Healthy Heart Fest 2018! (Dallas, Texas)

    Hi, friends!  I know that a substantial chunk of you wonderful people who subscribe to my blog are based in Dallas, so I’m extra excited to let you know about Healthy Heart Fest! Come, lets hang out!


    Healthy Heart Fest 2018

    DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2018

    TIME: 8:00am- 12:00pm CST



    REGISTER HERE: Http://doctorondemand.com/events


    You may know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for American women; about 1 in 4 women die from heart disease every year in the US.  I know this is scary, but the good news is that there are things within your control– such as diet and exercise– that can help keep your risk low.  On May 22 from 8am-12pm, Doctor On Demand is hosting a FREE event (and family-friendly… bring the kiddos!) where we can enjoy a fun-filled, healthy, relaxing morning of cycling, manis, massages, healthy bites, and on-site heart health screenings.

    If you pre-register for the event (I know it’s tempting to skip it since it’s a free event, but hear me out) it will only take a minute, and you’ll be entered to win INCREDIBLE prizes like a year-long ClassPass membership, 5 free blowouts at DryBar, and a $250 shopping spree at The Tot.  (Register for general attendance HERE.) (If you wish, reserve your cycling spot HERE.)

    Sidenote: Just in case you aren’t yet familiar with Doctor On Demand, here is the skinny on them:

    • Nationwide healthcare service that provides video visits with board-certified physicians/psychiatrists/ licensed psychologists via your smartphone/tablet/desktop computer.
    • Patients can download the Doctor On Demand app or visit the website, provide a list of their symptoms, and they’ll be connected for a video visit within moments (instead of weeks) regardless of whether it is a weekend or holiday or middle of the night!
    • If a prescription needs to be filled, they will be sent to patient’s pharmacy of choice.
    • Anyone can download the app and create an account on their smartphone or computer, with or without insurance.

    Pretty cool, huh???

    ANYWAY, I hope to see you at Healthy Heart Fest on May 22!  I’ll be the hugely pregnant lady walking around talking about how everyone needs to adopt a nutritious, plant-based diet. Just kidding. Sort of.  Don’t forget to pre-register to win all the things!!!




    NATURIGIN : All Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan Hair Dye

    If I had a dime for every person who has reached out to me since I started FashionVeggie, asking for advice on cruelty-free, vegan hair dye — well, I’m not sure that I’d be technically wealthy, but I would definitely have a big chunk of extra spending cash!  I am really excited to bring the news of animal-friendly, all-natural, Danish-based hair color brand Naturigin to you guys!!

    You might have seen Naturgin around– I know I have.  Retailing all over the world and widely available at places like VitacostThe Vitaminshoppe and Walmart… Naturigin is definitely very unique in the space for several reasons.

    • Family-owned! I love the story behind Naturigin.  Founded by a husband and wife team after facing and surviving a battle with breast cancer, the couple (Mette and Stig) were determined to reevaluate their lifestyle, and they set out on a toxin-free, health-oriented path.
    • They not only refuse to test on animals, but they are very active in the Humane Society International “Be Cruelty Free” campaign. They have spread the word, helped fundraise, and donated to the cause.  (The Be Cruelty Free campaign is one of the largest campaigns in the world to end animal testing.  Find out how to become involved on Naturigin’s website, here.)
    • Naturigin offers certified-organic-based hair color!  They currently have 19 beautiful, organic hair colors for you to choose from.  Some of their organic ingredients: mandarin, lemon, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, jojoba, wheat, and aloe.
    • They are shockingly and refreshingly eco-friendly!  All Naturigin products are made using wind power.  Their entire office uses wind power, as well.  What does this mean for the earth?  Renewable energy which requires no water, very little land, and produces no greenhouse gas emissions! All containers are reusable and recyclable, as well.
    • They just say no!  Some irritating, potentially carcinogenic ingredients you will NEVER find in Naturigin products: propylene glycol, SLS, SLES, DEA, and parabens.

    My recent, personal experience with using Naturigin (my color: Very Light Natural Blonde) was great!  After a full review of this ingredients, I felt confident to use this hair color while pregnant.  It matched to my preferred/current hair color very accurately (I wanted to refresh my color and fix my roots, not change my color). The color is vibrant and just exactly as advertised.  The smell was never overwhelming like you have with chemical-laden brands. Full disclosure: I did have someone else apply it to my hair, but only because I don’t trust myself to do much of anything at all when it comes to my own hair.  My hair felt well conditioned and soft after application, and my grays (yes I have a few of those near the back of my head… boohoo) were completely covered.

    I hope that you are as excited as I am about this incredible company.  If you feel moved to do so, please feel free to share this post; I want people to know that they can achieve incredible hair color without harming animals, their health, or the environment… AND without spending a crazy amount of money.





    Vegan Teeth Whitening Kit | Feat: Smile Vegan Style

    Hi guys!  Over the past few years, I’ve gotten tons of questions about cruelty-free, vegan teeth whitening that you can do at home.  I experimented with a few, but have not been 100% blown away by one until now!  Smile Vegan Style offers tons of kit options, but the one that is perfect for me is the mint-flavored, peroxide-free option (I have really sensitive teeth, so that is always a main issue when I’ve tried these types of products before).

    Other things I love about Smile Vegan Style, in addition to them offering a peroxide-free option, effectively making my teeth noticeably whiter, and being animal-friendly:  It only takes 20 minutes!  Even I can commit to that.  Also, it comes with a cool, eco-friendly, wooden toothpaste, and some charcoal toothpaste.  Lastly, I have a crazy good discount code for you… just enter in FASHIONVEGGIE at checkout, and it will bring the cost down from $299 to $35 (!!!!!!!!!)… Try it, try it, lemme know what you think!



    Smile Vegan Style

    Discount Code: Fashionveggie

    smile vegan style cruelty-free teeth whitening


    Tetra Pak: Eco-friendly Food Packaging FTW!

    I hope everyone had a happy Earth Day!  Some of you might know that I attended EarthX, which takes place in Dallas and has a focus on sustainability, improvements, and conservation.  To be totally transparent with you, I usually leave half inspired, and half cranky… There is inevitably a bit of greenwashing you have to contend with (this is Texas and they are trying, but some simply miss the mark), and on an ethical level I just CAN’T with zoo representation at an Earth event. BUT, they have a “Vegan Village” now with all animal-friendly products and food, and are making massive steps in the right direction.  Overall, this year was super exciting and brought many new concepts and eco-friendly developments to the table… I left feeling happy and hopeful for our future.

    The brightest spot in my entire day was visiting the Tetra Pak booth!  I was AMAZED by this revolutionary company, you guys, and I’ve been so excited to share with you everything that they are up to!

    tetra pak fashionveggie

    (This is a sponsored post on behalf of Tetra Pak USA. All opinions are 100% my own.)

    Tetra Pak’s motto is “Protects What’s Good.”  This refers to the food and beverage products they encase, as well as the environment that so desperately needs our help right now.  Essentially, Tetra Pak develops cartons that safely hold food and beverages with minimal impact to the environment.  Their packaging is made mostly from sustainably-sourced paper, and their bio-based caps are made from a renewable resource– sugarcane!  They are already huge in Brazil (where everyone is already on board the eco-friendly train), and are making substantial headway in the US.  We all know… we need help like this!  They focus on reducing emissions, as well as the reducing the environmental impact of transport.

    tetra pak

    tetra pak

    I realized that without knowing it, there are TONS of products I use all the time (some of which I’ve promoted on FashionVeggie before! Svelte vegan protein shakes, and Fawen drinkable soup and JUST water) that are encased in Tetra Pak cartons.  This makes me so happy! Note: The idea is to keep the cap ON the paper carton when you put it in the recycling bin, to ensure that the entire product gets a new life and nothing is wasted. I got to see all the various ways Tetra Pak cartons are repurposed, and it was so cool– pens, tables, pots for plants, and an eco-friendly drywall alternative called “re”!

    Do your own research and look into everything Tetra Pak HERE.  You’ll be amazed and excited like I am, I promise.  Also, please look for products in Tetra Pak cartons when you are at the grocery store or when you’re looking online; it makes a huge difference.  They truly are protecting what is good, and for that, my future son and I are very grateful.

    tetra pak protects whats good


    Top 5 Must-Haves For Dog Lovers!

    1. Franklin & Whitman’s Dog Balm.  Made of nourishing ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil, this balm is meant for application to cracked and dry doggie noses and paw pads.  I’m such a weirdo, I love giving the doggies foot rubs with the balm and they loveeee it. I also love the chic, eco packaging.  (Note: They have skincare products for humans, too, and %5 of their proceeds goes to help rescue dogs!!!)

    2. Matt & Nat’s Vegan Leather Collars and Leashes.  Well known, especially in eco-friendly fashion circles, for their men’s and women’s vegan leather bags and shoes… Imagine my delight when I found out that Matt & Nat also carries vegan dog accessories! To be honest, there is just nothing weirder to me than a dog wearing a collar made of another animal’s skin.  I love the 6 various color options and quality of their vegan leather.  The only thing I wish is that they had collars suitable for GIANT dogs… My Great Dane is very jealous of her siblings’ flair.

    3. V-Dog Food (always) + (new obsession) Fruitables Dog Toppers.  My doggies loooove their vegan, healthy V-Dog, and I have found that it keeps them incredibly healthy and fit.  However, I have a picky eater on my hands with my youngest fur child… Most of the time she’s fine, but for about a week out of every month, she’ll basically stop eating.  She has always been like this.  I would add peanut butter to her dry food and it works once or twice, but then she’s off peanut butter, etc.  So I am ecstatic to have found these veggie broth bowls that you use as a yummy topper to your dogs’ dry food… She will gobble it up every time, no matter what!  Dog safe (no onions or garlic, unlike many other broths) and affordable.

    4. Custom, stainless steel, elevated dog bowls.  We are obsessed with these!  We have 3, each with our dog’s name on it. I love that you can keep their toys etc. underneath the pallet. They are easy on the eyes, and since my dogs are larger, my vet feels that it is safer for them to eat their food from an elevated food holder.  The stainless steel bowls have totally cleared their “puppy acne” they were experiencing when they used to eat from ceramic bowls. Plus, these are a great price!  This also makes a great gift for any dog lovers in your life!

    5. XL Orthopedic Dog CouchYou guys ask me all the time where I get the dog beds you see in my Instagram stories… This is it! We have two of these, both in the chocolate color you see above because it matches our decor (it is called “gray” in the description for some reason, but this is not gray to me). It isn’t a pattern-y eyesore like a lot of dog beds tend to be, and it keeps my dogs off the furniture (sometimes).  In case your house has a different color scheme than ours, I found this one for you in tan/cream, and this one for you in stone and light brown options. They love lounging on their couch, and two can fit at the same time.  The key here with these beds are the raised arms… It makes them feel snuggled and nested, unlike a regular, flat dog bed. The couches aren’t so heavy that you can’t carry them from room to room (typically we have one in the living room and one in the bedroom, but for movie nights etc. we will bring both into the living room so that we can have the whole human sofa to ourselves while the dogs sit on their own couches. My bigger dogs are susceptible to hip/joint pain if I’m not taking precautions, so I feel great about the orthopedic quality of these dog couches. Note: the fleece and suede mentioned in the product description are both vegan materials.



    Must-Have Vegan Handbag : Labante London

    “We want to give consumers the experience of luxury, of the finest craftsmanship, of a timeless aesthetic, while respecting the world we live in.” -Labante London

    You all know that I live for a luxury vegan handbag!  British brand Labante London delivers just that, with all animal-friendly selections for any occasion.  They are eco-friendly, using recycled materials for the lining, tags, and dust bags, as well as green production processes.  Labante London meticulously vets their suppliers and factories, ensuring that they each carry an SGS certification and pay ethically and fairly.  Additionally, Labante London gives 10% of proceeds to charity.  Consider me a loyal customer, as this is exactly the type of fashion brand I seek to support in 2018.

    vegan handbag labante london

    seen here: Sylvaine Hobo Handbag… how great are the hand-crafted butterflies?!  (***if you use this link to purchase any of their bags through their Amazon Shop, you will get 15% off, good until May 8th!!!)

    I recommend checking out their Amazon shop first– since you can save 15% off using my link– to shop their clutches, handbags, backpacks, and more.  If your dream bag isn’t there (unlikely), head to their website for more.

    Love you guys!  Thank you for shopping ethically! 

    vegan handbag labante london


    Let’s Talk: Vegan Prenatal Vitamins!

    Since announcing our pregnancy, I’ve gotten more questions than ever before asking me about supplements (read my previous post on regular, everyday supplements I’ve taken and recommend here), as well as vegan prenatal vitamins.  To be honest, a vegan pregnancy has not been any different, to my knowledge, than a non-vegan pregnancy.  At 30 weeks, I’ve gained 19 lbs, which is totally on track.  My OB was completely unfazed by my strict vegan diet and lifestyle (if you’re in Dallas, I highly recommend Dr. Amy Martin), even when I was a BIT low in vitamin D (Americans in general tend to be low in D, but vegans and vegetarians can be slightly more susceptible to low values).  She and her team helped find me vegan prenatals so that baby River and I can go on to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.  Ready? Let’s go!

    {Ps: If you want details on the fashion pictured, scroll down to the end!} 

    vegan prenatal vitamins

    Every day since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have taken 3 supplements:  a) Rainbow Light’s “Prenatal One,” b) Source Naturals’ “Vegan Omega-3s Non-Fish EPA-DHA,” and c)Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Probiotic.  I’ll discuss each briefly below.

    I want to note that I had very minimal morning sickness compared to most of my friends– and I am honestly not sure whether that had anything to do with the prenatal I used.  I do know that some brands are more easy on the tummy than others.  Anyway, my vegan prenatal has the folic acid and other nutrients you need for your developing baby and has worked perfectly for me without upsetting my stomach.

    My Omega-3 DHA supplement is to help with River’s brain development. It is somewhat difficult to find a non-fishy source of EPA and DHA, and this supplement seems far superior to trying to get your values via flaxseed oil.

    The Flora Probiotic is really helpful all the way through your pregnancy, because your hormonal changes will make you much more vulnerable to vaginal and yeast infections– which are not only annoying and uncomfortable for you, but can potentially pose a threat to your baby– and this will definitely help offset these issues and bring balance to your nether regions. Most of the ones I looked at were not 100% vegan, so I was happy to find this one.

    Near the middle of my pregnancy, I was told that my vitamin D was lower than recommended.  So, at my nurse’s urging, I began taking 2000 I.U. of vegan vitamin D with my lunch.  This will help make sure that River is growing strong, healthy bones, and also supports mama maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Some studies show that it helps prevent gestational diabetes as well.  So I take these just about every single day, and have since week 20.

    Once I hit the third trimester (home stretch!!!) I began integrating a vegan calcium supplement into my daily routine.  Your baby’s skeleton is rapidly developing at this point in your pregnancy, and you need a bunch of extra calcium.  “The fetal skeleton gets what it needs, no matter what, even if it has to leech essentials from its mother’s bones,” says Murray Favus, MD, director of the bone program and professor of medicine at the University of Chicago.  Needless to say, when I read that quote I knew I didn’t want my bones being leeched, so I started researching exactly how much calcium you need in the third trimester vs. how much your prenatal offers, if any + the calcium that is already in your daily diet. I decided I wanted about 1,200 mg of calcium daily.  It turned out I needed a lot of calcium, even though I do eat vegan sources such as nuts, beans/lentils, and tofu; so I got Rainbow Light’s Everyday Calcium (vegan tablets) and have been taking them with dinner every night. 

    vegan prenatal vitamins

    So, that’s it, folks!  5 supplements total, every day now that I’m at the end of my pregnancy.  My labs have been perfect ever since starting the vitamin D, and I feel good (well, I feel tired. Haha. But generally, I feel healthy and like I’m building a pretty big, strong baby).

    Please let me know if you have any questions at all about vegan pregnancy, prenatals, or anything else for that matter!  I’m here to help!



    Fashion Deets:

    Ethically-made dress (not maternity, but it works perfectly with the bump!): From eco/ethical boutique Rêve En Vert… But I just looked and this particular dress is sold out.  However, I did find it ON SALE for 30% off here.

    Organic, cotton tote bag made by displaced women artisans: On major, major sale, at ethical fashion boutique Love Justly

    My go-to, every-day-of-my-life-sunglasses:  I swear these are said to be sold out everywhere BUT I found them here for you, and on sale!!