Rêve En Vert – The Go-To For Consciously-Made, Luxury Fashion

    Dressing the bump in:  Mara Hoffman

    Rêve En Vert is changing the game when it comes to shopping for luxury fashion.  It has been called “The Net-A-Porter of sustainable fashion” by Harpers Bazaar, a description that is spot-on: The co-founders of REV created the company with the goal of only featuring fashion from designers who met one of their four sustainability criteria: organic, remade, local, and fair.  (But I can’t help but notice that “vegan” seems to have crept in there, as well, based on the availability of animal-friendly handbags on their site!)

    Rêve En Vert offers the best of the best in activewear, casual wear, dresses, lingerie, resort wear, accessories, beauty, and more.  Under each item, there is a description of WHY this designer is considered sustainable– what are their practices, their materials?  I will say, I was pleasantly surprised more than once to find that designer I have known of and admired for years has been, unbeknownst to me, consciously making their pieces with sustainable measures in place.  The dress I’m wearing, for instance, is by Mara Hoffman.  I worn pieces by this designer for the past 10 years, having no idea that she actually partners with artisans to make everything in the USA, focuses on employing women using ethical employment standards, utilizes cutting-edge and sustainable materials such as lenzing rayon and birla viscose, and focuses heavily on reducing fabric waste.  Honestly, perusing the site’s featured designers is an education in and of itself.

    I want to share some of my favorite, sustainably-made pieces from their site with you guys– I hope you love them!  And go check out the Rêve En Vert site online, it is truly inspiring.

    Dream shopping cart:

    Von Holzhausen, as seen on me here

    Matt & Nat, one of my all-time fave handbag brands

    tencel, non-toxic workout gear by Vyayama

    Willow Beauty trio of organic oils- cruelty-free, vegan, organic



    Ultra Violet : 2018’s Pantone Color of The Year

    2018 is in full swing, and with it has come the newest selection of Pantone colors. The color of the year, a very welcome change after last year’s barely-wearable yellow-green, has been declared Ultra Violet, a “blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level. From exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come,” according to the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

    After the year we’ve had, an indicator of changes ahead is exactly what we the people are needing. It shouldn’t be ignored that our color of the year comes from harmoniously blending the politically polarizing colors of red and blue. Could this be the color of hope and peace that is to come in 2018?

    So— how do we incorporate this color into our wardrobes/lives for little morale AND style boost? Whether you’re a 20-year-old student, a 35-year-old mama, or just a fashionista in between, I have some ideas and inspiration for you (all animal-friendly as usual). Let’s make like Alice Walker and get into the color purple!


    undies: hanky panky- regular or plus size // cruelty-free, vegan lippie: kat von d // velvet jeans: marc jacobs // baby carrier: baby k’tan // tassel earrings: design b london // vegan leather padded headphones: beats // handbag: gunas // grid pattern, long sleeve blouse: sanctuary // backpack: fjallraven kanken // booties: on major sale- aldo //  sunglasses: ray ban // cruelty-free, vegan nail polish: luna // cruelty-free, vegan eyeshadow: half off-  elf cosmetics // scarf: almost sold out- asos



    ultra violet jumpsuit urban outfitters purple

    Jumpsuit (30% off, comes in yellow as well) (size 4 for reference)

    Blazer (petite and regular available)

    Black framed/ blue mirrored sunglasses (more colors available)

    photography by MAS Photography


    Green Chef | Vegan Meal Kit!

    Martha Stewart, I am not.  But as it turns out,  I can read & follow directions (especially when given the pre-measured ingredients) with the best of them!   

    I’m talking about Green Chef, an organic, gluten-free meal kit delivery service.  This is how it works:

    1. You select which meal plan option you’d like (cough cough VEGAN cough), as well as how many people you plan on feeding (i.e.: Two people? A family of four?).  Pick your subscription plan and which day you’d like your deliveries, and VOILA — they come delivered to your doorstep like magic!
    2. Once they arrive, you put on your cutesy “kiss the chef” apron and get to cookin’!  Each meal only takes about half an hour, and the directions/recipes are pretty much foolproof.  
    3. Pat yourself on the back and eat your delicious, beautiful meal!  

    The menu and recipes change every single week, and are truly restaurant-quality.  

    As amazing as Green Chef is, they are not the only meal kit company out there. There are, however, several things that set them apart from the rest and make them my personal preferred service:

    • Green Chef is the first USDA-certified meal kit company, and they serve more organic ingredients than any other company in the industry.  So you’re getting organic ingredients with no GMOs, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids. Just healthy and pure, REAL food.
    • Green Chef is also the first meal kit company to receive Gluten-Free certification through the Gluten Intolerance Group’s Gluten-Free Food Service program.
    • The menu is simply better than other services I’ve used.  The options are always flavorful, filling, and delicious… i have literally not had a single meal from them where I was left feeling “meh.”  My fiancé even went as far as saying that one of our meals, the Kung Pao Cauliflower dish, was “the best meal he’s had in YEARS” (!!!!!!!)  He has been SO impressed, which is so important to me since he is in the process of going 100% plant-based.

    This past week, I made 3 new Green Chef meals, all of which I loved:  Roasted Sweet Potato Bowl; Portabello Steak; and Kung Pao Cauliflower.  I’ll attach photos below, but excuse the lack of photographic evidence for the cauliflower; my husband seriously gobbled it up before I could even get my camera out!  Sigh.

    portabello mushroom steak green chef vegan

    vegan meal green chef

    green chef sweet potato bowl vegan meal

    sweet potato bowl vegan meal green chef

    All in all, I am addicted to Green Chef.  You’ll see them a lot from me moving forward, not only because it is an easy and cost-effective way to feed my little fam with plant-based, organic, gluten-free goodness, but ALSO because this service is actually teaching me how to cook!  I am such a novice, but the Green Chef really breaks the preparation and execution of these recipes down to where I can actually grasp what I need to do, and is getting me familiar with my kitchen it’s accoutrements. I am so excited about them, and I know that you will be, too!

    Click below to get started.  Go to “menu” and select Vegangreen chef logo



    *This post is done in collaboration with Green Chef.  All opinions are my own.



    Pop Your Pup (+ a Valentine’s Day giveaway!)

    I’ve talked with you about Pop Your Pup before, but JUST in case you’re new here… I just had to re-introduce you!

    Whether you have a parakeet, a snake, a flying squirrel, a kitty cat, or– like me– a pack of dogs… Pop Your Pup has you covered.  You just snap a quick pic of your “pet” to send to them, and they’ll put a pop art version (and thanks to PYP’s team of USA-based artists, and it’s always a dead ringer! It WILL look like your pet) on a top of your choice to wear OR on a canvas for you to hang in your home. You can choose the patterned or solid background of your choice, as well (check out their impressive gallery HERE.) It’s a super quick process, which I love… It makes it so that chronic procrastinators like me can easily get it done before holidays or birthdays to give as gifts.  Trust me- the recipient will be excited!

    Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I thought this would be a cool gift idea for you/your loved ones.  I want to give one of you a free Pop!  Head to my latest Instagram post to enter.

    Good luck!!! XOXOXO

    pop your pup top with great dane

      pop your pup



    LXMI Sale + founder Leila Janah

    Code ENDOFYEAR for 30% off on LXMI products!

    I know, I knowww!  I talk about LXMI a lot.  I tell you that you need their famous balm-to-oil Nilotica Melt as a moisturizer while you sleep, while you’re on a hydration-sucking airplane, on your lips to prevent the infamous wintertime dryness; and now that I’m pregnant, I’m gonna tell you that you need LXMI to nourish your ever-stretching skin to prevent tiger marks.  It’s truly the closest thing I have in my skincare regimen to a miracle product (just ask my photographer/blogger bestie Mary of SoThenTheySay; I gave her a sample while on a photoshoot, and she texted me the next day that her skin looked incredible!).  Also!  They have another product I’m addicted to now: the Goddess Glow! It’s a highlighter and illuminator that also moisturizes the skin, and has a really cool rose gold tint to it.  And good news… They are having a Year End Sale!!!!!!!  Just enter code ENDOFYEAR and shop their HERE.

    I also wanted to let you now a little bit about the founder of LXMI, Leila Janah.  Leila is  just very special– simply put, she is one of those humans who sees something that needs fixing and does something about it!  I’m about halfway through her book Give Work: Reversing Poverty One Job at a Time, and it is soooo inspiring and interesting; I highly recommend it to anyone who cares about others, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and wants to learn how to make change.  Here is a blurb from her Wiki page:

    Leila Janah is the Founder and CEO of Samasource and LXMI, two companies that share a common social mission to end global poverty by giving work to people in need. She is also the author of Give Work: Reversing Poverty One Job at a Time and co-author of America’s Moment: Creating Opportunity in the Connected Age, a book by Rework America: A Markle Initiative.

    In 2015, Janah co-founded LXMI, a for profit luxury skin care brand. Built on the idea of beauty in action™, LXMI employs marginalized women in the rural Nile Valley communities to harvest LXMI ingredients and reports that their producers earn 3x the average local wages. LXMI is named after the Hindu goddess of beauty and prosperity.


    Last Minute, Affordable Gift Options That Can Get Here In Time For Holidays… Because Life Happens

    1. For the beauty junkie: LXMI balm-to-oil. I know I talk about this product a lot, but that’s only because I swear by it.  I gave it to my photographer and blogger bestie, Mary, and she texted me the next day to say that even using this stuff for ONE DAY made a notable difference in her skin!  FREE SAME-DAY SHIPPING ON AMAZON, and it’s just under $50.  Trust me on this one.
    2. For the burgeoning cooking enthusiast: Purple Carrot!  Pre-portioned ingredients are sent to them with instructions, so they can make delicious plant-based meals at home! Personally, I would be thrilled if someone gifted me this.  Different packages at different prices are available, and you can give them a little certificate with the run-down on how it works on Christmas.
    3. For the person who can never find their keys/phone/wallet: Tile!!! I am obsessed with these. You can put them on key rings, in your wallet, and synch them to your phone so that you can always find your belongings in a hurry.  $60, 24-Hour Delivery
    4. For the traveler or music-lover: Cowin e7 Noise Cancellation (vegan leather) cordless headphones.  I had to do some major digging to get the definitive answer that these were animal-friendly… But yay, they are!  A top seller on amazon, these are supposed to be just as good at $60 as their $300 peers are, in regards to noise cancellation and comfort. Same-day shipping available!
    5. For the accessories-lover: Burgundy, vegan leather watch. Only $34 and available on Prime!
    6. For the candle freak: Voluspa is luxurious, burns forever, and is cruelty-free!  $40, same-day delivery!
    7. For the gym rat: The Ultimate Gym Bag, with wet pockets and drink holders to boot. Only $25 and available for 1-day shipping!
    8. For the men: Tommy Bahama zip sweater. Every well-dressed needs a ribbed sweater! This one comes in several colors and is available for X-Mas eve delivery.
    9. For the person who is always on the go: Vegan leather duffle.  I’ve long-time loved this bag, and it will arrive by X-Mas eve! This looks just like my Matt & Nat duffle, but is a fraction of the price. Only $84 and is super versatile.
    10. For the person with fur-babies: Furbo!  We recently upgraded to Furbo from PetCube, and what a difference. Watch your dog when you’re away… It lets you know when your dog is barking, and you can even toss your dog treats!!! Incredible. Same-day shipping, $169.

    I hope this helps you guys find your last minute affordable gift options!  No time like crunch time, right???


    XOXO and happy holidays!



    Vegan Winter Fashion | Alternatives to Wool, Fur, & Leather : Finding Animal-Friendly Sweaters, Coats, and Boots!

    As some of you know, I am now writing and curating the vegan fashion articles for Raise Vegan (the first ever vegan parenting & pregnancy mag!!!).  I could not be more excited to be involved in such an important, cool publication while entering into this crazy new chapter of my life… Motherhood.

    My premier article was all about vegan fashion.  I got a pretty positive reaction from readers and subscribers of Raise Vegan, so I thought I would post it here (below) as well, for you to enjoy.  I hope you find it helpful this winter season!

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Unless, of course, you’re an animal or an animal-loving human. Just take a look around you; the very moment the temps begin to drop, you’ll find fur coats, wool sweaters, leather boots, and down parkas abound.

    It doesn’t need to be this way. Nowadays, we simply have far too many identical-or-better-looking alternatives available– all of which are just as effective at keeping you warm– to keep on shopping the same old tired, irreverent brands and materials.

    Pre-vegan me used to traipse around the city in my vintage, floor length fur coats passed down from my grandmother— I felt I was the epitome of chic. This behavior is now taboo, as evidenced by high fashion houses Armani and Gucci pledging their fur-free statuses in the past year. You can still get the look, though, if you’re into that sort of thing! If you have copious money to spend, look to eco-fashion hero Stella McCartney, whose “Fur Free Fur” coats have truly set the bar. If you’re a mere, average, working mortal like moi, don’t stress! You can absolutely get in on this action with the bourgeoning availability of “cant even tell its faux” pieces by brands like London’s Unreal Fur (prices range from around $200-$350).

    Wool: the sneakiest of fabrics. Assumed by many to be the product of a sheep’s simple, peaceful haircut. Five seconds spent googling images of the term “mulesing,” though, and you will know the truth. So what do we wear instead? Ethical fashion house, VAUTE, has sweaters for men and women alike that are not only extremely high quality and vegan, but also eco-friendly! If you’re on a budget, not to worry… Simply check your material tags while shopping (located on the inside of the sweater), and eschew anything labeled as containing wool, cashmere, or angora in favor of materials such as cotton, hemp, tencel, and acrylic.

    Winter boots— whether for mountain trekking or city slicking— are absolutely a winter staple. Luckily for us, the vegan leather options are endless these days! My picks for snow boots are Sorel (I own their Winter Carnival Boot), Cougar Shoes, and Columbia… All of which have tons of great vegan options to choose from. If you’re looking for something a little bit more along the lines of a sleek over-the-knee boot, riding boot, or ankle bootie — I would encourage you to check out cruelty-free brands like Bhava, Cri De Coeur, and Matt & Nat. After all, we want to put our money into ethical and eco brands like this so that they can keep on upping the game in the fashion revolution, yeah?

    Finally, let’s wind this article DOWN. See what I did there? Joking aside, down is just the worst. Geese are live plucked, and you can only imagine how awful an experience like that would be. Long thought to be the most protective measure out there for frigid temperatures, would you believe that it was actually the military in the 1980’s who sought out alternatives once discovering that down was actually a total liability when wet? I personally decided to splurge on my down-alternative parka by Hoodlamb, because I despise being cold and I visit Colorado every year around the holidays. Let me tell you that this coat is perfection— way warmer and more luxe than a Canada Goose (yuck) and also eco-friendly! If you need to save a few bucks, check out Noize and Save The Duck for more earth-friendly options.

    Voila! Hopefully you feel prepared to tackle the winter season with style and with your ethics intact. More info is always available on my blog, fashionveggie.com, and on my Instagram where I showcase my favorite ethical brands. I am always here to help you! I can’t wait to talk more about vegan fashion with you all in upcoming issues— because it’s a new day in fashion, where cruelty in any form is not necessary, nor is it tolerated.