Top 5 Must-Haves For Dog Lovers!

  1. Franklin & Whitman’s Dog Balm.  Made of nourishing ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil, this balm is meant for application to cracked and dry doggie noses and paw pads.  I’m such a weirdo, I love giving the doggies foot rubs with the balm and they loveeee it. I also love the chic, eco packaging.  (Note: They have skincare products for humans, too, and %5 of their proceeds goes to help rescue dogs!!!)

  2. Matt & Nat’s Vegan Leather Collars and Leashes.  Well known, especially in eco-friendly fashion circles, for their men’s and women’s vegan leather bags and shoes… Imagine my delight when I found out that Matt & Nat also carries vegan dog accessories! To be honest, there is just nothing weirder to me than a dog wearing a collar made of another animal’s skin.  I love the 6 various color options and quality of their vegan leather.  The only thing I wish is that they had collars suitable for GIANT dogs… My Great Dane is very jealous of her siblings’ flair.

  3. V-Dog Food (always) + (new obsession) Fruitables Dog Toppers.  My doggies loooove their vegan, healthy V-Dog, and I have found that it keeps them incredibly healthy and fit.  However, I have a picky eater on my hands with my youngest fur child… Most of the time she’s fine, but for about a week out of every month, she’ll basically stop eating.  She has always been like this.  I would add peanut butter to her dry food and it works once or twice, but then she’s off peanut butter, etc.  So I am ecstatic to have found these veggie broth bowls that you use as a yummy topper to your dogs’ dry food… She will gobble it up every time, no matter what!  Dog safe (no onions or garlic, unlike many other broths) and affordable.

  4. Custom, stainless steel, elevated dog bowls.  We are obsessed with these!  We have 3, each with our dog’s name on it. I love that you can keep their toys etc. underneath the pallet. They are easy on the eyes, and since my dogs are larger, my vet feels that it is safer for them to eat their food from an elevated food holder.  The stainless steel bowls have totally cleared their “puppy acne” they were experiencing when they used to eat from ceramic bowls. Plus, these are a great price!  This also makes a great gift for any dog lovers in your life!

  5. XL Orthopedic Dog CouchYou guys ask me all the time where I get the dog beds you see in my Instagram stories… This is it! We have two of these, both in the chocolate color you see above because it matches our decor (it is called “gray” in the description for some reason, but this is not gray to me). It isn’t a pattern-y eyesore like a lot of dog beds tend to be, and it keeps my dogs off the furniture (sometimes).  In case your house has a different color scheme than ours, I found this one for you in tan/cream, and this one for you in stone and light brown options. They love lounging on their couch, and two can fit at the same time.  The key here with these beds are the raised arms… It makes them feel snuggled and nested, unlike a regular, flat dog bed. The couches aren’t so heavy that you can’t carry them from room to room (typically we have one in the living room and one in the bedroom, but for movie nights etc. we will bring both into the living room so that we can have the whole human sofa to ourselves while the dogs sit on their own couches. My bigger dogs are susceptible to hip/joint pain if I’m not taking precautions, so I feel great about the orthopedic quality of these dog couches. Note: the fleece and suede mentioned in the product description are both vegan materials.




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