Ok, I’ll Bite-


    Just in time for the freakin’ weekend:  Bite Beauty’s highly pigmented, anti-aging Lush Fruit Lip Gloss!  My favorite color is “Spice,” shown here… Its an orange-red that warms up your whole face.  Bite never tests on animals and carries the Leaping Bunny logo… woohoo!  The gloss tastes great (probably because it is made with real coconut, mango, and strawberries?), is carmine-free (but watch out for their lipsticks) and contains loads of trans-resveratrol– a powerful anti-aging ingredient commonly found in red wine.  Mmm… wine.  Is it 5 o’clock yet?



    Go V Like B


    There is an exclusive, top secret “cool kids’ club” in Hollywood comprised entirely of plant-eaters. Current members include: Natalie Portman, Bill Clinton, Carrie Underwood, Jared Leto, Ellen DeGeneres, Usher, Mike Tyson, Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Harrelson, Thom Yorke, Alanis Morissette, Russell Brand, Morrissey, Ariana Grande… and the newest member of the clan is none other than Beyonce!  Basically, I would give pretty much anything to crash this group’s holiday party.  Whether they are vegan for reasons pertaining to the environment, their health/fitness, or the animals, these progressive humans are all on track to improve the conditions of all three.

    Now, in regards to the club’s new Queen B: not only is she newly meat-free, but she’s got a new business venture based on her belief that the plant-based diet is not only majorly beneficial to your health, but it is also not so hard to adopt.  Read about her new biz here!



    Casual Fashion Face-Off


    Twinning!!!  This is the final day of my week where I wore nothin’ but Milk & Honey, honey. Both casual looks bring something unique to the table… Look 1 is more “Man Repeller,” featuring a perfectly-fitting tee (who can have enough of those?) and what I call “mood pants”… luminescent, and plum or brown depending on the lighting.  My favorite thing about  Look 2 is the juxtaposition of a sexy and feminine floral, bodycon dress with the sportiness of the striped collar. Bonus: the vegan leather backpack holds everything I need, and I love the cool pebbled detailing on it.

    That wraps up my week of wearing my favorite picks from Dallas’ Milk & Honey boutique… Deets below on how to get the goods! XOX

    Look 1:


    Look 2:

    nm  mm hh


    You BeLONG With Me


    “I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave”

    Make a dramatic exit with this long, statement-making cardigan in velvet burnout from… You guessed it!… Milk and Honey boutique!  Here’s how to get the look:

    t d



    “Venti Mocha Cowl Neck Sweater Dress, Please”



    You know those dresses that look like a shapeless blanket on the hanger, but totally transform once on your body?  Meet the Fall Night dress (100% Acrylic).  I love the low, open arm cut outs (see: rare appearance of my tattoo.  Sorry, mom!), and the rich brown color.  Tie a shirt around the waist for an even more pronounced shape, especially if you are petite, and out the door you go!


    … Need flannel help?  I  like these options:






    Shop For A Cause

    shop for causeI know it doesn’t feel like it now, but– warmer weather is coming!  And I for one plan to take advantage, as I already have 2 beach trips planned: Miami with friends in March, and a Laguna Beach wedding in April.  And to me, nothing says “beach getaway” like an airy white dress.

    Enter: designer Emma O.  Offering 100% cotton, handmade crochet dresses, ponchos, swimsuits, and more (all of which are guaranteed to bring out the hippie goddess in you), she also– GET THIS– donates a whopping 60% of her profits to charity.  To date, she has had a hand in the development of 5 schools in Zimbabwe for underprivileged children.  I want to give her a hug.  Find her gorgeous pieces here.


    What’s for dinner? Crispy Seitan Stir-Fry!

    As I have mentioned before: Rachael Ray I am not.  It is necessary for my self-esteem that all attempted recipes are idiot-proof. Seitan stir-fry fits the bill, as I only burnt myself with hot oil once and it barely hurt. My favorite thing about this meal: the minimal prep/maximum taste combo.  Bonus: it is invariably a hit.

    prep time: 30 minutes max


    • 1/4 cup of sherry (tip: don’t use “cooking sherry,” which contains tons of sodium; be sure to use dry sherry, which you can find sold with other fortified wines.)
    • 1/4 cup of water
    • 1 tablespoon of hoisin sauce
    • 1 teaspoon of cornstarch
    • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar
    • 1 tablespoon of lime juice
    • 1/8  of teaspoon salt
    • 4 teaspoon of canola oil (divided)
    • 8 ounces of water-packed seitan (preferably chicken-style, drained and patted dry)
    • 2 tablespoons of chopped peanuts
    • 1 teaspoons of chopped fresh ginger
    • 2 carrots (peeled and thinly sliced)
    • 1 bell pepper (thinly sliced)



    1. Whisk sherry, water, hoisin, cornstarch, brown sugar, lime, and salt in a small bowl.
    2. Heat 3 teaspoons oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add seitan and cook–stirring occasionally– until crispy (4 to 7 minutes).
    3. Add the remaining 1 teaspoon oil, peanuts, and ginger and cook, stirring, for about a minute.
    4. Add carrots and red pepper and cook, stirring, for about 1 minute.
    5. Whisk the sauce again; add it to the pan and stir to coat. Reduce heat to medium, cover, and cook until the vegetables are tender/crisp, and the sauce is thickened (typically for about 3 minutes).

    …. anddd done!  Now, eat until uncomfortably full.