It’s All In The Wrist

    Don’t get me wrong.  I love fashion.  ALL areas of fashion.  That being said, I have to admit that up until recently I was the girl who might arrive at a fancy dinner, glammed up from head-to-toe… with my credit card, ID, and cell phone held not-so-securely in my hand.

    I understand that this is basically irresponsible:  what if I were to set my things down for a moment?  But in my defense, there were reasons for this behavior:

    1. I am possibly a bit scatterbrained.

    2. I have been burned by the old “I grabbed this bag but left all of my stuff in the other one” phenomenon.  (Ummm…. Can I pay you back tomorrow??)

    3.  My everyday style leans towards “boho,” and even the prettiest handbag can sometimes add a subtle yet unwanted fussy/bulky element to an otherwise-breezy look.

    The solution to this very first world problem of mine:  WRISTLETS.

    Wristlets are day and nighttime appropriate, have zero priss-factor, can be thrown into a larger bag and used as wallet, and– pay attention fellow scatterbrains– you won’t lose your things, as they are cutely tethered to your actual body.

    Below are some of my personal faves, all of which are beyond affordable:






    w4w6 1. faux leather quilted, with ruffle

    2. tan and perforated wallet

    3. black and white tribal wristlet

    4. canvas clutch/metal bracelet

    5. paprika with credit card slots

    6. custom glitter (more colors available)


    Hogs and Kisses


    Meet Bernard, a former farm pig who was rescued from his doom by my friend, V.  I met V at an animal advocacy event a couple of weeks ago, and upon admitting my fantasy of adopting a farm animal– specifically, a pig– she insisted that I come over for a Sunday Funday veggie brunch to meet her potbellied prince.  While civilized humans dined over our heads, I laid on my stomach with Bernard and took photos, squeezed his piggy cheeks, and fed him salad.  Despite his eczema and severe under bite, it was love. As far as whether or not a pig is in my immediate future, the verdict is still out… Stay tuned!

    Over and Oink (I can’t help it),




    Put A Lid On It

    Being that I recently bought my first house (ramen, anyone?), an area of focus for me in 2015 is home-improvement.  It is such a fun process, personalizing your own little “nest.”   I would describe my style of interior décor as being very eclectic: think “cabin chic” with touches of the vintage intermingled with super modern. One thing that is so important to me when it comes to my home is a sense of organic “openness”… Natural light from bare-minimal window dressings, high-ish ceilings, a live plant in every room, and open shelving as opposed to closed cabintry.


    If you do opt for open shelving, I have learned that it is crucial to make sure that things don’t look too cluttered.  This is even more difficult to accomplish if you cohabitate with a man-person who has man-things. I have always been drawn to white milk glass, so I went to a thrift store (specifically, here) to purchase a bunch of vintage jars/canisters/vases to hold my smaller toiletries.  If vintage milk glass isn’t your thing, here are some other options for you to consider:3



    USA-made/porcelain quirky black and white canisters // ON SALE hammered copper canisters //

    “Flora” muse lidded vase // Eco-friendly bamboo & cork vessels


    Wild Western Winter

    Even city girls can use a little country romance.  

    Step 1: Toughen up an easy, feminine maxi dress with lace-up knee-high riding boots for an effortlessly glam look which transitions well from day to night.

    Step 2: Grab a versatile cross body bag (can be carried as a clutch when the sun goes down).

    Step 3: Wear a dramatic lip on a fresh, otherwise-bare face, and keep your hair wild and natural for the right effect.

     Step 4: Now, go break some hearts.

    My same dress in black: *on sale* here // Similar floral maxi: *on sale* here // Vegan leather lace-up boots: here // Cross body bag/clutch: here // Raw quartz pendant necklace: here // Lip (cruelty-free) (color: “Crush”): here



    “Now is the time to enliven, ennoble and enrich your life’s tapestry.”
    ― Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha



    (my own woven tapestry coat by dolce vita; earrings and acrylic ear warmer headband, both available at awesome Dallas boutique Rio Ritz


    We all have our weaknesses.  I have several, but one which I feel comfortable divulging to strangers is my propensity for the “grandma chic.”  Done right and worn in combo with more modern and glam pieces, this can read more Olsen twin than Maggie Smith.  Unique tapestry-made/inspired fashion is luxe, adds  major textural appeal to any ensemble, and is winter-appropriate.  Below are some such pieces that have made their way onto my wish list:



    Vintage 60’s designer coat (warning: $$$)



    Tapestry maxi dress



    Forever 21 shorts



    Eco-friendly cotton skirt



    SUPER affordable shell top



    Floral tapestry dress