the importance of professional skincare, featuring: McGuiness Dermatology

    Who’s your dermatologist?

    (If you couldn’t answer that question right away… Houston, we have a problem.)

    As for me, I go see McGuiness Dermatology in the DFW area.  If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’re familiar with them– I go somewhat frequently because I love the procedures the perform on my skin, and because frankly I love the atmosphere and staff so much!  They also have 7 locations around Dallas & Fort Worth, so there is always one nearby.

    I used to see them twice per year for skin checks and general maintenance (FYI: this is basically the bare minimum of what you should be doing)– I have moles on my stomach and neck and need to check them regularly to make sure that they don’t change in shape/size/coloration. Truly, guys, I cannot emphasize the importance of mole checks enough… It could be the difference between life and death!!! And make sure your man does this, too, by the way– statistically, men tend to forget to have their skin looked at.  Anways, needless to say, I started going to the dermatologist much more frequently once I opened my eyes to ALL that they can do for you, and am now in there just about every other month.

    I’ll cut to the chase… This is what I’ve done, want to do, and won’t do. (*all procedures I’ve done are vegan!)

    I’m addicted to:

    • Hydrafacial
      • No downtime, super quick procedure (under 30 min),
      • NO pain.
      • Relatively inexpensive.
      • Immediate results.  Makes you feel like a goddess for about 10 days.  The day after Hydrafacial you literally feel like a supermodel; your skin glows.
      • I get this done about once per month.  Done regularly, it keeps your skin super clear and you won’t get breakouts in between treatments.
    • Microneedling
      • Long term results!!!  Super quick procedure (under 30 min).
      • Minimal discomfort, no big deal.
      • Fights wrinkles, uneven texture, scarring, stretch marks.
      • Basically, little micro needles will cause tiny wounds to the skin, which will then initiate the skin’s natural healing process, improving the skin’s texture and appearance.
      • Minimal downtime.  I usually will hide out for a day afterwards because your face is red and a tiny bit puffy, so I will normally get this on a friday.  Pro tip: Don’t put makeup on afterwards for about 24 hours.
    • Ultherapy
      • Basically, this is like a non-invasive face/neck lift, using ultrasound!! The results are TRULY amazing.
      • Notable discomfort, I’m not going to lie. Especially on the chest.  But hey… Sometimes, beauty is pain.
      • No downtime! But it does take a few months for to see maximum results, so be patient.
      • Save up for this one ($$), but girllll it is worth it.
    • Skincare/ at-home-upkeep
      • Bonus if you go to the McGuiness group… The staff and providers are all huge animal-lovers AND simply like to keep informed about their products, and 90% of the products they recommend & sell are cruelty-free!!!!  This is huge.
      • Skincare that you can take home and use every morning/night is key to longterm skin youthfulness, clarity, and health.
      • Karen Adams, the (plant-based!) PA I see pretty frequently, is PASSIONATE about putting together skincare regimens for people based on their specific skin type, wants, and needs.  For me, she uses cruelty-free, anti-aging products that won’t break me out! This is so important, guys.
      • Don’t forget sunscreen daily! So crucial.  I like to get a separate facial sunscreen so it won’t block my pores.  I picked up the Elta MD brand at McGuiness Dermatology, because it is cruelty-free, vegan, won’t break you out and is meant for the face.  Super luxurious-feeling, too.

    What I want to do:

    • Dermaplaning
      • I will probably spring for this right before the wedding. Makes your makeup go on really smoothly.
      • Uses a sterile blade to remove the top layer of your skin, along with “peach fuzz.” (No, the hair won’t grow back dark and/or coarse!)
      • Inexpensive and quick.

    What I’m not into:

    • Fillers
      • I’m just personally not ready for this!
      • Iffy animal-friendly statuses even on those who claim to be cruelty-free… I don’t want to risk it.
      • If you ARE into this, it is SO important to find a good health care professional to execute.  It can be done beautifully (Karen Adams‘ patient photos are very impressive and natural-looking) or not-so-much (poor Meg Ryan, for instance).

    Lastly,  as promised, I will close this little post out with an FAQ, featuring the most popular questions you guys sent me via email or IG.  Answers are from my own skincare guru Karen Adams.  I trust her with my face and my health, because she is animal-friendly, does very thorough research, is very careful and natural, and is a well trained, highly-educated perfectionist. Enjoy!  Learn!

    1) What procedure would you recommend for acne scarred skin? SkinPen by far, since microneedling devices help to stimulate collagen production (to even out texture of skin) and results in little to no downtime.
    2) What would you recommend for Melasma? Melasma is a tricky condition to treat because usually when melasma has occurred, there is already a dysfunction of melanocytes – the pigment producing cells – and it is caused by or made worse by UV radiation and hormonal changes, including birth control and pregnancy. I typically pair a non-hydroquinone cream with a 4% hydroquinone cream for a boost in lightening pigment, then add on a topical antioxidant like SkinBetter Alto Defense with infrared protection, and definitely mandate sunscreen or SPF 30+ that has broad spectrum coverage. At night, a retinoid is needed as well. And that’s just to start!
    3) Are extractions using a metal tool good or bad? I thought we weren’t supposed to pop zits? Even metal extractors can cause damage to the skin, especially if too much pressure is applied or if the skin OR tool is not properly cleansed before use. Always better to have extractions done by a trained medical professional!
    4) How often should I come see my dermatologist? It depends on the skin condition and risk. Skin cancer screenings should be performed every 6-12 months whereas individuals with acne may need to visit the dermatologist every 4-6 weeks until the acne is under control.
    5) Why is picking the right dermatologist important? It’s important to find someone who will listen and address your specific needs and desires. (Molly’s note: Beware of docs who rush you in and out of the room in under a couple of minutes.  Find someone who cares!!)
    6) Favorite animal-friendly skincare line? SkinBetter!
    7) What procedure makes the biggest difference in overall appearance? Microneedling is a fan favorite by far. Usually 3-4 treatments are needed and after each, you get a nice “glowy” look for a few days that makes you look so refreshed. Long term benefits are: a decrease in acne scars, reduction in fine and etched in lines, and just an overall boost in the firmness of skin.
    8) Most common mistake you see as a dermatologist? Most common problem? Many times I’ll see patients give up on medications or products before they’ve been given enough time to work. Patience is important, good things will come if given enough time!
    10) If you could give one piece of advice, it would be: Always, always, always use a good sunscreen with broad spectrum coverage and spf 30+ (EltaMD is a great start) and a retinoid. There are many prescription retinoids and retinoids sold in dermatology offices to pick from, so finding one that is perfect for your individual skin type is doable!


    I hope this post has inspired you to call your dermatologist and make an appointment– or to call mine, who I obviously love. Remember: our skin is our largest organ, and it is so important that we take care of it.


    (Featuring: McGuiness Dermatology. You can schedule your appointment online!)



    the ultimate gift for dog lovers, featuring Pop Your Pup!

    It isn’t any secret that Matt and I L-O-V-E our doggies!  And we are corny enough to celebrate Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day with cards and/or gifts “from Gia, Buster, and Banksie” every single year.  This year, I decided to get Matt a different little gift from each of our fur babies.  By FAR, his favorite was “Banksie’s gift,” which was a perfectly-fitting t-shirt with a pop art rendition of our pitbull’s face on it by Pop Your Pup!

    pop your pup tshirt

    It is a super fast and easy process:  After specifying what type of product you want (in my case, a shirt… But I almost went with the canvas option); next, you upload a photo of your animal, then choose what color/type of background you want for the pop art; then, 1-2 business days later, you’ll receive a proof to approve!  I couldn’t believe the quick turnaround, or how perfect the image was!

    Some extra reasons I love Pop Your Pup:  They are a USA-based group of artists who love animals.  Their goal is to convey your animal’s personality and subtleties through their art. Perhaps most importantly– the company is extremely passionate about giving back.  A portion of every shirt sold is donated to local rescue groups and non-profits who help animals.

    Check out POP YOUR PUP and treat yourself or the animal-lover in your life to this fun, unique gift!




    organic, cruelty-free skincare brand LALOGY

    “It is liquid gold in a jar.” – Story of Mar

    lalogy skincare
    Oooooh man, you know how I feel about some vegan, cruelty-free, organic skincare.

    Meet: one of my new very favorite products from one of my new favorite brands! “The Hangover” by LALOGY is a super intensive, firming, peptide-rich moisturizer that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of facial expression lines. Real talk: at first I was not sure about the super yellow tint to the moisturizer. But once I rubbed it alllll in (and realized that moderation is key when it comes to this product), I found that the subtle hue actually evens out your skin tone and helps hide pimples. I L-O-V-E the scent, too, which comes from the lavender and chamomile essential oils. Lastly– I keep this product in the refrigerator. WHY, you ask? Because the ingredients come from small USDA approved farms across North America, so it helps keep the product fresh and extends the shelf-life. Also, because it just feels better when you put it on!

    • Some great news: Lalogy generously gave me a discount code to share with you guys! Enter FASHIONVEGGIE at checkout. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think! Thanks in advance for supporting cruelty-free products… After this week’s unfortunate NARS animal testing scandal, I extra-appreciate ethical beauty brands like Lalogy who have decided to choose life over profits.


    all the rage: embroidered dresses

    asos embroidered dress
    asos embroidered dress
    dress: asos // light pink mules: matt & nat

    I’m not usually one to follow trends… But when it comes to the recent embroidered dress craze, I am all in! I wore this ASOS number to my engagement party, and got LOADS of compliments. The embroidery adds a vintage, unique touch and makes your whole look appear more expensive and special.

    Below, I’ve linked embroidered dresses of all types (casual, beachy, formal) and all price points for you. Let me know which one you end up with!


    vegan love apparel + my favorite avocado toast recipe

    On my not-so-good-at-adulting days, I sleep in until it’s 10 minutes before my first appointment and then rush out in a crazed state without eating breakfast.  On good days, I wake up about 30 minutes to an hour beforehand, make a decent breakfast (my trainers at Fit180 would be proud!  It’s all about the metabolism, people!).  On the BEST days, I wear a cutesy shirt and bring some of said breakfast to my fiancé in bed.  Today was one of those days!

    [The Top]

    “You’re the avocado to my toast” … Could this tank by Vegan Love Apparel get any more perfect? I love comfy, soft tanks to wear around the house.  If you know me, you know that I am loud and proud about my plant-based lifestyle, and I love supporting animal-loving clothing companies.  Vegan Love Apparel has something for everyone.  Major bonus: their materials are eco-friendly!  If you are a fellow earth-lover, check them out HERE.

    [The Toast]

    1. Put wheat toast in oven at 350 until crispy
    2. Mash up an avocado half (per piece of toast) and spread it on toast
    3. Apply a layer of washed and peeled chickpeas atop the avocado
    4. In a zig zagging motion, throw on some Sriracha

    That’s it!  Trust me, you’ll LOVE it.  Optional: top with nutritional yeast or salt & pepper.


    VEGAN LOVE APPAREL for threads!

    Check out:  Avocado Toast 5 Ways by Gluten Free Vegan Pantry


    “f is for frank” vegan leather bolo + a surprisingly ethical line

    Dress // Bag // (Vegan leather + pewter) Bolo 

    fashionveggie vegan blogger h&m melissa shoes

    fashionveggie, f is for frank bolo, vegan leather bolo

    fashionveggie, h&m conscious collection, vegan fashion


    When F is For Frank reached out to introduce themselves to me, I was like “Ah, cute stuff!  I love the elephant bolo tie, but whyyyy the leather?!” To which they replied, “Oh! Well, we’ll just make it non-leather for you.”  Simple as that.

    My point here isn’t to brag about getting this bomb vegan leather bolo (even though it’s pretty cool, right??); my point is that switching to animal-friendly alternatives is incredibly easy when it comes to fashion.  It looks the exact same and is actually more cost effective for the designer and for you.  It is so important that you are vocal in expressing your desire for vegan alternatives, because brands and designers aren’t mind readers– unless you ask, they really have no reason to switch, as they aren’t even aware that there is a customer group who needs it.

    But back to F is for Frank.  I love that the unique jewelry makes a statement without being gaudy, and many pieces are great for either sex.  The aesthetic is whimsical yet solid, and defiantly Texan without going into the dreaded, antiquated “Western” territory.



    DISCLAIMER! I’ve become very wary of fast fashion, and after much research have decided not to shop at Forever 21, Zara, and many other retailers any longer.  However, H&M continues to surprise me.  It’s a proven fact that people feel most comfortable when they are able to clearly categorize something– good or bad, easy or hard, etc.  It is a way to reduce cognitive dissonance, and makes us feel safe.  However, I think it’s important to always remain open minded and resist automatically grouping something without having a proper look at it; you might miss out on something wonderful!  For instance… I was ready to boycott H&M for human rights reasons.  But they are continuously improving their business model, sustainability, and ethics, which is something I definitely want to support. They have a conscious collection made out of sustainable and recycled fabrics, and have ranked as one of the top companies for transparency on the latest fashion transparency index (see the full slide here).  If we don’t support positive change, then what incentive does a company have to keep on improving?

    This dress is from H&M’s conscious collection. I love the arty-but-subtle pattern, and I felt so chic in the light, gauzy fabric.  At under $80, this dress is a steal– perfect for travel as it won’t really wrinkle and perfect for work.  As usual, with H&M I would recommend going up one size.


    The bag is also from H&M; this exact one is sold out, but here is one that is 99% the same but with slightly different hardware.  I love the faux croc look, and while remaining slender, not bulky, it’s just the right size for your laptop.


    My color block platforms by Melissa x Vivienne Westwood JUST sold out, BUT… Who do you love?! I found them on ebay for you, brand new, on sale!!!!! I truly get compliments on these babies everywhere I go.  And I love that when you’ve worn them out, you can just chunk them in the recycle bin!


    Happy Friday!  As always let me know if you need anything at all, and have a wonderful, safe weekend.  XO



    new summer fave: sedette sandals

    jeans: carmar// shoes: sedette sandals

    Matt and I don’t know where we are going for our honeymoon yet (Got any suggestions?! We just want a beach and an ethical way to see/interact with animals… Hold the Zika!), but I am already on the lookout for animal-friendly, versatile shoes that have a light, summery vibe.  Well, HELLO, Sedette Sandals!  

    Inspired by a 1940’s aesthetic and built to last using woven textiles and solid beechwood, Sedette definitely brings something fresh to the table. Whether you prefer something more basic (solid colors), preppier (gingham),  graphic (coral trellis), or tropical (my pick: vintage palm):  there is something for you.

    Some additional details I really love about Sedette:

    • They intentionally design their shoes to be vegan, down to the glue!
    • Each pair is handmade and slightly unique with variations in the wood and color.
    • For the next three days, you can use code FASHIONVEGGIE30 to receive 30% off your order!!! 

    I love the natural, earthy feel of the sandals and cannot wait to wear them around with me while I travel the world with my love.  In the meantime, I will be breaking them in while in Dallas, and cannot wait to hear about which pair is calling YOUR name!



    To shop all of Sedette Sandals’ debut line, click HERE.

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