Self-Care Sunday Ritual (Featuring: Rêve En Vert)

    What do you do to show yourself TLC? Some people work out to release tension, some people travel solo, some people unplug from technology and the world for a day… I personally am a fan of all of these methods of self-care. One easy, weekly ritual I’ve had for as long as I can remember is my Sunday bathtime pampering hour (or two… who’s counting?).  I did need to tweak a few of my products of choice, however, when I became pregnant; there are SO many ingredients to steer clear of, plus your skin is just so much more sensitive than before.  I partnered with ethical and eco-minded online retailer Rêve En Vert (you might be familiar; they’ve been called “the Net-A-Porter of sustainable fashion” by Harpers Bazaar, and I wrote about their sustainable fashion options in an article a few months back, here) to spruce up my self-care Sunday with earth and animal-friendly products that are also super clean and safe to use.  I’ll walk you through my faves!

    Grown Alchemist, Body Cleanser

    First step for me is pumping this cleanser 3x into flowing bathwater to generate some fluffy bubbles!  I LOVE the de-stressing effect that the organic, antioxidant ingredients’ aroma has on me, and it also feels super moisturizing to my skin.  Bonus: the packaging is beautiful, so I love keeping it by the tub. Another bonus: my husband loves the way it smells and feels, too.  But the major selling point is that it is of course cruelty-free, vegan, and entirely free of harmful chemicals and preservatives!

    eym., Natural Candle

    While the bath is running, you know I gotta light a candle.  I’m officially addicted to eym.’s selection of natural candles, replete with neroli essential oils.  Sustainably sourced and comprised of cotton wicks and soy wax, these gorgeous, minimalistic candles are incredibly calming.

    Guy Morgan Apothecary, Himalayan Bathing Salts

    As I get into the tub, I sprinkle a handful of this essential oil and sea salt blend into the bath.  NOTHING soothes sore preggo muscles like this natural, magical product. I really love the Guy Morgan company, also… They make everything by hand in-house in London, and they have a partnership with the charity One Tree Planted to help offset their carbon footprint.  It’s another gorgeously packaged product– are you catching a trend here?– and the glass jar is intended for alternative use after the salts are finished.

    Guy Morgan Apothecary, Midnight Black Clay Mask

    Once I am all relaxed in the bath, I cleanse my face.  Then, I apply this deep cleansing, hydrating, brightening mask to my face. If you have acne prone skin, this will work wonders for you– it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

    By Sarah, Organic Facial Oil

    I am a little tentative with facial oils… I definitely recognize that they add moisture and dewiness to your complexion, but the heavier ones do tend to break me out.  But this one is perfect!  Great for sensitive skin, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all.  I like to end my bath by rinsing off the facemask with a washcloth, patting it dry, and then putting this By Sarah oil on my freshly cleansed face, neck, and décolleté.

    I hope this post inspires you to practice an act of self-care tonight or this coming week!  And to use responsible, sustainable, ethical products while doing so.  I would encourage you to check out Rêve En Vert for sustainable beauty, fashion, and accessories.  Do be sure and check the ingredients and materials of each product to learn more about their specific sustainability journey, and to ensure that the product is in fact vegan 🙂


    Fitness and Pregnancy (Featuring: Fit180 Private Training Studio)

    Some of you know that I avoided working out for the first half of my pregnancy.  This was largely an emotionally-driven decision, born out of fear and a lack of self-confidence (my baby just felt so fragile in there!  And how would I even know if I’m pushing myself too hard in the gym??) as well as, I believe, a healthy level of caution (1 in 4 pregnancies do not make it to term; pregnancy losses tend to happen during the first trimester, and are typically either the inevitable result of a chromosomal abnormality or sometimes are just a sad, sad mystery).

    Luckily for me, fitness trainer and the owner of Fit180, Julie Hoang Clayton (the hottie photographed with me above who, incidentally, gained 80 pounds during each of her two pregnancies and was then able to bounce back into the best shape of her life) truly cares about her clients.  She respected my decision to take a break, but would intermittently check in with me to see if I was ready to return back to the gym.  She gently reminded me of the common benefits of keeping fit while pregnant (a substantially faster recovery from birth, gives you a much-needed energy boost, can reduce swelling and back aches, and more).  At around 20 weeks– and after grilling poor Julie on the prenatal certifications of her various trainers– I made my way back to Fit180.

    I am so glad that I did.  I was immediately put at ease because the trainers at Fit180 are super experienced and vigilant.  They clearly had a solid handle on the ins and outs of pregnancy fitness- for example– watching my heart rate and fatigue level, making sure that we did not incorporate any “crunching” or activities where I would be flat on my back, monitoring my water and calorie intake, and more.  I felt totally safe.  I immediately felt that I had increased energy, I felt better about my changing body, and honestly… It was just good to get out there and do something FOR MYSELF while pregnant.  Most of my time not spent working has been spent fixing up the nursery for baby, reading books on how to care for baby, basically obsessing over baby… And going to the gym a couple of times per week felt like a radical and much-needed act of self-care.

    If you are currently pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, I urge you to look into personal training.  In my opinion, it is the safest way to keep up with your fitness at this delicate and important phase of life.  I also view it as an invaluable investment in your health.

    If you are located in Dallas, I feel comfortable putting my name and my full support behind Fit180 and their trainers.  They got me fit for my wedding the right way, and now they are preparing me for the most miraculous and physically challenging experience of my entire life to date.  They do offer free consultations at whichever location is most convenient to you, so, preggo or not, sign up for yours here. You don’t have anything to lose by learning more about yourself and how you might achieve your fitness goals!

    fit180julie hoang clayton fit180


    Veestro… Just Heat, Eat, and Love!

    You guys.  Baby River will be here in 9 DAYS!!!!!!  I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, and it’s so unreal to me that I almost have him with me now!

    We are starting to prepare the house/ourselves for the “4th trimester,” that crazy month or so following birth where mom’s hormones are running wild, you are trying to get the hang of sleeping/breastfeeding/your new normal, and things are just HECTIC.  There have been infant CPR classes to take, cloth diapers to pre-wash, baby swings to assemble, and finances to sort out.  But one of the easiest things I’ve done to prepare for the 4th trimester has been stocking up on frozen meals from Veestro so that we don’t have to even think about what we are going to eat during that time… But we DO know it’s going to be plant-based deliciousness that takes barely any time to heat up!

    Veestro offers chef-prepared, preservative-free, organic meals at a super reasonable price. They have lots of options to tailor their meals to you: gluten-free meals, weight-loss meals, money-saving meal packs, and cleanses, for instance.  Personally, my favorite way to order is just off of their a la carte menu so that I can get my very favorites and try new things and mix it all up the way I want to.  Some of my favorites: baked mac n cheez, the lentil meatloaf, and their gluten-free omelet primavera. Their breakfast scrambles are really good, too… My husband loves those.  (He wants me to be sure and let y’all know that his very favorite meal has been the mushroom stroganoff!)

    Check out Veestro, and let me know what you think!  There has truly never been an easier way to eat plant-based, chef-prepared, restaurant-quality meals at home, affordably.






    Artisan Subscription Box Review [ Featuring GlobeIn ]

    I love a good subscription box… You know this!  However, I am also trying to reduce clutter in a major way in preparation for baby.  So I am being extra picky with which ones I will invest in and work with.  I definitely couldn’t say no to a GlobeIn box, though– I mean, handmade, ethically-sourced, artisan-supporting products from all around the world?  Thats a yes.  I will say, not every box is fully vegan, so I did take my time researching which ones I could use and promote in good conscience.   The broad term “ethical” as it relates to fashion/products/etc. has, to me, certainly come to entail supporting human rights, dignity, safety and welfare; but I will also never sacrifice my beliefs as it pertains to the rights and treatment of animals.  So for me it’s always gotta be cruelty-free (no animal testing) and vegan (no animal products). Always.

    Now, back to GlobeIn!  The skinny is that you can get the boxes for yourself, or gift them… There are many different themes to choose from, and the boxes always contain at least 4-5 specially curated, artisan goods of at least a $70 total value.  The items come from all over the world, and, appropriately, the purchase of your box will support people all over the world.  From providing employment to handicapped artisans to saving elephants to feeding hungry children, you can see the full impact of subscribing to these boxes HERE.

    In the photo in this post, I am wearing & carrying fair trade items from the Fashion Forward Box as I headed out for some pool time last weekend.  I LOVE the stories behind every single piece. The main item is the caftan, sustainably made by Symbology Clothing (I wrote an article on them a couple of years ago, here).  While I love the caftan as a chic cover up as shown here, if you follow me on Instagram you might recognize it from this photo! It’s super cute worn as a tunic with leggings or jeans.) My clutch was handwoven in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is roomy enough to hold all of my poolside essentials– sunglasses, sunscreen, phone, keys.  These types of woven bags are trendy right now, and I love that I have “the real thing”– and one that is ethically-made, at that. Also included in my Fashion Box was a delicate pineapple ring, handmade through a very intricate process in Bali to honor their culture. I love my ring, and have worn it twice with “fancy clothes.” I also scored some vegan, cruelty-free, yummy-smelling coconut vanilla hand & body cream.  The cream is by Alaffia, an ethical company that has ensured the health of almost 5,000 newborns and mothers and planted nearly 60,000 trees in West Africa.

    I can’t say enough about GlobeIn.  Everything they offer is SO interesting and full of soul, and you get to help others while learning about other cultures via beautiful handmade items. Check out their various box themes, and give one a go.  Or gift a subscription to someone who would appreciate an outside-the-box (pun intended) present for the next birthday or holiday… What a meaningful way to celebrate life.

    GlobeIn – Artisan Box Marketplace



    My Three Top Maternity Fashion Must-Know Brands

    These past 9 months, I have made it my mission to really dive into maternity fashion.  It has not always been easy. In the maternity fashion world, there are loud prints and empire waists abound; neither of which I find flattering, modern, or interesting.  And as tempted as I’ll admit I felt at times, I also did not want to spend my money on fast fashion– i.e. cheapie, “throw-it-on, stretch-it-out, who-cares” preggo wear– like a lot of overwhelmed mamas-to-be end up doing. One: because I’ve moved away from fast fashion for ethical reasons, and two: because, for me, pregnancy is definitely NOT the time to suddenly say “screw it” and quit valuing your appearance. If anything, it has been more important for me than ever to feel truly good about the way I present myself… Not for anyone else’s benefit, but for my own. After all, your hormonal balance is completely out of whack, your body has changed form in ways you never dreamed of, and– especially near the end– you simply aren’t very comfortable.  So, I urge you, when your time comes: invest in solid brands offering soft, high quality fabrics.  Choose timeless, durable pieces that you feel you could potentially (want to!) wear after pregnancy is over, and then again with any subsequent pregnancies you may experience. Choose fashion that CELEBRATES your bump, because it’s an amazing and exciting time.  I went this route, and I must say: even on days where I was feeling my worst, I had a pretty good time getting dressed in the morning.

    The following have been my go-to brands throughout my pregnancy.  I hope you love them as much as I have!



    All time favorite brand for maternity, nursing, and then life as a mama on the go!

    maternity fashion legoe

    legoe maternity fashion

    Seen here in a casual mini which has since sold out (lots more like it on the site!) and then in the nursing-friendly  Louvre maxi dress (shown tied up and worn as a tunic)

    *Check the “fabrication” details on any piece you are interested in. Whiile mostly vegan, LEGOE. is not a fully-vegan brand.

    LEGOE. is an Aussie brand that focuses on high quality, versatile, minimalistic garments meant to transition effortlessly to your various life phases as a new mama.  I’d consider it the ultimate “cool girl” brand of maternity wear.  While undeniably high end, the prices are actually reasonable enough (and they always seem to have pretty awesome markdowns, too)– currently on their website, many of their pieces are half off!

    (Philanthropy) LEGOE. donates $1 from every purchase to help mothers in underdeveloped nations give birth safely. Upon checkout, you can choose where your dollar goes; the concept is mothers helping mothers.


    Another great transitional brand you can take with you from pregnancy to nursing to parenthood.  Focus on high quality basics and essentials. 

    storq maternity fashion

    Seen here wearing: Maternity T-Shirt Dress, size small.  Top pulls down for nursing postpartum. Every pregnant lady I ran into while wearing this asked me where I got it… Effortless and easy and flattering.

    Go to Storq for the basics (you will wear them all the time), from your maternity leggings (while pregnant, regular pants will be a thing of the past… the Storq leggings are by far my favorite of my maternity legging collection, and bonus- they are eco-friendly and you can wear them after baby, too!) to easy throw-it-on dresses.  The clothing is all vegan except for their slip dress (silk). If you’re able to and want a fully functioning preggo wardrobe right off , I would definitively invest in Storq’s maternity basics bundle.

    (Recycling + give back program) Storq has partnered with 2ReWear, so that when you recycle your clothing through them, all proceeds will go to the Homeless Prenatal Program. More info is available here.

    Isabella Oliver

    This brand has a little bit of everything! I just wish their preggo-friendly shoes were vegan 🙁

    If you are an avid jeans-wearer, I can’t recommend their denim options enough. I got this pair in charcoal (for reference, size 1) and have been able to wear them throughout the entire pregnancy… the style and color makes them super versatile, and they are very high quality without completely breaking the bank like some alternatives out there.

    Also, they have a whole maternity workwear section— so if you have an office job, this brand is a MUST for you.

    Note: fabric details are listed in the description under each item. This is not a fully vegan line, but has many vegan options. 

    I hope this maternity fashion brand roundup makes shopping for your bump a little less daunting!  This process should be fun!  As always, let me know if you have any questions at all about my experience with these brands, sizing, or anything else.  


    Healthy Heart Fest 2018! (Dallas, Texas)

    Hi, friends!  I know that a substantial chunk of you wonderful people who subscribe to my blog are based in Dallas, so I’m extra excited to let you know about Healthy Heart Fest! Come, lets hang out!


    Healthy Heart Fest 2018

    DATE: Tuesday May 22, 2018

    TIME: 8:00am- 12:00pm CST



    REGISTER HERE: Http://doctorondemand.com/events


    You may know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for American women; about 1 in 4 women die from heart disease every year in the US.  I know this is scary, but the good news is that there are things within your control– such as diet and exercise– that can help keep your risk low.  On May 22 from 8am-12pm, Doctor On Demand is hosting a FREE event (and family-friendly… bring the kiddos!) where we can enjoy a fun-filled, healthy, relaxing morning of cycling, manis, massages, healthy bites, and on-site heart health screenings.

    If you pre-register for the event (I know it’s tempting to skip it since it’s a free event, but hear me out) it will only take a minute, and you’ll be entered to win INCREDIBLE prizes like a year-long ClassPass membership, 5 free blowouts at DryBar, and a $250 shopping spree at The Tot.  (Register for general attendance HERE.) (If you wish, reserve your cycling spot HERE.)

    Sidenote: Just in case you aren’t yet familiar with Doctor On Demand, here is the skinny on them:

    • Nationwide healthcare service that provides video visits with board-certified physicians/psychiatrists/ licensed psychologists via your smartphone/tablet/desktop computer.
    • Patients can download the Doctor On Demand app or visit the website, provide a list of their symptoms, and they’ll be connected for a video visit within moments (instead of weeks) regardless of whether it is a weekend or holiday or middle of the night!
    • If a prescription needs to be filled, they will be sent to patient’s pharmacy of choice.
    • Anyone can download the app and create an account on their smartphone or computer, with or without insurance.

    Pretty cool, huh???

    ANYWAY, I hope to see you at Healthy Heart Fest on May 22!  I’ll be the hugely pregnant lady walking around talking about how everyone needs to adopt a nutritious, plant-based diet. Just kidding. Sort of.  Don’t forget to pre-register to win all the things!!!




    NATURIGIN : All Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan Hair Dye

    If I had a dime for every person who has reached out to me since I started FashionVeggie, asking for advice on cruelty-free, vegan hair dye — well, I’m not sure that I’d be technically wealthy, but I would definitely have a big chunk of extra spending cash!  I am really excited to bring the news of animal-friendly, all-natural, Danish-based hair color brand Naturigin to you guys!!

    You might have seen Naturgin around– I know I have.  Retailing all over the world and widely available at places like VitacostThe Vitaminshoppe and Walmart… Naturigin is definitely very unique in the space for several reasons.

    • Family-owned! I love the story behind Naturigin.  Founded by a husband and wife team after facing and surviving a battle with breast cancer, the couple (Mette and Stig) were determined to reevaluate their lifestyle, and they set out on a toxin-free, health-oriented path.
    • They not only refuse to test on animals, but they are very active in the Humane Society International “Be Cruelty Free” campaign. They have spread the word, helped fundraise, and donated to the cause.  (The Be Cruelty Free campaign is one of the largest campaigns in the world to end animal testing.  Find out how to become involved on Naturigin’s website, here.)
    • Naturigin offers certified-organic-based hair color!  They currently have 19 beautiful, organic hair colors for you to choose from.  Some of their organic ingredients: mandarin, lemon, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, jojoba, wheat, and aloe.
    • They are shockingly and refreshingly eco-friendly!  All Naturigin products are made using wind power.  Their entire office uses wind power, as well.  What does this mean for the earth?  Renewable energy which requires no water, very little land, and produces no greenhouse gas emissions! All containers are reusable and recyclable, as well.
    • They just say no!  Some irritating, potentially carcinogenic ingredients you will NEVER find in Naturigin products: propylene glycol, SLS, SLES, DEA, and parabens.

    My recent, personal experience with using Naturigin (my color: Very Light Natural Blonde) was great!  After a full review of this ingredients, I felt confident to use this hair color while pregnant.  It matched to my preferred/current hair color very accurately (I wanted to refresh my color and fix my roots, not change my color). The color is vibrant and just exactly as advertised.  The smell was never overwhelming like you have with chemical-laden brands. Full disclosure: I did have someone else apply it to my hair, but only because I don’t trust myself to do much of anything at all when it comes to my own hair.  My hair felt well conditioned and soft after application, and my grays (yes I have a few of those near the back of my head… boohoo) were completely covered.

    I hope that you are as excited as I am about this incredible company.  If you feel moved to do so, please feel free to share this post; I want people to know that they can achieve incredible hair color without harming animals, their health, or the environment… AND without spending a crazy amount of money.