Oh, You Smoothie

    Amazing (if I do say so myself!) smoothie, made this morning using my Omega 8006 juicer.


    • 1 frozen banana
    • 5 strawberries
    • 5 chunks of pineapple
    • About 10 grapes
    • 2 big handfuls of lettuce
    • an apple
    • half a carrot
    • half a cup of organic dairy free vanilla-flavored coconut milk
    • chia seeds


    Baby, it’s cold outside!

    …Luckily I’m keeping warm in my favorite vegan leather moto jacket from Free People (available here), boyfriend cargo pants by Current/Elliot, and the “Remix” boot from NastyGal.com which features red laces, a 4″ heel, and a padded faux leather ankle. These boots are super comfortable, great for fall/winter, versatile (I’ve also worn them with a little black dress), and affordable at only $88, available here. Woop woop!


    Asheville Exploring

    What is the upside of having a 76-year-old father who fancies himself a vagabond, moving frequently from state to state?   Visiting him.  In this case: getting to explore the chilly, bohemian, and gorgeously scenic city of Asheville, NC.   The cold didn’t keep me down, thanks to my head-to-toe faux leather get-up (a.k.a. “Asheville Tuxedo” ??)

    Jacket: Free People vegan leather hooded moto jacket, $168 (other colors available, and the hood is removable for a dressier look),  available here.

    Pants:  Larsen Grey Hannah and Gracie with faux leather side panel.

    Shoes: Nike Free Run 3 in magenta.

    I am in love with the jacket and cannot believe how authentic it looks and feels. And- if you haven’t been to Asheville, you really should go check it out. Hippie Heaven!

    Give A Damn. Many damns. More damns than anyone.


    Get your grunge on!

    … Mmmm.  This “Jackson Hole” jacket by For Love and Lemons makes me want to bundle up and watch My So-Called Life reruns.  I love how the mustard plaid is paired with a fluffy faux shearling collar and faux suede yolk.  Note:  The dress shown underneath is also made of faux suede.  I think it’s love… And I’m referring to both Jared Leto and the jacket.

    Dress and Jacket both available here.



    Good Karma

    My favorite thing about Deux Lux: In honor of their mascot (a sweet chocolate lab, Dylan), they always use vegan leather and other animal-friendly materials.  I have to be honest; I think that this is so great, because oftentimes we can overlook the connection between our beloved household pets and the animals which are used every day for our food, clothing, and more.

    Shown here is the aptly-named “Karma” backpack, found at DeuxLux.com for $130.


    Operation: Coexisting with an Omnivore BF

    My boyfriend of 9 months, Matt,  is supportive of my vegan lifestyle… Which I appreciate for many reasons.  Living in Texas,  it isn’t very easy to find a man who will embrace your tofu, your hemp-filled pillows, and you so lovingly.   THE plan is for him to move in with me next month; MY plan is to make vegan eating at home as enjoyable and tasty as possible, so that he will eventually come over to the vegan dark side…. MUAHAHA.   Anyway- the new tradition is that once per week he comes over for a homemade, yummy, meat-free meal  made by your’s truly. Anyone who knows me well knows that a domestic goddess I am not, so we need fool-proof recipes to start.

    This week, I made SPICY CHICKPEA VEGGIE BURGERS.  I love love LOVE this recipe!  And the smoke alarm only went off once!


    1. Mash up a can of chickpeas (drained and washed) into a bowl.
    2. Add half of a red onion (diced), 1 small zucchini (finely grated), 3 tablespoons of finely chopped cilantro, 3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon of Sirracha sauce, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, 1 teaspoon of cumin, 2 teaspoons of black pepper, ½ teaspoon of sea salt, and 1 cup of quick oats.
    3. Mix it all together well with your hands, then form about 6 patties.
    4. Fry with a little oil (about 3 minutes/side).

    I served mine up on whole wheat buns with vegan mayo, lettuce, and avocado… But that part is up to you.  Not to ring my own bell, but this is the best veggie burger I’ve tasted to date!  Matt loved them too, and had another one for lunch the next day.  Thus, my evil plan to veganize my boyfriend is put  into motion… Stay tuned!