Faux Fur For Everyone!

You guyyys!!!  It’s the end of 2018, and wearing animal fur is finally taboo!  Excuse me while I pop all the bottles in celebration.  (If you’re wondering why fur has been banned in not only the biggest high fashion houses but in entire cities, take a look at this quick article with 9 bullet points outlining why fur is bad for animals, the environment, and even our health. There are some photos in the article, but not of the very graphic nature.) Basically…. You can’t really wear real fur anymore, it’s embarrassing.

And aside from the cruelty involved in the fur trade, there is also simply no place for it anymore. Whether you like the look of shaggy or sleek, colorful or basic black, and cropped or floor length… And whether you have $100 or $1,000 to spend… There is a perfect faux fur jacket or coat out there for you!  And I am happy to help you find it.

Below I’ve listed my top spots to find faux, and under each retailer I have posted a pic of my favorite option available there. Click the photo to shop the exact jacket, or click the brand name to peruse all options!  Also, at the bottom of this post I will link several of my favorite faux options from mainstream retailers.  Enjoy, knowing that you are living intentionally and that your shopping and style choices are reflective of that! It’s a beautiful thing, you beautiful thing.


  1. UNREAL FUR (average price $300, available at various retailers and at Unrealfur.com)… I love this Melbourne-based brand because the quality is incredible for the price point, everything is ethically made, they’ve garnered a hip cult following in NYC and LA, are available everywhere from Planet Blue to Revolve to Free People, and they are outspoken about their mission to end animal cruelty. YES!unreal fur
  2. Apparis (Average price point around $250, this is an ethically made, PETA approved brand.) They’ve been featured in Vogue for their stylist aesthetic, and I like the “fluffy” quality of the jackets. The have vibrant jewel-colored options as well as some more traditional colors available. One color blocked one I’m dying for is the LISA. They can also be found at Intermix
  3. Le Seine & Moi (the first French faux fur line ever! A little on the pricier side, but unbelievable quality. Ethically made, variety of neutral and wilder colors available.) 
  4. Spirit Hoods (average price point around $200-$250, 25% off with code HOWL at checkout); their faux is ethically made in LA, and 10% of proceeds go to help endangered species!!!  I personally have their leopard coat and it keeps me SOOO warm… I’ll post a pic of my coat below.  Other faves are the grey wolf coat and the tundra fox bomber. I like that some of their coats have the ears on the hood– hence the name. its a playful, cheeky touch and keeps it from looking sooooo real. Their hooded designs have earned a very loyal, festival-going following… Even though I usually just wear mine to go eat ramen with my family or to run to CVS. To each their own! 
  5. The Design Studio Hawarden (around $150-$200 average price for a faux fur bomber, and just SO FUN and unique!) I love this brand because they don’t take themselves too seriously, while still remaining chic. Fun color blocking, patterns and textures make for an unmistakable aesthetic, and it is made ethically by a mother/daughter design team in the UK.
  6. Shrimps (OMG! OMG! I love EVERY single piece on their page. Super expensive, though, and I’m not willing to sell my firstborn. If you have money to spend, however, no judgment from me, and send me a pic of your fabulous coat!!!) I love their color options, designs, and faux leather bomber options (like photo below)… I only wish their peacoats were not made of wool. Le Sigh. 
  7. A few mainstream retailers that are particularly reliable for offering a plethora of beautiful faux fur options: Free People, Nasty Gal, Asos, Planet Blue.  Hit the arrows on the left and right below to navigate some of my favorite picks from these spots… Anything from Nasty Gal is 50% off!


I hope this has made you feel prepared to tackle the Fall/Winter months in style!  Remember to consider this an investment, just as consumers buying leather and fur coats would consider it an investment; these prices may not be in the $50 range, but you will have them for a long, long time if you take good care of them, and you are supporting ethical business and animal welfare with your purchase. As always, let me know if you have any questions at all. Thank you for caring and shopping conscientiously!






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