Jambu Vegan Shoes: For The Woman On Her Feet All Day! (Discount Code)

jambu vegan shoes

Over the years, I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve gotten from women who work in the service industry, doctors’ offices, or some other type of job where they are on their feet all day long— asking me WHERE oh where can they find some truly comfortable-yet-stylish shoes?  i do love a pair of comfy shoes, but I hadn’t found a brand that I could truly wear ALL DAY without my feet hurting… Until now!

Jambu’s vegan shoe selectionsare made with memory foam insoles, so you honestly feel like you are walking on air. I would wear these to an all-day outdoor festival, traveling to a pedestrian city like NYC, or just a full day of shopping/running errands.  The specific pair I’ve been wearing is the Parker, and let me tell you– if you are looking for comfortable booties for women, these are a MUST. They come in several colors and the price point is amazing ($59…AND i have a 15% off discount code for you! Veggie18, valid until 11/15/18). The shoes run true to size.

Jambu offers vegan snow boots, athletic shoes, sandals, and booties, all with the memory foam insoles and all at a very reasonable price point.   **Important Note! This is not an entirely vegan brand. If you are perusing, make sure you are in the “vegan” sub-section under the “women” heading!

On my wish list: their snow boots!  Check this brand out and let me know what you think (remember discount code Veggie18). Your feet AND your wallet will thank you!

jambu vegan shoes





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