Breastfeeding, Being Asked “Are you Pregnant Again?”, and Salubrious Juice!

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On today’s Instagram post, I talked about how I was asked recently if I were preggo again!  Y’all… I couldn’t believe it. I was so upset. I was all dressed up with friends at this beautiful gala, and then WHAM.  I doubt that this person meant it cruelly, but a hot tip: never ask a not-obviously-pregnant person if they are expecting.  Honestly, unless they are about to have their baby on the dang floor and are wearing a BUN IN THE OVEN shirt stretched to the max by the 10 pound fetus beneath it, you should probably play it safe and ZIP IT.

BUT. This unfortunate moment did make me take a look at myself and ask, “what is going on?”  Well, I’ll tell you what’s going on. First off, the whole “breastfeeding makes the pounds melt off” thing MIGHT be true for some people, but it ain’t true for me!  And the more I ask around, the more it seems that it is normal for women to AT FIRST lose weight while breastfeeding, but then the last 10-12 pounds don’t budge until you wean. Also, breastfeeding makes you so, so hungry. Lastly, as a new mom you are utterly exhausted, which also makes it harder to lose weight.

Don’t get me wrong… Taking care of your little angel baby is what is most important.  And, I feel very very fortunate that I’m able to feed my baby with my body; breastfeeding has been a beautiful journey for me, and I know that not everyone is able to do it.  But holding onto fat like this does affect morale, and after months of shrugging and saying “meh, it’ll come off eventually,” I do feel that I’m at the point where I want to do something about these last 10 pounds I’m carrying.

Step one: working out. I’ve got to get back into the swing of things training at Fit 180.

Step two: healthy eating, plus juicing. This is where Salubrious Juice and More has been a COMPLETE LIFESAVER. Ajay, the founder, created Salubrious after serving as a marine. He swears by an organic, fresh, plant-based diet full of juices and smoothies, and wanted to share the feeling of healthfulness with his community in DFW. I personally got their juice cleanse (and augmented it just a tad with healthy snacks in order to keep my milk supply exactly where it was)… I feel like I’ve tried every juice cleanse in Dallas at some point over the past few years, and Salubrous is BY FAR my favorite!  I did it for 5 days, and I feel AMAZING right now. The juices tasted so good, and kept me full without bloat. The cold-pressed juices in my cleanse included a “black elixir” (activated charcoal, lemon, apple, and himalayan salt), a “lovely red” (beets, cucumber, apple, lemon), 2 variations of green juices (cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, cilantro, ginger, turmeric, apple, lemon) and finally, immunity shots (ginger, turmeric, and apple… And I’m pretty sure this might be the only reason my hubby Matt didn’t get me sick last week!). These juices are so hardy, I definitely did not feel deprived or like I was tired, headachey, or starving. And now, in addition to feeling lighter on my feet, my skin looks great, too!

If you live in the DFW area, try Salubrious for yourself.  In fact, if you follow them on Instagram and let me know in the comments of my last instagram post, you’ll be eligible to win a big fat gift certificate to Salubrious Juice And More! Oh- ad they also do takeout and catering!!  (FYI they have two locations: Frisco, and Uptown Dallas.)

LOVE YOU ALL! Happy Monday! Be healthy, happy, and kind this week!




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