new summer fave: sedette sandals

    jeans: carmar// shoes: sedette sandals

    Matt and I don’t know where we are going for our honeymoon yet (Got any suggestions?! We just want a beach and an ethical way to see/interact with animals… Hold the Zika!), but I am already on the lookout for animal-friendly, versatile shoes that have a light, summery vibe.  Well, HELLO, Sedette Sandals!  

    Inspired by a 1940’s aesthetic and built to last using woven textiles and solid beechwood, Sedette definitely brings something fresh to the table. Whether you prefer something more basic (solid colors), preppier (gingham),  graphic (coral trellis), or tropical (my pick: vintage palm):  there is something for you.

    Some additional details I really love about Sedette:

    • They intentionally design their shoes to be vegan, down to the glue!
    • Each pair is handmade and slightly unique with variations in the wood and color.
    • For the next three days, you can use code FASHIONVEGGIE30 to receive 30% off your order!!! 

    I love the natural, earthy feel of the sandals and cannot wait to wear them around with me while I travel the world with my love.  In the meantime, I will be breaking them in while in Dallas, and cannot wait to hear about which pair is calling YOUR name!



    To shop all of Sedette Sandals’ debut line, click HERE.

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    so… what’s the deal with Like To Know It?

    Like to Know It is wonderful and easy, but also misunderstood. My readers want to know what it is, how it works, why they need it, what’s in it for me. I get it!  I’ll try my best to explain.

    Basically, Like to Know It is here to save you tons time and to help you shop my looks from Instagram!  Once registered, you only have to ‘like’ my IG photos, and Like to Know It will send you an email within minutes with the links to every item I am wearing!

    (Recent development:  Like To Know It now has an APP!  Y’all, it’s amazing. When you like or screenshot any of my looks (or looks of other influencers, too!), you can shop the full looks in the app, and can browse for more as well.)


    1. Go to www.liketoknow.it to get started!  There is a tutorial there for you to watch, as well, to further explain how it all works.

    2. Register (takes 1 minute, and it is free)

    3. Go to my Instagram and ‘like’ one of my photos. Within minutes you will have an email that has all of the outfit details in it!  And if you do decide to download the app as well, you can shop it there within literally one minute. Either way, there will be photos of the items that, when clicked on, will send you straight to online store where I got it so you can see more about the item and shop it! (Note: my clothing, accessories, beauty products, etc. are ALWAYS vegan and cruelty-free!)

    4. If I don’t have the exact item I’m wearing linked in the Like To Know It app/email, it is because the store where I got it isn’t contracted with rewardStyle. This does happen sometimes with me since I like to support small businesses, boutiques, and fair trade brands.  In that case, the brand will most likely be tagged in my IG photo or linked on my blog, BUT it you have any questions you can always reach out to me!  Via Like To Know It, I will also always link similar items for you that I love, if for some reason the exact one is not available.

    5. Once you’ve registered, you can also shop directly from the app OR the LiketoKnow.It website itself! You can keep track of everything you have liked on Instagram under the ‘My Likes’ tab;  that way, you never forget to shop or lose the outfit!  You can also shop all of your favorite bloggers’ posts by adding their Instagram handle at the end of the URL (as long as the blogger works with Like To Know It) . For example, you can shop all of my posts here: www.liketoknow.it/fashionveggie

    Get excited… Shopping just got a whole lot easier!



    Sign up HERE!


    dress // bag (in other colors; yellow sold out) // favorite sunglasses

    (and as always, my whole look– and ALL my outfits– can be found on my Like To Know It page!)


    personal training : the solution to getting in shape for my wedding

    fashionveggie dallas fit 180

    leggings: lorna jane // cropped hoodie: lorna jane // sneakers: matt & nat


    Disclaimer:  I am not a fitness blogger!  I am just a girl, standing in front of a trainer, asking them to make her insanely fit for her wedding.

    Here is my situation.  I am built small, naturally.  I have small bones and a small frame, but with a butt and boobs.  In general, I’m happy with my body.

    However, being 5’3″ tall, I do tend to look very different after gaining a few pounds. It goes to my face first (you know, so everyone can see it); next, it goes to that thigh-meets-butt area;  and finally, to my stomach.  Yay!

    Before you object, I AM NOT SAYING I AM FAT!  And I am not saying that being larger is bad, or anything like that.  But just like you, I have a size and look where I am comfortable and happiest, and I am simply not there.  Ever since getting engaged, Matt and I have been eating like there’s no tomorrow.  It hasn’t been on purpose– we are just happy!  And comfortable. But then, I had an alert go off on my wedding planning website telling me I only had 4 months until my wedding, and I looked in the mirror and was not at all happy with what I saw.  I felt overwhelmed, and negative thoughts swarmed in my head.  To be perfectly honest with you, my first inclination was to do what I’ve always done in the past when I needed to look good for an event:  wait until a month beforehand, then start a hardcore lemon juice cleanse.  But, weirdly enough, I opened up my email and there was an email from Julie Hoang Clayton, owner of FIT 180 – Private Training Studios.  Julie and I had met once before at an event and had bonded over our shared vegan diet (Julie is plant-based because she has an auto-immune disease and for general wellness/health reasons; I am vegan for reasons pertaining to animal rights).  Julie’s simple email read,


    I would love to help get your body toned and ready for your wedding! Having a personal training will really hold you accountable and take you to the next level. Let me know when you can come do a free consult/session to see if it would be a good fit for you!



    I immediately emailed her back and set up a personal training consult.

    I want to walk you through my experience so far.  Fit 180 is not paying me for this review, in case you are wondering!  But at this point (spoiler alert), this has been a life-changing experience for me, and I really want to share it with you.

    At the consult, we sat and talked for an hour.  Something about Julie makes you open up immediately, and so I ended up telling her about my body and my mostly-good-yet-complicated feelings towards it.  We talked about my specific goals and the look I wanted to achieve (for me, I don’t want to look “skinny,” but I want to be toned and  lean, yet still curvy.  I was afraid of building muscle and “bulking up.”  Julie observed that she really wanted to help me with my posture, which she swore would make me look better in my wedding dress, but more importantly would improve my overall, longterm health.  She asked about my daily eating regime, and I admitted that it was pretty irregular– I oftentimes skip breakfast or lunch, and then splurge with a larger dinner at home with Matt.  She told me that my metabolism was likely in need of some help, and instructed me to eat every 3-4 hours no matter what.  She said that, keeping in mind that I don’t enjoy working out, we would begin by personal training 2x per week and go from there. I left feeing newly motivated and organized like never before.

    The next step was to take “before pics” and measurements.  Stressful! But I stood there in my sports bra and powered through.  I had originally thought I didn’t want to see my weight, because in high school had gone through a stage where I got VERY obsessed with the number on the scale–to the point where it was unhealthy– but I decided that I was a different person now, with self love and confidence that I didn’t have back then.  The number wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great- I was about 8 pounds heavier than I wanted to be.  Julie assured me it would be easy peasy to get it off. She measured my body’s water, too, and said it was outstanding, which she attributes to my vegan diet (fruits and veggies are inherently hydrating).  Once again, I left the gym feeling INSANELY motivated to tackle my goals and feel great about myself.  I am a competitive type, so these measurements were exactly what I needed.

    After that, the work started. Every session is an hour long, and they exercise you in fun and creative ways so that the time really does fly.  I like that you alternate trainers each time so that your body gets newly challenged and you never get bored.  They focus on finely-tuned, personalized workouts that target your “problem areas” and that will achieve your goals while also improving posture and increasing your general strength.  For me, it is a lot of circuit training using my own body weight.

    Why personal training is working for me:  The main reason is accountability.  I can’t not show up– that would be so rude, not to mention a waste of money.  Also, they tailor workouts to your body and any injuries.  For me, I have a weak neck from a car accident a few years back– so they keep that in mind and make sure that my neck is never strained. It also helps that every Sunday, you email them your availability for the week and they will schedule your workouts accordingly.  For me, this is huge… My schedule is CRAZY and erratic, juggling the blog with my day job with 100 other commitments… And it just works so much better than trying to randomly squeeze in workouts when I have a spare moment. Lastly, this system is working for me because it is FUN!  Miraculously, I actually look forward to the workouts because you are chatting with your trainer the whole time and are facing new challenges all the time.

    4 weeks later, what results have I seen?: I feel tighter already, especially around my core area.  I feel stronger and more confident during my photoshoots, because I am already noticing a difference in my face.  I feel peace of mind, because there is a plan in place, some structure. Matt says he can tell a major difference in my booty– it apparently looks lifted and toned. And finally, I feel my posture improving, which is something I’ve wanted help with for years.

    I will keep you all posted as I continue my personal training fitness journey at Fit 180.  I do feel like at this point, I am addicted, and will most likely continue the training sessions in some capacity after the wedding… Because for me, it is not all about looks.  I want to be healthy and strong, and these sessions are the first thing that has made me feel that way in years.

    Thanks for listening!  Let me know if you have any questions at all!




    Fit 180 has several locations around DFW. For more info, go HERE

    fashionveggie dallas fit 180


    mothers’ day with banyan tree essentials

    What to get the mother who is hard to shop for? I wanted to branch out from just sending her to the spa every single year, and she is very particular about what clothing or jewelry she’ll wear.  And let’s face it… Flowers die in a few days, plus she has a boyfriend who sends her those.  SO,  this year, I tried something a little different, and kicked off Mothers’ Day a bit early with a fun dinner + drinks date and a SPA IN A BOX! We ended up with a two box combo (c/o the cruelty-free, 98% vegan spa based in Singapore, Banyan Tree) and it was perfect!  I really feel like this would be a great gift idea for the chic mom, the overworked mom, the high OR low maintenance mom, the long-distance mom… Your mom!

    (Sidenote… For those of you who have lost your mothers and for whom this holiday is particularly hard… I am thinking of you, and hope that this post doesn’t make you feel sad. If you ever want to talk, I am here!)  This blog post also applies to yourself if YOU are a mother– heck, even a dog mother! Treat yo’self.

    (Before I forget– I have a discount code for y’all!  Enter in MOLLY20 at checkout for 20% off anything you buy on the site. YAYYYYY!)

    banyan tree mothers day fashionveggie

    The packaging was ultra-luxe AND eco-friendly.  My mother was so excited to hold on to beautiful boxes for future gifting.  She started by opening up the Mum To Be box. Inside, there was a spa-quality, eco-friendly, matching slippers + robe combo; jasmine rice night cream, ultra-moisturizing hand cream, and body lotion.  The creams and lotion smelled heavenly, and she was already very excited. But then, we opened box #2, which was the Nest Maker. Inside, there was a beautiful, hand-crafted, ceramic oil burner, 3 divine-scented essential oils (lavender– which is my fave, litsea, and peppermint), and a relaxing spa music CD!  Essentially, she will be able to create a spa-like experience/ambience whenever she wants to, while in the comfort of her own home.  I would definitely recommend ethically responsible Banyan Tree to anyone in search for a way to pamper their mom this holiday.

    banyan tree essentials mothers day fashionveggie

    mothers day banyan tree essentials fashionveggie






    LXMI : vegan, fair trade, and luxurious skincare

    Spoiler alert:  LXMI is a game changer.

    I remember when I first decided to cut out all products which had been tested on animals, I was pretty sad about losing certain luxury skincare products.  La Mer moisturizer, for instance, while outrageously expensive, had never failed to made me look and feel like a million bucks.  Until now, I had chalked that loss up to an “oh well, nothing else will be quite THAT good, but being cruelty-free is obviously way more important.”   But now, things have changed.

    Meet : your old favorite skincare product’s more beautiful, more ethical, AND more affordable counterpart!  LXMI, now available at Sephora. I can barely contain my excitement as I write to tell you guys about her.

    LXMI secret weapon:  Nilotica Reserve.  This is an “organic, cold pressed skin superfood” which achieves incredible results without all the synthetic gunk.  If you want to get more detailed about it– it is a butter extracted from the fruits of East Africa’s nilotica tree nuts, which goes on velvety soft and then transforms into a vitamin A & E-rich oil.  It penetrates deeply into the skin and prevents signs of aging– fine lines are greatly deducted, and your skin feels and appears amazingly hydrated. This is due to LXMI’s nilotica reserve having +25% more essential fatty acids than traditional beauty oils. A more rare and exotic relative of shea, it is harvested seasonally from 20-year-old trees at the Nile.  For more info on this luxurious, hard-to-get ingredient, go HERE

    lxmi vegan skincare nilotica ingredient

    LXMI ethics: the Nilotica Reserve is harvested by marginalized women in the Nile Valley.  LXMI prioritizes health and is 100% organic.  A very transparent company, they take pride in being fair-trade– if you’d like to meet some of the LXMI harvesters, click HERE. The products are 100% vegan and never animal-tested.

    LXMI vegan skincare fashionveggie

    LXMI on you: These products truly smell incredible.  My fiancé asked me what is was that I had on, and said he really loved the scent.  My favorite product is their Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-Oil I apply it and leave it on overnight, but I also add touchups throughout the day to my chin and under my eyes… basically, anywhere that feels dry and could use some extra hydration.  It leaves your skin looking luminous and youthful, not oily.

    LXMI fashionveggie vegan skincare

    Shop LXMI:


    [ von holzhausen ] new luxury handbag alert

    “Introducing the best leather bag… It’s not made of leather.” – Von Holzhausen

    Hi, friends.  So, brands like Malibu-based Von Holzhausen are why I wanted to be a vegan fashion blogger when I first started out 2.5 years ago.  What we have here is a high end, specialty, beautifully-constructed handbag line– who has always used leather in all of their designs– who now sees the way in which the world is changing and has made the decision to change right along with it.

    Luxurious brand Von Holzhausen is pioneering the use of  future-forward “Technik-Leather,” traditionally used in automobiles, in fashion.  Their latest collection of uber-chic shopper bags and pouches are made in the USA with no toxic byproducts or harsh chemicals, no waste factor, and no animal products.  Their bags are substantial yet surprisingly lightweight, and look just like buttery leather… Except no animals were harmed!  On the inside of the bag, you’ll find sustainable suede substitute, “Technik-Suede.”

    From experience, I can tell you that this bag is perfection.  I LOVE the shape, quality, and lightweight portability.  It is truly beauty-meets-functionality.  I love putting my laptop in this bag every day on my way out of the door to work, knowing that it was USA made with sustainable practices, and EVERY time I come home after receiving at least 5 compliments on the unique look.  Do yourself a favor and check this brand out!!!!! Let’s support companies who are making strides to improve the way they create fashion.





    von holzhausen vegan leather luxury bag fashionveggie


    shopbop sale : final day! (my top picks)

    It’s that time of year again… the ShopBop annual sale.  Since It’s the last day of said sale, I wanted to be sure and share the (all animal-friendly, obviously) things that are in my personal cart.  If you love them, I suggest you snap them up NOW while they are 25% off.  Ready… Set… Go!

    Best Shoes 

    Best Bags

    Best Sunglasses

    Best Dresses


    Treat Yo’Self!

    Shopbop Sale: Last Day!