Pop Your Pup (+ a Valentine’s Day giveaway!)

pop your pup great dane

I’ve talked with you about Pop Your Pup before, but JUST in case you’re new here… I just had to re-introduce you!

Whether you have a parakeet, a snake, a flying squirrel, a kitty cat, or– like me– a pack of dogs… Pop Your Pup has you covered.  You just snap a quick pic of your “pet” to send to them, and they’ll put a pop art version (and thanks to PYP’s team of USA-based artists, and it’s always a dead ringer! It WILL look like your pet) on a top of your choice to wear OR on a canvas for you to hang in your home. You can choose the patterned or solid background of your choice, as well (check out their impressive gallery HERE.) It’s a super quick process, which I love… It makes it so that chronic procrastinators like me can easily get it done before holidays or birthdays to give as gifts.  Trust me- the recipient will be excited!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I thought this would be a cool gift idea for you/your loved ones.  I want to give one of you a free Pop!  Head to my latest Instagram post to enter.

Good luck!!! XOXOXO

pop your pup top with great dane

  pop your pup




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