subscription box : vegan cuts

    Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, obviously.   People order these in order to have a new monthly stash of bows for their kid, toys for their dog, makeup for their face, plants for their garden– you name it.   I’ve never gotten very involved in all of that, as I’m trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to live a bit more minimalistic, material-wise.  However,  I am discovering that I cannot say no to the monthly Vegan Cuts boxes.

    They have the snack box, which is what I tried this month.  It contained drinks, cookies, snacks… You name it.  ALL vegan, mostly fair-trade and organic.  I especially love this because my fiancé is slowly going more and more vegan, and I really love to have as much variety around the house as possible for him to snack on, which shows him how totally unrestrictive the lifestyle can be.  Additionally, the box has introduced me to some of my very favorite pantry staples!   So, whether you are new-ish to being vegan or vegetarian, whether you are an omnivore who simply likes snacks, or whether you’ve been vegan for years and just want to add new and fun snack items to your rotation, I highly recommend this monthly box.

    (Pssst!  They also offer a beauty/cosmetics/skincare box!

    Go check them out, let me know what you think!




    shop for the animals; shop tristin! (online boutique)

    shop tristin, vegan fashion, fashionveggie molly tuttle

    shop tristin, vegan fashion, fashion veggie molly

    top: tristin ($22!) / skirt: tristin ($32!) For reference, I am wearing a size small // wooden necklace: savvie studio

    I love this set so much, I couldn’t even wait long enough get it hemmed to wear it around town and to put it on the blog (hence the “ombre” look at the bottom of the skirt)!   Oh, the challenges of being 5’3″!  I love that the pieces can be worn separately– I wore this skirt to brunch, for instance, with a low v-neck, cotton, cropped tank.   The material makes this appear MUCH more luxe and expensive than it actually is (the whole thing is only $54!), and it is extremely flattering on.  I like to dress it down for daytime with an earthy wooden + cotton necklace, but I also look forward to having an occasion where I can dress it up; it would be perfect for a gala or holiday party!  The biggest reason I choose to shop at Tristin— aside from the super reasonable price point and the fact that I love supporting a small biz– is that they donate 10% of their proceeds to animal charities, and everything is 100% vegan!

    Some of my favorites from their site (ALL of which are very affordable):

    shop tristin vegan clothing shop tristin vegan clothing shop tristin vegan clothing shop tristin vegan clothing



    my cruelty-free products picks! plus, what you can do to help.

    You gotta be careful out there.  I remember when I first went animal-friendly/cruelty-free…  I was at the mall and approached the Estée Lauder makeup counter.  “Hi!  Y’all have a foundation I’m obsessed with and I just ran out, but I need to please speak with someone who knows if you test on animals.”

    The saleswoman’s eye’s widened and she gasped “Oh, my God! Do people even still do that, test on animals?! So barbaric.  We haven’t done that since the ’80s, and we never would.”

    “Ok!” Happy with her emphatic answer, I paid an exorbitant amount of money for my favorite foundation, and went on my way.

    Fast forward a few months where I had become more savvy navigating the vegan/cruelty-free world, and I was SHOCKED to learn how sneaky (and sometimes just flat out uninformed) cosmetics companies and their workers can be.  Straight up: I was duped.  Estée Lauder’s official statement regarding their animal testing policy reads as follows: The Estée Lauder Companies does not test on animals and we never ask others to do so on our behalf. If a regulatory body demands it for its safety or regulatory assessment, an exception can be made.”  The red flag lies in the second sentence.  The most profitable market to sell makeup is China, and guess what? In order to retail in China, by Chinese law you HAVE to test on animals.  So most big-name cosmetics/hygiene brands do, in fact, choose to test on animals.  And just so everyone is on the same page– and this will matter to some people more or less than others– contrary to popular belief, animal testing does not involve a mouse in a cage.  Beagles… Yes, the dogs… And cats, and bunnies, and monkeys are typically the victims.  They will pour laundry detergent in a dog’s mouth, for instance, so see how much he/she can ingest without dying.  Or they’ll blind a cat so see how much mascara you can shove into your eye.  It’s INSANE and heartbreaking and so, so archaic.

    The bright side?? You can be a part of the SOLUTION! 


    1. Download the Cruelty Cutter app!  It is a handy tool you can use while shopping to determine which products/ brands are animal-friendly.  Simply scan the barcode and the info pops up!  Here’s the deal… Every time you shop you cast a vote, via every dollar you spend, for what kind of world you want to live in.  This app helps you vote kindly and wisely.
    2. Do your research! I choose to follow cruelty-free makeup bloggers to get my facts straight.  The most thorough blogger is Logical Harmony (@logicalharmony on IG)– she checks up on the brands every single week and updates her cruelty-free list!  You’d be surprised how often these companies change their verbiage on their testing policies.
    3. Check out and give your support to organizations who set out to rescue and rehabilitate these victimized animals, as well as those organizations who work to expose the cruelty involved in animal testing.  One of my very favorites is the Beagle Freedom Project.

    Hopefully you feel at least slightly empowered now… You really can make a difference.  The world is changing right now more than every before, as it pertains to animal rights and welfare… I feel it and see it every day and it gives me goosebumps. Won’t it be cool, when animal testing is abolished for good, to look back say “I helped. I was on the right side of history.”


    In the meantime, I’m going to list some of my favorite cruelty-free products here.  Enjoy!


    Budget: e.l.f

    Splurge: Kat Von D (LOVE all her products! And I love to support her, because KVD is a celebrity who has really used her platform to make change for animals.  She has heroically decided not to retail in China, and has reformulated her lipsticks to be completely vegan.)

    Nail polish:



    This was a hard one for me to figure out, not going to lie.  But I finally found a product I’m in love with an that works for me: Crystal Roll-on. 


    Budget: Kiss My Face (especially for face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen)

    Splurge: Osea Malibu (OBSESSEDDDDDD WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!! Fav products are the gel cleanser and their advanced protection creme… I wear it every night.)

    Body wash:

    Shea Moisure African Black (good scent for both men and women)


    Budget: On major sale right now is Eve NYC… Very clean smell, makes my hair feel soft.

    Splurge: Living Proof products (I like to buy the “Perfect Hair Day trio… Your hairstyle will be in place for days, it is CRAZY! But the other formulations, like their anti-frizz, are great, too.)

    Detergent (dish and laundry) and cleaning supplies:

    Seventh Generation! I live and die by this brand and their eco-friendly mission.


    As always, friends, never hesitate to contact me with any questions!! I love to help. XO have a fun weekend!  Thank you for caring about animals.




    birthday post: 33 things you didn’t know about me

    Hey friends!

    In honor of turning 33, I thought I would share a little bit about myself.  Even though it feels weird to do a non-fashion post, just talking about myself.  I’ll try and include FAQs I get, and please know that I love and appreciate every single one of you for following my blog.  I had no idea what I was in for when I casually started it 2.5 years ago, and I’ve loved (almost) every second of it!

    Here’s to getting older (and hopefully wiser)!

    1. I went vegan 2.5 years ago after watching a documentary called COWSPIRACY.  At the time I was vegetarian but not really what I would consider to be an animal activist.  Even though the movie doesn’t have very much to do with animal rights or suffering– it really focuses more on the impact of the agribusiness on the environment– it changed my life.
    2. In the first couple months of being vegan, I “cheated” twice.  One time it was a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie from Subway, and the other time it was cheesy bread already on the table at a nice dinner when on a date with my now-fiancé.
    3. My parents got divorced when I was 11.  It didn’t make me mad– I was happy for them to move on and be happy!
    4. I will always have a black pitbull mix in the family because they don’t often get adopted at shelters.  This is because sometimes they appear intimidating (even though mine is literally the sweetest dog I’ve ever had in my entire life), and also they are hard to photograph, therefore harder to market on social media, etc.
    5. I used to be terrified of pitbulls and would remove my dogs from a dog park if one came in!
    6. I feel like two of the worst times in my life, relationship-wise, have made me appreciate where I am now with Matt.  1) An ex boyfriend who had basically a secret double life (cheated on me with sooooo many women, it was CRAZY) and brought me to a pretty dark place… And I’m not easily brought to a dark place!  It made me so appreciate a man who is trustworthy.  And 2) when Matt left me for a couple of months last year.  It made both of us evaluate what we really wanted, work hard in therapy on our relationship’s deficits, and CHOOSE each other.
    7. I have 10 bridesmaids, most of whom don’t even really know each other very well!  I am so excited for all of my favorite people to meet each other.
    8. My fiancé and I have a secret language that we use at home, and sometimes accidentally use in public.
    9. In high school I was a bit of a mean girl.  I was picked on mercilessly by the older girls when I was a freshman, and afterwards I decided that the only way to survive was to be “tough.” I regret it ALL the time!
    10. I appreciate it when people say that I look younger than my age.  I think it’s because 1) my face is heart-shaped/round, so that helps. 2) a vegan diet with lots of water!  I swear it works! and 3) I spend a lot of time pampering my skin in dermatology offices. Plastic surgery is not for me, but I’ll try most anything non-invasive!  I have gotten a SkinPen and Hydrafacials from McGuiness Dermatology, Skin tightening under my jaw from my friend Dr. Jordan Rihani, and even microblading for my eyebrows at Enlighten MD… And I am now addicted to all of them.  Beauty is pain!  Just kidding, beauty is whatever you want it to be.  But in my case, beauty is slight discomfort at times and mildly expensive 🙂
    11. A pet peeve of mine is when someone gives a vegan activist a hard time for caring about animals.  “Well, what about people? You don’t care about actual people??”  Errr, no… Empathy is not a limited stock, and you can in fact care about more than one thing at a time!  Personally, old people and animals tug at my heart the most, but I also care immensely about refugees and the homeless and– well, everyone!
    12. I want to move to Canada, but I’m settling for a bachelorette party there.  Montreal!
    13. My favorite nights are “game nights.”
    14. I am a youth counselor at a really amazing summer camp called Yea Camp!  They have some sessions that focus on human social justice issues, and others that focus more on animal rights.  It basically is a camp that connects eco-conscious,  animal-loving, humanitarian, socially aware teenagers with each other, and teaches them how to make a difference in the world.  I’m obsessed with the camp and want everyone to know about it!
    15. Wedding planning is ok, but honestly, it is very stressful.  I’m just ready for the day to come so I can marry the love of my life and party with friends! I’m glad that one of my best friends (and bridesmaids), Jessica from The Tree Kisser, is planning her wedding at the same time so we can help each other plan vegan, eco-friendly weddings!
    16. My favorite thing about myself is my big ol’ heart.  My least favorite thing about myself is my impatience.
    17. I’m Lebanese American!  Which I didn’t know until I was in my mid twenties… Thats a weird story.
    18. My mom lives here in Dallas.  She pretty much raised me to be a vegetarian, because she always felt that meat is “gross.” My dad is in North Carolina.
    19. I love changing my hair color!  I’ve been platinum, silver, purple, red, black, brown, and blonde. I go to David at Muse Salon for color and sometimes extensions!
    20. Favorite American city: New Orleans. Least favorite: Las Vegas.
    21. I love to paint and draw, and I’ve actually sold a few paintings.  I wish I could devote more time to it!
    22. I used to live in Los Angeles, CA for over 10 years.  I miss it all the time, but the traffic and cost of living was horrible!  I’ve also lived in London, which was incredible, but I ran out of money in about 5 seconds.
    23. I went to Pepperdine University and double majored in Psychology and English.  I was also social chair of my sorority (but barely ever made it to meetings).
    24. My good friend and extremely talented photographer Mary Summers Hafner is responsible for all photos on my instagram and blog.  She makes me laugh so hard its ridiculous, and I love that she tells me when my posture isn’t flattering or if I’m making a weird face.  She has a heart of gold and I recommend her to ANYONE who needs a photographer in Dallas!
    25. My first word was “duck” and I’ve been obsessed with all animals since I was a little girl. I think they have the most pure hearts and I feel most spiritual when I am around them.
    26. I am AWFUL at math.  When I took the SATs, my verbal score was super high and my math score was DEPLORABLY low.  So basically, I won’t shut up but I can’t add.  Ah, well.
    27. I swear by the book The People Code.  I have given it as gifts to half of my friends and I have everyone close to me take the personality test so I can understand them better.  Buy it, buy it now!!!!!! It will help your relationships!
    28. I used to be a behavioral therapist for autistic and developmentally delayed children, and I also used to be a wardrobe stylist.
    29. I donate 15% of my blog’s proceeds to various animal rescue organizations.
    30. I am scared of ants and rodents and reptiles. I still care about them, but man, they freak me out.
    31. If Matt would let me, I would probably have 10 dogs. So instead, we compromise and foster.
    32. I love watching scary movies, but I have to pause them several times throughout to take big, deep breaths.
    33. We won PETA’s “Cruelty-Free Home Of The Year” award!!! Was definitely a 2016 highlight.


    pashmina collection : a perfect fit and USA-made quality

    maxi dress (ON MAJOR SALE!!!): pashmina collection // vegan leather tote: pixie mood // shoes: urban outfitters // photos: MAS photography // hair: Elle at Pura Vida Salon (eco-friendly!!!)

    pashmina collection, fashionveggie

    pashmina collection, fashionveggie

    pashmina collection, fashionveggie

    “I started Pashmina Collection in 2013, because I couldn’t find the right thing to wear to my Friday night meals. I wanted a dress that was chic, comfortable, warm, and modest; one that I could wear when hosting friends and family, but that was comfy enough to snuggle on the couch and read books to my three beautiful kids. When I couldn’t find it, I simply decided to make my own.” -Connie Wolf, CEO


    Hey guys, happy Friday!  So, you wouldn’t believe how many compliments I get on this dress.  And I get it.  It fits like a glove, so flattering, has eye-catching colors, and is perfect for work, home, or play.  Plus- it is super, super comfy, and is now on sale for $35 down from $169!!  For reference, I am 5’3″ and wearing a size small. As you all probably know, I love shopping small and supporting companies who produce here in the USA with fair working conditions… Pashmina Collection is produced in Brooklyn, and can be found in boutiques across the nation plus Canada, London, and Israel.  I’ll post more of my favorite Pashmina pieces below!  Happy Friday, friends. XOX


    knee length, all-occasion black dress

    black ruffle skirt maxi– black tie 


    5 tips: what you really need to know about vintage shopping

    I am so excited to talk to y’all about the wonderful and rewarding world of vintage shopping!

    I love wearing vintage for a few reasons–

    First, in a time where sometimes it feels like everyone is wearing the same ol’ stuff, you can be someone who stands out.  Also, I love the idea that the beautiful and unique piece I’m wearing has history, has seen the world, has once been important to someone else.  Moreover, I feel like a vintage cut is usually flattering on women with all body types, as they are meant to accentuate curves and oftentimes create the illusion of a small waistline.  And lastly (and perhaps most importantly, really), vintage shopping is eco-friendly!

    However, there are several things that you need to know before heading to the shops (or even the online shops).  Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting money (oftentimes vintage shopping is a no-return, no-exchange situation) and/or feeling weird about your bod.  Fortunately for you, I’ve been obsessed with finding and wearing clothing from different eras for about 10 years now, and I’m here to help you out!

    1. Go in person if possible.  I say this with love: vintage pieces sometimes require a subtle sniff before buying.  They are old!  Don’t worry– the majority of the time, dry cleaning has already taken care of the problem and you’re ok to buy… But be especially wary of bags… I once splurged on a BEAUTIFUL old world French suitcase, only to open it and almost fall over from the odor when I got home.  Fool me once…
    2. Another reason it’s important to go in person is because there is a prettyyy notable sizing discrepancy when it comes to vintage vs. modern day sizing.  I’ve grabbed many a size 2 or size 4, only to be surprised when the garment barely fit over my head!  For the most part, when I’m vintage shopping, I completely ignore the sizes, and I come emotionally prepared to buy much bigger sizes than I’m used to. (Not that there’s anything wrong with larger sizes. You know what I mean!) Also, related to sizing: remember that vintage stitching is more delicate, and can’t withstand a lot of pulling– so make sure you have room to breathe, bend, etc.
    3. If vintage shopping at a market or fair, bring cash!  Also, remember that you can always barter, if you’re into that kinda thing 🙂
    4. Remember that new items are added during the week, and that weekends are the busiest shopping times.  I prefer to show up at lunchtime or early after work on Friday so that the new arrivals don’t get picked over before I get the chance to come check them out.
    5. Whether I’m browsing in person or online, I seek shops that organize their goods by decade.  Otherwise, it can all mush together and feel way overwhelming to me.  (Notice how in the photo– taken at Vintage Martini in Dallas–  I’m standing in the 50’s section.  I don’t discriminate, but the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s are my go-to’s.)  Online shops who organize by decade: ASOS Peekaboo Marketplace and Adored (just their dresses are organized by decade).

    Good luck out there!!  Let me know what you find, and let me know if you have any questions.



    Here are my favorite online vintage finds from the:








    … and my all time favorite find today: here (70% off!)


    philosofée : fair, usa-made, and super flattering!

    Philosofée clothing, fair trade, fashionveggiePhilosofée fair trade clothing fashionveggie

    Philosofée fair trade clothing, fashion veggie

    Philosofée worn by fashionveggie

    jumpsuit: philosofée // clutch: issey miyake (more colors and sizes available) // gladiators: sold out at free people; similar linked here & here // lippy: anastasia beverly hills liquid lip in the color “sepia”

    Let’s give a warm welcome to Philosofée, new to America from Brazil!  Focused on local production and fair labor conditions, the clothing is high quality and well-made, with subtle details (such as luxe, delicate metal grommets on the pockets) and an intentionally flattering design which always accentuates the woman’s waist.  There are several vegan pieces to choose from, like this mod jumpsuit. I love the thick material with a little bit of stretch, the back and side pockets which lay flat against you and don’t add bulk, the front zipper detail, and the color blocking.

    This was my first time wearing my gladiator heels since they were repaired by My Shoe Hospital.  You guys… my dogs chewed these shoes to hell!  Actually, it was just the left shoe.  Every local shoe repair shop, including my tried and true spot in Dallas (who typically can do ANYTHING) turned me away, saying there was no hope and that they’d have to completely remake the shoe… But My Shoe Hospital came through and I literally can’t even tell they were ever ruined!  They used vegan leather to repair the shoe, too… They’ve won me over.

    Also- I know I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again) but if you’re looking for high end, unique animal-friendly bags– I strongly urge you to check out the brand Bao Bao Issey Miyake (you can find the most options at  Saks or MatchesFashion,– I think they are a little more affordable at MatchesFashion).  While not for the faint of heart or the steadfastly preppy girl, these bags make a statement without trying too hard– they are like art.  You’ll get a gagillion comments on your bag every time you go out, I swear!

    That’s all, folks.  Have a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to shop small, shop fair, and shop ethically.  XOXO