On the Fringe

Likes:  Sundays, Veggie Tacos, Bloody Marys.  Dislikes:  Having to wait 20 minutes outside for a table, and… yep, that is all.  Come on… I’m in Texas, not New York!  Good thing I have all of my essentials on hand in my fringed, vegan leather “Crazyheart” tote by Urban Originals.

Fringed bag: Free People, available here

Sweater: cropped in the back, 100% cotton from LF

Striped Long Sleeved T-shirt: Vince

Jeans: Paige denim, available here


Wear the Rainbow


I love holographic accents, but all too often they are made out of leather.  Have no fear, you can now shine like a diamond (see what i did there?) in these cruelty-free options.

Side note: I know that Rihanna, like most other stars, sometimes dons fur.  The sad truth, though, is while fur often elicits a more emotional response than leather/cashmere/down/wool/etc., they are simply different manifestations of the same unethical process.  And let’s face it:  the vast majority of celebs don’t necessarily adhere to the rules of ethical fashion.  So any time I may feature a person’s style/outfit as inspiration, it does not mean that I support every aspect of their lifestyle; it simply means that I think they look great, and that you can have the look as well while remaining compassionate. Cool? Cool.  XOX


Heels: 100% PU, available here

Holographic nail polish: cruelty-free, available here

Backpack: comes in both leather and vegan leather, available here (also has eco-friendly holographic pouches/clutches and shoes)


Going Cyko

Last night I made my way through the rain to attend a “compassionate shopping” event hosted by CykoChik, the brainchild of eco-friendly and vegan handbag designer Nikki Duong Koenig.  Chik’s Night Out was super fun– but then, I am biased since vegan food+ cocktails+ a great DJ+ local artists displaying their work is basically the perfect night for me.  Nikki was super inspiring to chat with as well; she left her corporate marketing job to pursue full-time her true passion of design in the sustainable fashion arena.  It’s a brave thing to do, to follow your dream so fearlessly, and she fully deserves the success she’s garnered.

Wristlet wallet: Vegan leather, available here.

Top: Helmut Lang from Barneys New York.

Lamé skirt and Levi’s flannel: Vintage

Lips: Cruelty-free brand OCC Lip Tar in the color “Hoochie,” available here.


The Rad Hatter

Finding hats sans wool is not always an easy feat.  Luckily, California boutique Planet Blue has got you(r head) covered with their “Buenos Aires” option by Lovely Bird (100% felt), available here.   Dress: Anthropology, available here, made in the USA.  Wedges: vegan leather by Sydney Brown, available here.


Glass of rosé not included…

So much to blush about!

Top / Skirt by Torn, available at;
Capricorn Frame Clutch, $70 by;
Muse vegan patent leather stiletto, $195 by


Ha Ha Ha

Yuckin’ it up at the comedy club with girlfriends. Thanks to the admittedly-copious amount of apple-flavored Pucker consumed, I couldn’t tell you what was so funny… But trust me, it was.

Coat: Naven.
Shirt: Vintage concert tee.
Necklace: Free People, available here.
Gold canvas clutch with black grosgrain ribbon: Clare Vivier.
Shoes: Remix boot by Nasty Gal, here.


Baby B

Meet Brinkley, a beautiful dog to whom I was introduced today while volunteering at a Texas Humane Legislation Network event for the Humane Society.  Brinkley was rescued from her shelter’s gas chamber just in time, and is the sweetest baby ever.  In case anyone is looking at anything besides gorgeous Brinkley (I don’t blame you if you aren’t):  you can get the houndstooth coat shown here for $158.