shopbop sale : final day! (my top picks)

It’s that time of year again… the ShopBop annual sale.  Since It’s the last day of said sale, I wanted to be sure and share the (all animal-friendly, obviously) things that are in my personal cart.  If you love them, I suggest you snap them up NOW while they are 25% off.  Ready… Set… Go!

Best Shoes 

Best Bags

Best Sunglasses

Best Dresses


Treat Yo’Self!

Shopbop Sale: Last Day!


vegan fashion for men … a shopping guide for caring men and those who love them

First comes love.  Then comes marriage.  Then comes a little baby in a carriage.

OR, you’re us.  In which case, first comes a period of fun and passionate dating, then comes Molly going hardcore vegan overnight while her bewildered boyfriend tries to figure out what happened to their perfectly normal life, then come minor disagreements-turned-larger-resentments over half of the things that used to go blissfully undiscussed.  Such as a carton of eggs.  Or Neutrogena face wash.  Or his clothing. I would hug him in his favorite cashmere sweater, and suddenly I’d feel ill.  I couldn’t help it, I just knew too much about what happened to the poor bunnies.

NOTE:  Matt and I are GREAT now!  We’ve pretty much got it figured out.  Hence, we can now help you navigate the complicated (but not-so-much once you learn the ropes) world of vegan fashion for men.

ALSO NOTE: My lovah, God bless him, is a bonafide clotheshorse.  Everything I’m listing on here is Matt-approved and good lookin’. No hemp Birkenstocks for this guy!

Alright, lets get this party started.

matt tranchin, fashionveggie fiance boyfriend men fashion

pants: mizzen & main // shirt: mizzen & main // briefcase: matt & nat // shoes: will’s vegan shoes // belt: alternative outfitters

hair products: kevin murphy (the anti-gravity line)


  1. Will’s London
  2. Brave Gentleman
  3. Nicora 
  4. Matt & Nat
  5. Kat Mendenhall (cowboy boots!)

-QUICK TIP: If you’re in a hurry and need something overnighted, you can always go to  Type in “Faux leather shoe” into the search box, then choose the “MEN” filter. Voila! Tons of vegan shoes at your fingertips! 



  1. Matt & Nat
  2. Brave Gentleman
  3. Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories
  4. Eve Cork
  5. Luca Chiara 
  6. Vegan Collection
  7. Dune London- vegan options here & here
  • QUICK TIP: If you’re in a hurry and need something overnighted, you can always go to  Type in “Faux leather bag” into the search box, then choose the “MEN” filter. 



  1. Alternative Outfitters
  2. Vegan Collection
  3. Kat Mendenhall
  4. Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories
  5. Brave Gentleman
  • QUICK TIP: If you’re in a hurry and need something overnighted, you can always go to Type in “Faux leather belt” into the search box, then choose the “MEN” filter. 



  1. Brave Gentleman
  2. Ministry of Supply
  3. Express (about half of their suits are wool-free; be sure to check “product details”)



  1. Vaute 
  2. Ministry of Supply
  3. HoodLamb (cold weather/snow)
  4. Brave Gentleman
  5. Spirit Hoods (funky/festival/faux fur/ part of proceeds go to animal rescue)



  1. Vaute
  2. Express (no wool! yay!)



  1. Nois 
  2. Wood Watches
  3. Daniel Wellington (1 vegan option)
  4. Lund London 



  1. Vegan Scene
  2. Unicorn Goods
  3. Vegan Chic

There you have it!  Vegan fashion for men, simplified.

And remember.. When in doubt (and if it’s warm out), they can always rock my favorite look on a man– linen!

Comment or message me with any questions or additions! I hope this helped. Be kind today! XOX

molly tuttle matt tranchin vegan fashion for men fashionveggie

(You can find more on vegan fashion for men on my Instagram… Matt is going to be modeling sustainable, animal-loving brands more and more for me! Stay tuned!)


shop for the animals; shop tristin! (online boutique)

shop tristin, vegan fashion, fashionveggie molly tuttle

shop tristin, vegan fashion, fashion veggie molly

top: tristin ($22!) / skirt: tristin ($32!) For reference, I am wearing a size small // wooden necklace: savvie studio

I love this set so much, I couldn’t even wait long enough get it hemmed to wear it around town and to put it on the blog (hence the “ombre” look at the bottom of the skirt)!   Oh, the challenges of being 5’3″!  I love that the pieces can be worn separately– I wore this skirt to brunch, for instance, with a low v-neck, cotton, cropped tank.   The material makes this appear MUCH more luxe and expensive than it actually is (the whole thing is only $54!), and it is extremely flattering on.  I like to dress it down for daytime with an earthy wooden + cotton necklace, but I also look forward to having an occasion where I can dress it up; it would be perfect for a gala or holiday party!  The biggest reason I choose to shop at Tristin— aside from the super reasonable price point and the fact that I love supporting a small biz– is that they donate 10% of their proceeds to animal charities, and everything is 100% vegan!

Some of my favorites from their site (ALL of which are very affordable):

shop tristin vegan clothing shop tristin vegan clothing shop tristin vegan clothing shop tristin vegan clothing



pashmina collection : a perfect fit and USA-made quality

maxi dress (ON MAJOR SALE!!!): pashmina collection // vegan leather tote: pixie mood // shoes: urban outfitters // photos: MAS photography // hair: Elle at Pura Vida Salon (eco-friendly!!!)

pashmina collection, fashionveggie

pashmina collection, fashionveggie

pashmina collection, fashionveggie

“I started Pashmina Collection in 2013, because I couldn’t find the right thing to wear to my Friday night meals. I wanted a dress that was chic, comfortable, warm, and modest; one that I could wear when hosting friends and family, but that was comfy enough to snuggle on the couch and read books to my three beautiful kids. When I couldn’t find it, I simply decided to make my own.” -Connie Wolf, CEO


Hey guys, happy Friday!  So, you wouldn’t believe how many compliments I get on this dress.  And I get it.  It fits like a glove, so flattering, has eye-catching colors, and is perfect for work, home, or play.  Plus- it is super, super comfy, and is now on sale for $35 down from $169!!  For reference, I am 5’3″ and wearing a size small. As you all probably know, I love shopping small and supporting companies who produce here in the USA with fair working conditions… Pashmina Collection is produced in Brooklyn, and can be found in boutiques across the nation plus Canada, London, and Israel.  I’ll post more of my favorite Pashmina pieces below!  Happy Friday, friends. XOX


knee length, all-occasion black dress

black ruffle skirt maxi– black tie 


5 tips: what you really need to know about vintage shopping

I am so excited to talk to y’all about the wonderful and rewarding world of vintage shopping!

I love wearing vintage for a few reasons–

First, in a time where sometimes it feels like everyone is wearing the same ol’ stuff, you can be someone who stands out.  Also, I love the idea that the beautiful and unique piece I’m wearing has history, has seen the world, has once been important to someone else.  Moreover, I feel like a vintage cut is usually flattering on women with all body types, as they are meant to accentuate curves and oftentimes create the illusion of a small waistline.  And lastly (and perhaps most importantly, really), vintage shopping is eco-friendly!

However, there are several things that you need to know before heading to the shops (or even the online shops).  Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting money (oftentimes vintage shopping is a no-return, no-exchange situation) and/or feeling weird about your bod.  Fortunately for you, I’ve been obsessed with finding and wearing clothing from different eras for about 10 years now, and I’m here to help you out!

  1. Go in person if possible.  I say this with love: vintage pieces sometimes require a subtle sniff before buying.  They are old!  Don’t worry– the majority of the time, dry cleaning has already taken care of the problem and you’re ok to buy… But be especially wary of bags… I once splurged on a BEAUTIFUL old world French suitcase, only to open it and almost fall over from the odor when I got home.  Fool me once…
  2. Another reason it’s important to go in person is because there is a prettyyy notable sizing discrepancy when it comes to vintage vs. modern day sizing.  I’ve grabbed many a size 2 or size 4, only to be surprised when the garment barely fit over my head!  For the most part, when I’m vintage shopping, I completely ignore the sizes, and I come emotionally prepared to buy much bigger sizes than I’m used to. (Not that there’s anything wrong with larger sizes. You know what I mean!) Also, related to sizing: remember that vintage stitching is more delicate, and can’t withstand a lot of pulling– so make sure you have room to breathe, bend, etc.
  3. If vintage shopping at a market or fair, bring cash!  Also, remember that you can always barter, if you’re into that kinda thing 🙂
  4. Remember that new items are added during the week, and that weekends are the busiest shopping times.  I prefer to show up at lunchtime or early after work on Friday so that the new arrivals don’t get picked over before I get the chance to come check them out.
  5. Whether I’m browsing in person or online, I seek shops that organize their goods by decade.  Otherwise, it can all mush together and feel way overwhelming to me.  (Notice how in the photo– taken at Vintage Martini in Dallas–  I’m standing in the 50’s section.  I don’t discriminate, but the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s are my go-to’s.)  Online shops who organize by decade: ASOS Peekaboo Marketplace and Adored (just their dresses are organized by decade).

Good luck out there!!  Let me know what you find, and let me know if you have any questions.



Here are my favorite online vintage finds from the:








… and my all time favorite find today: here (70% off!)


philosofée : fair, usa-made, and super flattering!

Philosofée clothing, fair trade, fashionveggiePhilosofée fair trade clothing fashionveggie

Philosofée fair trade clothing, fashion veggie

Philosofée worn by fashionveggie

jumpsuit: philosofée // clutch: issey miyake (more colors and sizes available) // gladiators: sold out at free people; similar linked here & here // lippy: anastasia beverly hills liquid lip in the color “sepia”

Let’s give a warm welcome to Philosofée, new to America from Brazil!  Focused on local production and fair labor conditions, the clothing is high quality and well-made, with subtle details (such as luxe, delicate metal grommets on the pockets) and an intentionally flattering design which always accentuates the woman’s waist.  There are several vegan pieces to choose from, like this mod jumpsuit. I love the thick material with a little bit of stretch, the back and side pockets which lay flat against you and don’t add bulk, the front zipper detail, and the color blocking.

This was my first time wearing my gladiator heels since they were repaired by My Shoe Hospital.  You guys… my dogs chewed these shoes to hell!  Actually, it was just the left shoe.  Every local shoe repair shop, including my tried and true spot in Dallas (who typically can do ANYTHING) turned me away, saying there was no hope and that they’d have to completely remake the shoe… But My Shoe Hospital came through and I literally can’t even tell they were ever ruined!  They used vegan leather to repair the shoe, too… They’ve won me over.

Also- I know I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again) but if you’re looking for high end, unique animal-friendly bags– I strongly urge you to check out the brand Bao Bao Issey Miyake (you can find the most options at  Saks or MatchesFashion,– I think they are a little more affordable at MatchesFashion).  While not for the faint of heart or the steadfastly preppy girl, these bags make a statement without trying too hard– they are like art.  You’ll get a gagillion comments on your bag every time you go out, I swear!

That’s all, folks.  Have a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to shop small, shop fair, and shop ethically.  XOXO




no bra? no prob.

saved kisses braless backless fashionveggie saved kisses braless backless fashionveggie

I’ve gotten a few messages from people asking me how I wear this Saved Kisses jumpsuit with no bra (and one person asking if I have fake breasts… Flattering and invasive, all at the same time), so I thought I would share one of my main fashion secrets… Because truly cool girls don’t keep that kind of important stuff to themselves.

I have a petite frame with natural, not-extremely-perky, large DD breasts.  Thats just the way I’m designed.  However, one of my very favorite styles is a backless look.  You can relate? Read on.

The “chicken cutlet” (horrible nickname) sticky boobs have never worked for me.  The adhesive doesn’t last, and I feel like you can always see the bulk and outline through your clothes.  So, after trying several types of breast tape, I finally found one that works well for me:  Hollywood Breast Lift Tape. (In case you are wondering, this is not sponsored!  I pay for mine on good ol’ It’s INCREDIBLE.  It comes with several pairs for a mere $9– it isn’t reusable like the cutlets.  The tape really does lift your entire breast up as if you’ve had a professional lift, without giving it a weird shape.  It is paper thin, so you can’t see the outline through even super clingy or thin clothing. And when it is time to remove the tape, it doesn’t rip your skin off with it as long as you do it slowly and as directed (unlike Girlfriends brand “Pick Me Up” tape… I was bleeding!!!) The only drawback is that you can’t wear the tape with an outfit that is backless AND low cut, because the top of the tape would show.  It is best with a higher neckline and a dramatic, open back. Scroll below for inspo!

Try the tape yourself and lemme know what you think!  I’m always happy to share beauty secrets like this, and would love to hear about the yours, as well!