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You guys.  Baby River will be here in 9 DAYS!!!!!!  I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, and it’s so unreal to me that I almost have him with me now!

We are starting to prepare the house/ourselves for the “4th trimester,” that crazy month or so following birth where mom’s hormones are running wild, you are trying to get the hang of sleeping/breastfeeding/your new normal, and things are just HECTIC.  There have been infant CPR classes to take, cloth diapers to pre-wash, baby swings to assemble, and finances to sort out.  But one of the easiest things I’ve done to prepare for the 4th trimester has been stocking up on frozen meals from Veestro so that we don’t have to even think about what we are going to eat during that time… But we DO know it’s going to be plant-based deliciousness that takes barely any time to heat up!

Veestro offers chef-prepared, preservative-free, organic meals at a super reasonable price. They have lots of options to tailor their meals to you: gluten-free meals, weight-loss meals, money-saving meal packs, and cleanses, for instance.  Personally, my favorite way to order is just off of their a la carte menu so that I can get my very favorites and try new things and mix it all up the way I want to.  Some of my favorites: baked mac n cheez, the lentil meatloaf, and their gluten-free omelet primavera. Their breakfast scrambles are really good, too… My husband loves those.  (He wants me to be sure and let y’all know that his very favorite meal has been the mushroom stroganoff!)

Check out Veestro, and let me know what you think!  There has truly never been an easier way to eat plant-based, chef-prepared, restaurant-quality meals at home, affordably.







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