach peppers as the feet with toothpicks.

Add fruit of your choice, kabob-style, to skewers and add to the melon as feathers.

VOILA!  You have now effectively created fun controversy at your omnivore friend’s Thanksgiving party.  You are welcome.