Wild Western Winter

Even city girls can use a little country romance.  

Step 1: Toughen up an easy, feminine maxi dress with lace-up knee-high riding boots for an effortlessly glam look which transitions well from day to night.

Step 2: Grab a versatile cross body bag (can be carried as a clutch when the sun goes down).

Step 3: Wear a dramatic lip on a fresh, otherwise-bare face, and keep your hair wild and natural for the right effect.

 Step 4: Now, go break some hearts.

My same dress in black: *on sale* here // Similar floral maxi: *on sale* here // Vegan leather lace-up boots: here // Cross body bag/clutch: here // Raw quartz pendant necklace: here // Lip (cruelty-free) (color: “Crush”): here


Let’s just polish you up, honey…

“Hi. My name is Molly, and I am a girls’ girl.”  I adore my girlfriends, and– being that we are all in our late 20s – early 30s–  it seems that one of us is typically going through some major life change at any given point.  On such occasions, I think it’s fun to give that friend a “little something” just to ease the growing pains, give them a quick laugh, or commemorate the experience.

Enter: Amazingly awesome non-toxic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free nail polish brand GINGER+LIZEach color has a fun name that I find appropriate for any of life’s highs and lows, such as:


1 “Who’s The Boss?”    

For your girl who just got promoted. Woop woop!

2 “Unconditional Love”    

For the one who just said “yes.” Awww.

3 “Investment Piece”   

For your friend who just bought her first home. Give with a housewarming bottle of her favorite wine.

4 “I’m So Over Him”  

For your gf who just ended a relationship. Remind her that he was a balding jerk anyway.

6 “Blowin’ Money Fast” 

For your friend who is expecting a baby… Because, let’s face it, it’s about to be true.



Going Cyko

Last night I made my way through the rain to attend a “compassionate shopping” event hosted by CykoChik, the brainchild of eco-friendly and vegan handbag designer Nikki Duong Koenig.  Chik’s Night Out was super fun– but then, I am biased since vegan food+ cocktails+ a great DJ+ local artists displaying their work is basically the perfect night for me.  Nikki was super inspiring to chat with as well; she left her corporate marketing job to pursue full-time her true passion of design in the sustainable fashion arena.  It’s a brave thing to do, to follow your dream so fearlessly, and she fully deserves the success she’s garnered.

Wristlet wallet: Vegan leather, available here.

Top: Helmut Lang from Barneys New York.

Lamé skirt and Levi’s flannel: Vintage

Lips: Cruelty-free brand OCC Lip Tar in the color “Hoochie,” available here.