FashionVeggie owner, Molly T., is a vegan fashion stylist and blogger.  She has collaborated with many brands, both large and small, who share her aesthetic and ethical vision.

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Molly, the FashionVeggieThank you so much for coming by!
Let me introduce myself…

{My Life}     My name is Molly.  I live in Dallas with my boyfriend, Matt, and our adopted best friends— Gia, Buster, and Sydney.  My two major obsessions are animals and fashion.  I love to put together looks that are unique, expressive, and flattering.  Even better if I can mix in vintage or eco-friendly pieces!

{My Core}     I am vegan, meaning that I eat only things that are grown from the earth, and also that I don’t wear leather, fur, or any other material that derives from animals.  I choose to live this way mostly because I don’t believe in any sentient creature being harmed for my benefit, but also because it keeps me fit and healthy with good karma.

{My Goal}     When I went vegan, the hardest part for me was the fashion component.  I had been a wardrobe stylist for years and was/am heavily into high-end designer aesthetic and quality.  Now, though, it has become a passion of mine to find beautiful and unique pieces that are animal-friendly.  I want to help people express themselves and find their personal style, all while being kind and conscientious– and having fun!  Let’s get started!