philosofée : fair, usa-made, and super flattering!

Philosofée clothing, fair trade, fashionveggiePhilosofée fair trade clothing fashionveggie

Philosofée fair trade clothing, fashion veggie

Philosofée worn by fashionveggie

jumpsuit: philosofée // clutch: issey miyake (more colors and sizes available) // gladiators: sold out at free people; similar linked here & here // lippy: anastasia beverly hills liquid lip in the color “sepia”

Let’s give a warm welcome to Philosofée, new to America from Brazil!  Focused on local production and fair labor conditions, the clothing is high quality and well-made, with subtle details (such as luxe, delicate metal grommets on the pockets) and an intentionally flattering design which always accentuates the woman’s waist.  There are several vegan pieces to choose from, like this mod jumpsuit. I love the thick material with a little bit of stretch, the back and side pockets which lay flat against you and don’t add bulk, the front zipper detail, and the color blocking.

This was my first time wearing my gladiator heels since they were repaired by My Shoe Hospital.  You guys… my dogs chewed these shoes to hell!  Actually, it was just the left shoe.  Every local shoe repair shop, including my tried and true spot in Dallas (who typically can do ANYTHING) turned me away, saying there was no hope and that they’d have to completely remake the shoe… But My Shoe Hospital came through and I literally can’t even tell they were ever ruined!  They used vegan leather to repair the shoe, too… They’ve won me over.

Also- I know I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again) but if you’re looking for high end, unique animal-friendly bags– I strongly urge you to check out the brand Bao Bao Issey Miyake (you can find the most options at  Saks or MatchesFashion,– I think they are a little more affordable at MatchesFashion).  While not for the faint of heart or the steadfastly preppy girl, these bags make a statement without trying too hard– they are like art.  You’ll get a gagillion comments on your bag every time you go out, I swear!

That’s all, folks.  Have a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to shop small, shop fair, and shop ethically.  XOXO




no bra? no prob.

saved kisses braless backless fashionveggie saved kisses braless backless fashionveggie

I’ve gotten a few messages from people asking me how I wear this Saved Kisses jumpsuit with no bra (and one person asking if I have fake breasts… Flattering and invasive, all at the same time), so I thought I would share one of my main fashion secrets… Because truly cool girls don’t keep that kind of important stuff to themselves.

I have a petite frame with natural, not-extremely-perky, large DD breasts.  Thats just the way I’m designed.  However, one of my very favorite styles is a backless look.  You can relate? Read on.

The “chicken cutlet” (horrible nickname) sticky boobs have never worked for me.  The adhesive doesn’t last, and I feel like you can always see the bulk and outline through your clothes.  So, after trying several types of breast tape, I finally found one that works well for me:  Hollywood Breast Lift Tape. (In case you are wondering, this is not sponsored!  I pay for mine on good ol’ It’s INCREDIBLE.  It comes with several pairs for a mere $9– it isn’t reusable like the cutlets.  The tape really does lift your entire breast up as if you’ve had a professional lift, without giving it a weird shape.  It is paper thin, so you can’t see the outline through even super clingy or thin clothing. And when it is time to remove the tape, it doesn’t rip your skin off with it as long as you do it slowly and as directed (unlike Girlfriends brand “Pick Me Up” tape… I was bleeding!!!) The only drawback is that you can’t wear the tape with an outfit that is backless AND low cut, because the top of the tape would show.  It is best with a higher neckline and a dramatic, open back. Scroll below for inspo!

Try the tape yourself and lemme know what you think!  I’m always happy to share beauty secrets like this, and would love to hear about the yours, as well!




MINK shoes… win a pair!

faux ostrich ballet flats: mink shoes (scroll down to see how to win a pair!) // jeans (now on major sale!): joe’s jeans// cold shoulder peplum top: neiman marcus 

fashionveggie in peplum top and mink vegan shoes fashionveggie mink shoes vegan shoes ballet flats fashionveggie in peplum top

Check out MINK!  The creator of these shoes, Rebecca Mink, has spent her life as a celebrity wardrobe stylist. She noticed the need for ultra luxe, Italian-made vegan leather shoes in the fashion industry… And so, her brand was born.  I’ve seen her shoes on Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and other animal-loving celebrities… And now, you could score a pair for free!  Just head to my Instagam page and follow the directions to enter the contest.  Good luck!!!


saved kisses | 30% off this amazing brand for the holidays!

‘Tis the season for being around loved ones, drinking and eating just a little too much… and purchasing, purchasing, purchasing!  My thought is, if you’re going to spend money, MAKE IT COUNT.  Today I want to remind you about a brand I really, really believe in for SO many reasons: Saved Kisses.  There are 4 main things that make this brand special to me, and make their clothing an absolute must-have.

  1. Saved Kisses saves animals!!! Let’s say you’re browsing the SK website and you think “Aha! I’ve been needing the perfect bralette, and this is IT!”  When you add it to your cart, you are automatically directed to “add an animal”– you get to pick which animal benefits from your purchase!  Choices include caring for at-risk dogs in frigid winter temperatures, the conservation of endangered baby sea turtles, shutting down puppy and kitty mills, feeding chimps at a sanctuary, and more.  saved kisses fashionveggie great dane pammies
  2. Saved Kisses has chic, sexy, AND comfortable clothing.  And that’s exactly how you feel when you wear their pieces– beautiful and free.  It feels like you are wearing the softest PJs, but you would never be able to tell by looking at their designs.  They are made to accentuate and flatter the body without being too showy or trying too hard. I’m wearing my jumpsuit all day today while I lounge at home with the fam and wrap presents– and I won’t have to change at all for my holiday party tonight, just throw on some jewelry and platforms. saved kisses jumpsuit, fashionveggie blogger
  3. Saved Kisses is gentle on people, the environment, and your body.  Made in the USA, no cheap labor was hired for the production of these pieces (which is why they aren’t, like, $20 a pop… This is quality, REAL, ethical fashion).  Their amazingly soft fabric is non-synthetic– made from sustainably harvested beech trees– and their packaging is all eco-friendly and recycled. No harsh chemicals or dyes were including in the making of these garments. Read more about their ethical and sustainable vision here
  4. Saved Kisses is 30% off until December 31!!! Use code FASHIONVEGGIE at checkout to apply the discount. saved kisses, great dane in a tutu, fashionveggie vegan blogger

There you have it, friends.  Grab your New Years Eve look at Saved Kisses— whether your night will involve lounging around with your fur babies and some FRIENDS reruns, or being out on the town looking very “chilled-out-cool-girl-chic” in all your open-back splendor.  Know that because of your thoughtful shopping choice, you are effectively helping rescue animals, supporting an ethical and sustainable small business, and guaranteed to look great for whatever occasion may arise.  Love you guys… Happiest of holidays, be safe and have fun out there!  XOXO




spirit hoods keeps you warm AND helps save animals!

spirit hoods and miakoda fashionveggie in spirit hoods and miakoda fashionveggie in spirit hoods and miakoda

coat: spirit hoods in cheetah, size XS // fair trade, organic dress, size XS: miakoda new york

We all have a spirit animal… and now you can HELP yours fight extinction.

I went to NYC recently, and on the streets and in each bar/restaurant I popped into, I kept on spotting these faux fur hats, jackets, and coats on both men and women.  Some were cropped, some were hip length, some were floor length, and there were all different types of animals.  I HAD TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON.

I asked a chic-looking woman in a grey wolf-looking coat where she got it, and she told me about Spirit Hoods. Handmade in the USA of 100% faux fur, Spirit Hoods are not only super cute, fun, and warm–  But their mission is to bring the spirit of the wild into city life, while partnering with rescue/conservation organizations to save animals.  10% of each purchase goes to help conserve your chosen animal.  Animals represented: Lions, tigers, polar bears, cheetahs, pandas, wolves, and more.  I also love the attention to detail of each jacket (hidden, large pockets, hand warmers, custom made buttons).  

I love the fun and creative nature of Spirit Hoods… If you do, too, check them out and learn more here!

XOX, stay warm out there!



hats off to wool-free options!

People ask me often if being a vegan fashion blogger is difficult.  For me, the initial transition away from things I was used to wearing did involve a bit of work and research, just like any other shift in life. But in general I have to say no, it isn’t hard at all. In fact, I LOVE it.  I will admit, though, that there is one animal-derived material used in fashion which gives me a harder time than the others, AND is more frustrating to me than the others.   

This material, my friends, is wool.  Wool frustrates me deeply, for the simple reason that it is SNEAKY.  People simply don’t realize how bad it is.  Fur, for example, is an obvious no-no; fur is basically the poster child for animal cruelty in fashion.  And while leather may not be as “in your face” as fur,  a person requires only minimal common sense or access to Google to make the connection that “leather” is actually an animal’s skin.  But wool… What’s the deal with wool?  I, for one, grew up assuming that sheep were peacefully given haircuts somewhere off in a meadow, and that somewhere along the way that wool became my sweater.  

The truth about wool. This is sucky to hear, but: shearers are usually paid by the volume, not by the hour, which encourages fast work without any regard for the welfare of the sheep.  This leads to frequent injuries, and the workers often use a needle and thread to sew the worst wounds shut without any pain relief.  Strips of skin and even body parts are often cut or ripped off during shearing.  And thats’s not even the worst of it.  Recently released videos of over 30 of the main shearing sheds have shown HORRIBLE violence towards baby lambs… I won’t discuss it further right now, because I don’t feel like sobbing into my vegan Ben & Jerry’s. 

Finding sweaters without wool is a piece of cake.  Slightly more difficult: for the ladies– wide brimmed and floppy hats, and for men– nice suits.  According to my stats, I don’t have many men following me, so I will keep my focus on hats.

TIME-SAVING TIP:  Google “polyester floppy hat” and see what comes up.  Oftentimes this is the fastest way to find vegan floppy hats.  In the meantime, feel free to shop my top recommendations below… And share this page with your friends to make their animal-friendly shopping a little easier this winter! 


Vaute hats, which come in lots of different styles and colors, are handmade in one of NYC’s last remaining hat making factories, so they take 3 weeks from the time you order to arrive on your doorstep!  If you have some extra cash, I would say to definitely consider investing in one of these eco-friendly beauties (they are priced at $160)… They are the highest quality out there.  100% vegan brand Vaute (also carrying jackets/sweaters/coats for both women and men!) is an ethical company in how they treat both humans AND animals, which is always the type of company you want to support.



Wool-free hats on a budget! 


Go Jane, $12 


San Diego Hat Company, $33


Overstock, $30

(available in several colors!)


Lulu’s, $40


Kohl’s, $35

(available in 5 colors!)



deux lux + the perfect cold shoulder maxi dress at any price!

deux lux vegan bags fashionveggie

vegan leather tote: deux lux // matching clutch: found for 50% off HERE

shop black cold-shoulder maxis at every price point below!


under $20

cold shoulder maxi dress

under $55

cold shoulder black maxi

under $70

cold shoulder black maxi

right at $100

cold shoulder black maxi dress

right around $150

cold shoulder maxi dress