Find Your Perfect Teddy Bear Coat (At A Reasonable Price)

brown teddy bear jacket from nordstrom

Teddy bear coat (also comes in cream color): Nordstrom | Boots: Bhava (all vegan shoes)

Need a snuggly, cruelty-free way to stay warm this winter? Try my personal favorite wardrobe staple: the teddy bear coat.  It feels like your softest, favorite blanket wrapped around you all day, and is super versatile.   I like to throw mine over fancy outfits OR yoga clothes.  And nothing beats it while traveling.  This is a great option for you if the super-realistic-looking-faux-fur thing skeeves you out; these jackets literally look to be the texture of teddy bears!  Tips:  I tend to size down in these oversized styles, and they are usually made of poly.  Here are my top picks:


The reversible (available in several colors); $89

reversible teddy bear jacket teddy bear coat pink and red


The bomber style (available in 3 colors); $168

furry bomber jacket


The vintage look; $178; 40% off with code THANKU

teddy bear jacket j crew


The casual and cost-effective, comes in 3 colors; $33.99

The glam teddy; $168 but 30% off with code MORE17

faux fur teddy bear coat


The heavy coat, 3 colors available; $129

teddy bear coat teddy bear jacket


Happy Shopping!  And thank you for being kind to animals this winter!




My Custom Vegan Wedding Shoes [Feat: Mink Shoes]

custom made vegan bridal shoes by mink shoes

Custom made by Mink Shoes 

(Prices vary depending on design)


I am so excited to get started on my wedding posts!  Whether you are currently engaged, planning a vow renewal, or just plain single and planning your someday/fantasy wedding (That way me for a long time! Guilty!)… AND whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just someone who wants your wedding to be representative of the thoughtfulness and the kind decision-making that you will bring to your marriage, I hope that you can bookmark/pin/whatever these tips, and that they can be useful to you.


Finding the perfect vegan wedding shoes can be a tricky feat (pun intended).  I found my dress right away.  But the SHOES.  The shoes consumed my thoughts.  It was so important to me that my wedding shoes a) be unique and unfussy, but glam; b) be white but not tackily so; c) make me as tall as Giselle; d) be vegan, obviously.  So, my hunt began.  I found a few “incidentally vegan” pairs online at various mainstream retailers, but none were knocking my socks off.  And they all felt “too” something… too formal, too shiny, too basic, etc.  I had read an article once about a vegan Oakland Raiders cheerleader who had gotten Louboutin to custom make her a pair of animal-friendly red bottom heels for her wedding … That was pretty intriguing to me, except I’m just not a red-bottoms type of girl. So, I reached out to someone even BETTER; someone who actually does make her shoes in the same Italian factories as Louboutin and Gucci: REBECCA MINK.  Y’all, she is the vegan shoe GODDESS.  She is currently collaborating with Kat Von D on an animal-friendly, avant-garde shoe line, AND she custom makes all of the crazy cool shoes that you see Miley Cyrus in on The Voice. She’s legit. I couldn’t believe my luck that she wanted to work with me.

Rebecca is a stylist to the stars, so she knows what looks good.  If you are a bride (or someone who just wants custom, animal-friendly shoes), this would be your process, based on my experience:

  1. Tell her/show her what you’re wearing to your event, if possible.  She took one look at my boho number and knew that the vegan leather she picked needed to have minimal texture so as not to compete with the lace.  She went with my vintage theme and chose grommets and hardware that appeared more weathered, less shiny.  She chose a PERFECT bone-white color, and knew that since we were going crazily-high, we needed maximum ankle support while still remaining sexy, so that I wouldn’t fall and break my neck before locking this man down.  She suggested we go with a “boho clog,” in a light wood color to coordinate well with the dress.  She basically did all the conceptualizing legwork for me, while still valuing my input.
  2. She takes your vision to Italy.  Her workers are the best in the biz, and they do impeccable sculpting, structuring, and designing.  This is another reason I didn’t just want to grab a random pair of shoes off the internet… You get what you pay for, as far as comfort.  Despite my shoes being so tall, I was able to wear them all night because they were so comfortable– because they were made by shoe geniuses! Anyway, I digress. In the factory, they will make your dream shoes and even do cool things like carve or burn your wedding date/new last name/whatever into them, if you’re a sentimental sap like me.
  3. She sends you the shoes and you have a keepsake for LIFE.  You feel great because you have chosen to invest in a luxury shoe that ONLY YOU will have; you have also supported an animal-friendly small business owner who is changing the face of high fashion. Isn’t that the kind of karma you want on your big day?
  4. Receive endless compliments on your incredible shoes, and know that they will last you forever.

custom vegan leather wedding shoes by mink shoes


MINK SHOES for additional inquiries


(Photography by Autumn Walker)


Happy World Vegan Day! | Feat: HoodLamb x PETA

hoodlamb x peta

on me: ladies nordic parka | on matt: men’s nordic parka

discount code: molly5peta

(perfect holiday gift for yourself and your significant other!!!)


Happy World Vegan Day, friends!  

Man… Times, they certainly are a’changin’.  Never have I seen so much forward motion towards animal-friendly living amongst the mainstream!  Fueled by awareness of how animals are treated (thank you, Facebook), concerns about the impact of meat and dairy on one’s well-being (What The Health, anyone??), and growing accessibility to alternatives…. 2017, despite its warts, has been “the year of the vegan.”

Speaking of the increasing availability of animal-friendly options… HOW amazing are these eco-friendly, incredibly luxe, super warm parkas by HoodLamb??? They have lots of different styles available to suit your specific climate needs, and they do also offer knitwear.  I haven’t been this excited about frigid-weather attire since… well, ever.

In honor of World Vegan Day, Amsterdam-based Hoodlamb by Hemp Tailors has joined forces with PETA to bring these feather-and-fur-free parkas to the US. HoodLamb is also donating a percentage of each sale to PETA’s efforts to end animal abuse.  Full disclosure, if you want one of these parkas, you should buy it using my code rather than a code found on any other site– because they are donating 5% to PETA normally, but I’ve decided to give my commission/cut to PETA as well, so if you buy through me, 10% of purchase will go straight to the animals. Just be sure and use my discount code: molly5peta.  This code is active today through November 8th.


  • Hempulose:  a weather-resistant coating that comes from hemp stalk.
  • Thermore Ecodown: feather-free down insulation that keeps the wearer warm in even the coldest possible climate
  • Faux fur lining: made from plastic bottles


Mostly because its the worst thing on the planet, ever. These birds are kept in filthy, deplorable conditions without food or water, with no room to even turn around. And their feathers are often ripped from them as they scream out in pain.  I’m not gonna force you to watch…  But if you’re curious, strong-hearted, and have 60 seconds, watch this quick vid.


A) Real fur is taboo in 2017, and will become even more so in 2018.  I know that if I see someone wearing it, I am SHOCKED at their unawareness– no one thinks this is cute or chic anymore. B) if you’re paying for others to kill these animals for you by purchasing these jackets, you should at least have the ethical wherewithal to know what you’re actually getting, and WHAT you paid someone to do for you. So in a nutshell: coyotes, bunnies, and foxes are caught in steel traps, which cut them to the bone.  If they don’t die eventually of blood loss, shock, hunger, or attack by predators while they are immobilized, they oftentimes will chew through their own leg in order to get back to their families.  Enjoy your real-fur jacket!

I never talk about this stuff on the blog, because I like to keep things sunny and positive. But at some point you’ve got to keep it real.

I don’t know about you, but 2017 has been hard for me.  There’s so much sadness and divisiveness and violence in the world right now.  You feel helpless, right? I do, sometimes. But, WE are moving into a new year. WE can control only our own actions, and WE can reduce suffering by our daily choices. It’s empowering, right?! We can help, even a little bit, by increasing demand for and being a walking billboard for GOOD and not for sadness. And that’s a beautiful, exciting thing.

Discount code: molly5peta



Free People x Fashionveggie | Pt. 1: Rose Gold

top (this color is “ginger”) | jeans (size up! available in many colors) | booties (also in black and white)

free people rose gold

I wanted to acknowledge Free People this month on the blog; because in addition to being one of my favorite places to shop (I really identify with the free-spirited, boho-luxe aesthetic, and they always have lots of animal-friendly options to choose from), they just collaborated with PETA for a vegan fashion look book.  Whether you love or hate PETA…  If you’re an animal or an animal lover, this is a good thing; so I for one want to support and honor it!

So. The way to do monochrome:  different variations in the same color family.  In this case, I paired a peachy, super soft boyfriend tee over feminine, slightly destroyed, dusk-colored denim.  The kitten heel, rose gold, vegan leather booties and gold pendant necklace coordinate perfectly, while keeping the whole look from becoming “too pink.”

For reference, go a size up in the jeans!  Booties and tee are true to size. 

Sidenote: while I was shooting this, I got stopped by two women saying they loved my outfit.  I swear, guys– monochrome with a metallic accent is an easy-peasy way to look like you have your act together!




Nordstrom Sale!!! | FashionVeggie top picks

Hey guys!  Chances are that you’ve heard of the YUGE Nordstrom sale going on… It’s seriously amazing.  I have things in my cart right now that I would typically never be able to afford– 95% of which are under $100, and most of which are under $50!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet since I’m currently out of town in Cape Cod visiting my fiancé’s family, but I wanted to share my favorites (all animal-friendly, le duh) from the sale with you all.  Remember… If you love something, buy it quick!!! These items sell out crazy fast during this sale, and I’ve already missed out on my favorite pair of vegan leather mules (cry emoji!).


-Shop fast!

– I have my top picks divided into the following categories: Clothing; Shoes; Handbags; Beauty; Accessories.

Click the arrows on either side of the image to shop all the items in each category. (My commentary underneath the photos may help you with sizing, quality, etc.)














nordstrom sale sweater

nordstrom sale outfit, matching bag and dress


the ultimate gift for dog lovers, featuring Pop Your Pup!

It isn’t any secret that Matt and I L-O-V-E our doggies!  And we are corny enough to celebrate Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day with cards and/or gifts “from Gia, Buster, and Banksie” every single year.  This year, I decided to get Matt a different little gift from each of our fur babies.  By FAR, his favorite was “Banksie’s gift,” which was a perfectly-fitting t-shirt with a pop art rendition of our pitbull’s face on it by Pop Your Pup!

pop your pup tshirt

It is a super fast and easy process:  After specifying what type of product you want (in my case, a shirt… But I almost went with the canvas option); next, you upload a photo of your animal, then choose what color/type of background you want for the pop art; then, 1-2 business days later, you’ll receive a proof to approve!  I couldn’t believe the quick turnaround, or how perfect the image was!

Some extra reasons I love Pop Your Pup:  They are a USA-based group of artists who love animals.  Their goal is to convey your animal’s personality and subtleties through their art. Perhaps most importantly– the company is extremely passionate about giving back.  A portion of every shirt sold is donated to local rescue groups and non-profits who help animals.

Check out POP YOUR PUP and treat yourself or the animal-lover in your life to this fun, unique gift!




all the rage: embroidered dresses

asos embroidered dress
asos embroidered dress
dress: asos // light pink mules: matt & nat

I’m not usually one to follow trends… But when it comes to the recent embroidered dress craze, I am all in! I wore this ASOS number to my engagement party, and got LOADS of compliments. The embroidery adds a vintage, unique touch and makes your whole look appear more expensive and special.

Below, I’ve linked embroidered dresses of all types (casual, beachy, formal) and all price points for you. Let me know which one you end up with!