Pop Your Pup (+ a Valentine’s Day giveaway!)

I’ve talked with you about Pop Your Pup before, but JUST in case you’re new here… I just had to re-introduce you!

Whether you have a parakeet, a snake, a flying squirrel, a kitty cat, or– like me– a pack of dogs… Pop Your Pup has you covered.  You just snap a quick pic of your “pet” to send to them, and they’ll put a pop art version (and thanks to PYP’s team of USA-based artists, and it’s always a dead ringer! It WILL look like your pet) on a top of your choice to wear OR on a canvas for you to hang in your home. You can choose the patterned or solid background of your choice, as well (check out their impressive gallery HERE.) It’s a super quick process, which I love… It makes it so that chronic procrastinators like me can easily get it done before holidays or birthdays to give as gifts.  Trust me- the recipient will be excited!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I thought this would be a cool gift idea for you/your loved ones.  I want to give one of you a free Pop!  Head to my latest Instagram post to enter.

Good luck!!! XOXOXO

pop your pup top with great dane

  pop your pup



“His & Her’s” Stocking Stuffers <$25

Time to order your stocking stuffers!   My stocking strategy is to put a bunch of cool-yet-affordable stuff in there– I don’t want to go broke in order to achieve the “full, fluffy” look.   If ya dig, this post is for you!  As usual, all items featured are 100% animal-friendly.


vegan his & her's stocking stuffers

1. rose gold ear buds …Just super chic and great for travel!  2. “Define Me” fragrance roll-ons (I get stopped EVERY time I wear this!) I love it so much that I wore it on my wedding day. A dollar from each sale goes to scholarship programs for women in low income countries. 3. Pacifica 7-free vegan nail polish – Such great color selections, and on sale! 4. Mrs. Meyers candles.. I have these stashed all over my house! On sale, great price. 5. faux croc with bees coin purse – I grabbed this for myself! Keeping it in my car to hold all my change to feed the meters and use for tolls. On sale!  6. cozy, cute socks! Who doesn’t need a few pairs of these, especially around the holidays? 7. Osea Malibu’s “ocean milk cleanser” .. Give your loved one a taste of the good life!  This stuff is gold, and the sample size is actually pretty plentiful, affordable, and perfect for a stocking stuffer! 8. LXMI nourishing balm-to-oil – this stuff is incredible for dry, winter skin. Also ideal to put on during air travel to save your skin. Personally, I put it on my face every night before bed and swear it prevents wrinkles! 9. double buckle faux leather belt.. i use mine all the time (well- I used to, before my stomach started growing with new baby!) It’s very “in” right now to put this over a maxi dress or sweater, and it’s hard to find a cute one like this that isn’t made out of animal leather!

vegan his & her's stocking stuffers

1. Orgain protein powder.. This is my hubby’s fave! Great flavor, not chalky. 2. Preserve 5-blade razor – for a close, soothing shave that is ALSO eco-friendly and vegan! Made out of recycled yogurt cups… cooool. 3. Herban Cowboy cologne in “dusk” (people rave about this fragrance! It’s actually somewhat difficult to find cruelty-free men’s cologne… So grab this one before it sells out! 4. Wild Man vegan shaving set – I am getting this for my hubs!  Smells great and makes shaving a treat. 5. bartender ice molds (if your man likes a good cocktail after work, this will dress up his drink. Great for when you have company over, too! 6. Mack Weldon dress socks (Matt swears by these and gets them in his stocking every year.  Lots of looks to choose from! No wool. 7. Vegan Collection “captain belt” – comes in black or brown; great for work or events. Durable and looks like genuine leather. Fantastic price point, too! 8. MyKind men’s multivitamin.. What would our men do without us? Make sure his everyday nutritional needs are accounted for with this one-a-day. 9. monogrammed wallet (Looks classy! Order now so it’ll be monogrammed in time for the holidays!)

I hope this guide helped give you some direction for your holiday shopping… I want to prevent you from doing what I did last year, which is frantically running around last minute for stocking stuffers!  Love you all, and feel free to let me know if there’s anything you think I should add!


mothers’ day with banyan tree essentials

What to get the mother who is hard to shop for? I wanted to branch out from just sending her to the spa every single year, and she is very particular about what clothing or jewelry she’ll wear.  And let’s face it… Flowers die in a few days, plus she has a boyfriend who sends her those.  SO,  this year, I tried something a little different, and kicked off Mothers’ Day a bit early with a fun dinner + drinks date and a SPA IN A BOX! We ended up with a two box combo (c/o the cruelty-free, 98% vegan spa based in Singapore, Banyan Tree) and it was perfect!  I really feel like this would be a great gift idea for the chic mom, the overworked mom, the high OR low maintenance mom, the long-distance mom… Your mom!

(Sidenote… For those of you who have lost your mothers and for whom this holiday is particularly hard… I am thinking of you, and hope that this post doesn’t make you feel sad. If you ever want to talk, I am here!)  This blog post also applies to yourself if YOU are a mother– heck, even a dog mother! Treat yo’self.

(Before I forget– I have a discount code for y’all!  Enter in MOLLY20 at checkout for 20% off anything you buy on the site. YAYYYYY!)

banyan tree mothers day fashionveggie

The packaging was ultra-luxe AND eco-friendly.  My mother was so excited to hold on to beautiful boxes for future gifting.  She started by opening up the Mum To Be box. Inside, there was a spa-quality, eco-friendly, matching slippers + robe combo; jasmine rice night cream, ultra-moisturizing hand cream, and body lotion.  The creams and lotion smelled heavenly, and she was already very excited. But then, we opened box #2, which was the Nest Maker. Inside, there was a beautiful, hand-crafted, ceramic oil burner, 3 divine-scented essential oils (lavender– which is my fave, litsea, and peppermint), and a relaxing spa music CD!  Essentially, she will be able to create a spa-like experience/ambience whenever she wants to, while in the comfort of her own home.  I would definitely recommend ethically responsible Banyan Tree to anyone in search for a way to pamper their mom this holiday.

banyan tree essentials mothers day fashionveggie

mothers day banyan tree essentials fashionveggie






saved kisses | 30% off this amazing brand for the holidays!

‘Tis the season for being around loved ones, drinking and eating just a little too much… and purchasing, purchasing, purchasing!  My thought is, if you’re going to spend money, MAKE IT COUNT.  Today I want to remind you about a brand I really, really believe in for SO many reasons: Saved Kisses.  There are 4 main things that make this brand special to me, and make their clothing an absolute must-have.

  1. Saved Kisses saves animals!!! Let’s say you’re browsing the SK website and you think “Aha! I’ve been needing the perfect bralette, and this is IT!”  When you add it to your cart, you are automatically directed to “add an animal”– you get to pick which animal benefits from your purchase!  Choices include caring for at-risk dogs in frigid winter temperatures, the conservation of endangered baby sea turtles, shutting down puppy and kitty mills, feeding chimps at a sanctuary, and more.  saved kisses fashionveggie great dane pammies
  2. Saved Kisses has chic, sexy, AND comfortable clothing.  And that’s exactly how you feel when you wear their pieces– beautiful and free.  It feels like you are wearing the softest PJs, but you would never be able to tell by looking at their designs.  They are made to accentuate and flatter the body without being too showy or trying too hard. I’m wearing my jumpsuit all day today while I lounge at home with the fam and wrap presents– and I won’t have to change at all for my holiday party tonight, just throw on some jewelry and platforms. saved kisses jumpsuit, fashionveggie blogger
  3. Saved Kisses is gentle on people, the environment, and your body.  Made in the USA, no cheap labor was hired for the production of these pieces (which is why they aren’t, like, $20 a pop… This is quality, REAL, ethical fashion).  Their amazingly soft fabric is non-synthetic– made from sustainably harvested beech trees– and their packaging is all eco-friendly and recycled. No harsh chemicals or dyes were including in the making of these garments. Read more about their ethical and sustainable vision here
  4. Saved Kisses is 30% off until December 31!!! Use code FASHIONVEGGIE at checkout to apply the discount. saved kisses, great dane in a tutu, fashionveggie vegan blogger

There you have it, friends.  Grab your New Years Eve look at Saved Kisses— whether your night will involve lounging around with your fur babies and some FRIENDS reruns, or being out on the town looking very “chilled-out-cool-girl-chic” in all your open-back splendor.  Know that because of your thoughtful shopping choice, you are effectively helping rescue animals, supporting an ethical and sustainable small business, and guaranteed to look great for whatever occasion may arise.  Love you guys… Happiest of holidays, be safe and have fun out there!  XOXO




vegan holiday drinks at starbucks you need to try

Drink responsibly… But don’t be afraid to get into the holiday spirit!  Thankfully, there are lots of festive vegan holiday drinks at Starbucks for veg-heads to enjoy.  Bring on the red (green? blue? whatever) cups!  (PS: watch out for three delicious “secret menu items” below… they are some of the best ones!)

1. Chestnut Praline Latte

My personal fave.  Ask for soy, coconut, or almond milk!

2. Peppermint Mocha Latte

Again– get it with your favorite nondairy milk!

3. Caramel Brulée Latte

Pick your milk, say no to the caramel brulée sauce, then add toffee nut AND caramel syrups. Note: The brulée sprinkles are plant-based!

4. Holiday Spice Flat White

Ask for soy milk!

5. S’mores Hot Chocolate

This secret menu item (!) adds the chestnut praline syrup (and sprinkles) to your hot chocolate. So good!

6. Gingerbread Latte

Pick your dairy-free milk and make sure to skip the whipped cream.

7. Candy Cane Frappuccino

Another pick from the secret menu!  The vanilla bean crème frap with peppermint syrup is heavenly. 

8. Apple Cider

Ask for steamed apple juice and add the Oprah chai syrup.

9. Christmas Cookie Frappuccino

Another secret menu item!!  Basically, you get the vanilla bean crème frappuccino, then add peppermint and toffee nut syrup, and lastly sprinkle a raw sugar packet on top.

There you have it!  I hope you try these vegan holiday drinks at Starbucks. Whoever says that being vegetarian or vegan is “limiting” has no idea what they are talking about… It is almost 2017, and there are wonderful options everywhere you look.  Please pass this post to anyone you think might be interested in exploring a gentler, more plant-based lifestyle… Make it easy for them!  And if you want a list of bomb Starbucks drinks (not holiday drinks, just year-round ones) that are vegan, you can find that info HERE.  

Thank you for caring about your health, the environment, and animals!  




vegan 4th of july

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Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

bodysuit ($29): uo // high-waisted cutoffs: uo // jellies: american apparel // vegan bag (<$50): uo

It has been such a fun-filled few days!  I love long weekends; they are perfect for recharging and getting to spend some extra time with loved ones.  My Independence Day weekend was full of delicious drinks, delicious vegan food, and quality time with friends and my dogs and my love, all in the name of celebrating freedom. I wanted to share some highlights with you guys.

The ‘fit: I paired this easy breezy red and blue bodysuit (great for a festive 4th look, or for everyday) with vintage looking high-waisted cutoff shorts. I love high-waisted; I think its the most flattering on your legs and booty, and it lends a casual 70s cool-girl vibe to your look. I grabbed this vegan leather bag (super affordable and versatile) and my… wait for it… JELLIES! Yes, they are back! I have them in several colors, and when I wear them I swear every other girl I come into contact with stops me and says “I LOVE YOUR SHOES! Wait– are jellies back???” Major nostalgia value, plus just super comfy and summery. 

The fun times & the grub: On our way to a BBQ party, my boyfriend and I (and our 3 dogs, who were also invited!) swung by the nearest grocery store to grab some vegan necessities: beer, chicken nuggets, and veggie patties. (My favorites to bring to such events are pictured below… I like to bring things that are taste-test approved by my omnivore bf and friends, so that everyone can enjoy! I also like to bring things that are available at any old grocery store– as opposed to the amazing vegan sausage you can only find at an obscure vegan market– to group gatherings, so that anyone who is veg-curious can easily go out and buy it for themselves later on.) Additionally, I made “hotdogs” using a recipe by Neurotic Mommy, one of my favorite healthy food bloggers. Check it out! We were so grateful that we were able to bring our dogs to the house party; we try not to leave them alone on July 4th weekend, since the fireworks freak them out so much.


IMG_6689 FullSizeRender-48

The downtime: We watched a hysterical new standup comedy (“Freedumb” by Jim Jeffries, available on Netflix… Don’t watch if you don’t like dark comedy) and ordered in (my vegan favorites: Andy’s TLT from True Food Kitchen, which is an amazing off-the-menu item, and veggie/tofu pho from Dalat (check out your local pho places if you aren’t in Dallas; they are very likely to have a vegan option for you). 

I hope you had a fun and safe and veggie-friendly holiday weekend!!! Remember– if you want to adopt/foster a puppy or kitty, now is the time: 4th of July is the peak overcrowding time for your local shelters (who are forced to put down the dogs and cats who have been there for awhile in order to make room for all of the runaways who fled their family homes during the scary fireworks).  You’ll save a life! XOXO


Queen Of Hearts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!   Whether you’re dating the man of your dreams or Ben & Jerry, you won’t be able to resist getting in the mood with these amor-inspired goodies!



Shown on me: Lovers Gonna Love L/S Dolman

** Metallic Nail Polish ** Rose Gold Heart Ring ** Coral Bralette **

Lavender Origami Skirt ** Sheer Bow Tank **

Dog Shirt ** Faux Ostrich Belt

** Pink Patent “Leather” Pumps ** Heart String Lights **