Breaking News: Faux Wool Hats!

hatsmithe vegan hats

Hi all!  I have a crazy day ahead of me (One of my best friends got engaged this morning!  We are throwing a big party for her tomorrow, so I need to start decorating!) but I wanted to let you now that vegan (faux wool, felt) hats are available now at HATSMITHE!  One of my Instagram followers started this company, and I am so excited to spread the word to all of you.  There are many color options, and the hats come in the form of pork-pie and fedoras with different sized brims. Super reasonable price point, too ($60)!  I have it on good authority that they are about to come out with berets, as well.  Many more details on this exciting and burgeoning brand will be posted at a later date; for now, you are the first to know, so go check them out and scoop some up before they inevitably sell out!

xx Happy weekend to you all,


pork pie hat, vegan hat on fashionveggie



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