Salty Dog on the Rocks, Please


    99% of the time, drinking with my dogs involves a cold Dos Equis while wearing a t-shirt from 2005 with some sweatpants (bra? what bra??), hazelnut butter with a spoon, and Netflix.  But occasionally, the stars align and my friends love me enough to plan a fun night out at a dog-friendly establishment.  Time for a wardrobe change!   My Great Dane babies, Gia and Buster, help me get ready for our fun Friday night out.  **To find dog-friendly bars and restaurants in your ‘hood, click HERE


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    **shag vest was made in the USA, which is the best way to ensure that your faux is FAUX REAL


    Let Your Freak Flag Fly


    There is something to be said for a woman of mystery… And there is something to be said for the girl who puts it allll out there.  If you AREN’T a vicious, kale-eating dinosaur (we are rare but special creatures), I have other lounge-y tops for you that will surely get your message across:

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     ain’t no wifey // material girl // Brooklyn goes hard // i heart Jon Stewart // “but first….” //  coffee animals naps 

    My KALE tank is available here; 10% of proceeds go to non-profits.


    Ay Babay

    these_fools_put_my_cape_on_backwards_baby_bib-r6a83486a3d8d44d5b84140653dfafa13_zfe0o_512 dd ddd dddd ddddd500il_570xN.508492930_96ij23599_zoom141u+zbtRskL

    The holidays have arrived… Which means that for your new-mom friends: the “holi-daze” has arrived.  Crack them up and increase their chances of emerging from this time of year with their sanity intact with these funny (and practical) gifts:

    Organic cotton bib: available here

    Cute onesies: 100% organic cotton and made in the USA, available here

    Eco-friendly baby moccasins made of cork: available here

    Matt & Nat’s vegan leather diaper bag is sold out on their website BUT is available here

    Cruelty-free bubble bath (for mom): available here … *I use this and LOVE it.  Made in the USA

    Cowboy/gentleman mustache pacifiers:  available here (YOU ARE WELCOME)

    Red lips pacifier: available here

    Cruelty-free dry shampoo (because she will be needing that): available here


    On the Fringe

    Likes:  Sundays, Veggie Tacos, Bloody Marys.  Dislikes:  Having to wait 20 minutes outside for a table, and… yep, that is all.  Come on… I’m in Texas, not New York!  Good thing I have all of my essentials on hand in my fringed, vegan leather “Crazyheart” tote by Urban Originals.

    Fringed bag: Free People, available here

    Sweater: cropped in the back, 100% cotton from LF

    Striped Long Sleeved T-shirt: Vince

    Jeans: Paige denim, available here


    Wear the Rainbow


    I love holographic accents, but all too often they are made out of leather.  Have no fear, you can now shine like a diamond (see what i did there?) in these cruelty-free options.

    Side note: I know that Rihanna, like most other stars, sometimes dons fur.  The sad truth, though, is while fur often elicits a more emotional response than leather/cashmere/down/wool/etc., they are simply different manifestations of the same unethical process.  And let’s face it:  the vast majority of celebs don’t necessarily adhere to the rules of ethical fashion.  So any time I may feature a person’s style/outfit as inspiration, it does not mean that I support every aspect of their lifestyle; it simply means that I think they look great, and that you can have the look as well while remaining compassionate. Cool? Cool.  XOX


    Heels: 100% PU, available here

    Holographic nail polish: cruelty-free, available here

    Backpack: comes in both leather and vegan leather, available here (also has eco-friendly holographic pouches/clutches and shoes)


    Let’s just polish you up, honey…

    “Hi. My name is Molly, and I am a girls’ girl.”  I adore my girlfriends, and– being that we are all in our late 20s – early 30s–  it seems that one of us is typically going through some major life change at any given point.  On such occasions, I think it’s fun to give that friend a “little something” just to ease the growing pains, give them a quick laugh, or commemorate the experience.

    Enter: Amazingly awesome non-toxic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free nail polish brand GINGER+LIZEach color has a fun name that I find appropriate for any of life’s highs and lows, such as:


    1 “Who’s The Boss?”    

    For your girl who just got promoted. Woop woop!

    2 “Unconditional Love”    

    For the one who just said “yes.” Awww.

    3 “Investment Piece”   

    For your friend who just bought her first home. Give with a housewarming bottle of her favorite wine.

    4 “I’m So Over Him”  

    For your gf who just ended a relationship. Remind her that he was a balding jerk anyway.

    6 “Blowin’ Money Fast” 

    For your friend who is expecting a baby… Because, let’s face it, it’s about to be true.



    Home is where the faux is

    I hang my hat in Texas, where the leather furniture is as ubiquitous as the big hair.  Aesthetically speaking, this decor is indeed capable of adding a rustic touch to a chic space, or of providing a rich toughness to a “man den.”   If you aren’t down with animals dying just so they can be turned into a cute footstool, however, there are plenty of high-quality alternatives for you.  One of my favorites is RusticStyles, an Etsy shop that has everything from bar stools to benches to matching dog beds, and at an affordable price point.  Order online here,  Cowgirls.