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Hey guys!  Thank you to the couple hundred of you who joined in for an impromptu, early morning “live session” with me yesterday on Instagram!  It was fun to discuss all of the cruelty-free products in my bathroom and to be super honest with you without there being any sponsorship involved.  Extra thanks to those who contributed to the conversation with your own favorite, cruelty-free beauty products… I have ordered a couple of them to try!

I am going to keep this post short and sweet– but as promised, I wanted to provide you with links to all of the best products that we discussed, along with a “Cliff’s Notes” type reminder of what it is, how much it costs, and why I like it.   Let me know if you have any additional questions or if you need help deciding between products based on your skin type, etc… I am ALWAYS here to help!  Thanks for being ethical and caring about animals, beauties.



Eva NYC shampoo and conditioner:  $… comes in big bottles with a pump, I keep this in my bathroom for guests because it gets the job done and doesn’t break the bank.

Paul Mitchell thermal protectant: $… I try to support products by by them because they pulled out the plan to retail in China in order to retain their cruelty-free status. I put this product in my hair before using a blow dryer or curling iron.

Living Proof “perfect hair day” trio:  $$… Makes your blowout last all week long, seriously. Its a splurge but worth it when you know you’re about to have a busy, important week. You need to use the shampoo, conditioner, and then once you’re out of the shower you follow it up with the styling treatment.

Olaplex at home treatment: $$… The only reason my hair hasn’t all fried off after all of my color changes!  I sleep with it in my hair about once every couple of weeks.

Tressa Watercolors color deposit shampoo: $.. Great for color maintenance! I never had to touch up my red color while using this product. Whatever your color is, there is a match for you. I mixed it 1 to 1 with my preferred shampoo.

Colure Hair Care: $$… Use this brand if you have tape-in extensions!  They will never make your “weave” slide out 🙂


Le Labo: $$$ pricey but stays on ALL day and you can name your own fragrance. I keep mine in the fridge so it’s extra refreshing to put on, and I wear LYS 41.

Nail polish: 

Zoya: $, take awhile to chip off, almost 350 colors to choose from!

Nail polish remover: 

LA Color pads: $, fruit-scented, super easy and portable. I like the lemon-scent.

Body Lotion: 

Kiss My Face: $… Super moisturizing, love the coconut smell the most, huge bottle and lasts forever.

OZ Naturals: $$… Has macadamia nut oil.. Really doesn’t have a scent, so it’s ideal if you want your perfume to be a standalone.


Crystal: $… THE ONLY NATURAL DEO THAT HAS WORKED FOR ME… It comes in lots of scent options, but I prefer the unscented.  Quick note: it does contain “potassium alum” which is a natural mineral salt, but still a type of aluminum. However, based on my admittedly limited knowledge of science, the molecules are too large to penetrate the skin, so this type of alum does not put you at risk. I wanted to mention it anyhow!

Piper Wei: $$… So many of my friends love this, but it just didn’t work for me anymore after using it for a week or so.  Could be my specific body chemistry, though, because like I mentioned, so many people love it!  You apply with your fingertips, though… Which also wasn’t my fave.


Meyer’s… $… I love the lemon scent, and the bottle lasts a long time.  Very affordable.

Sun protection: 

Elta MD: $$… I am addicted to their facial sunscreen. It won’t break you out, and is a good base for makeup. The dermatologists I work with LOVE this product.

Kiss My face oil spray: $… Good for body.

Sun Bum sticks: good to keep in your handbags/beach bags, tiny, can easily take on an airplane. Can go on the face, but I still recommend Elta MD if you have acne-prone skin. 

Dry Shampoo:

Eva NYC: $… I prefer it to Psssst brand because it is less expensive and has a better scent.

Skincare for face:

Osea Malibu: $$… My ride-or-die products, I especially cannot live without their facial cleanser or their advanced protection cream (anti-aging night cream!). Makes my skin look and feel so youthful and fresh and clean. ADDICTED. WORTH EVERY PENNY. I so appreciate the glass, eco-friendly packaging, as well. Great for acne prone or sensitive skin.

LXMI: $$… If you’re into mega hydration, get this luxury product that starts as a balm and then turns to facial oil. Helps marginalized women earn a decent wage, fair-trade, organic.

Beauty Counter: $$… This company prides themselves on products without dangerous chemicals and additives. I love their rose water facial mist and their plumping + jasmine facial oil. PS: if you have a kid, their stuff for children is evidently great!

Body Soap: 

Everyone Soap: $$… Comes in a huge container or 2 pack, so it lasts a long time…My main use for this is as a bubble bath, but it can also be a shower gel… Lavender scent is my favorite

Shea Moisture “african black” body wash: $… I like this for the shower, luxurious-feeling and a good scent for men, too, in case you are co-habitating.

Beauty Counter charcoal body bar: I keep this next to the bath, has detoxing qualities, cool minimal look. Good for men, too.

Everything, from makeup to soaps to shampoos:

LUSH!!!!!  I am particularly obsessed with their bath bombs, but I basically treat this store as a one-stop-shop for everything cruelty-free.


**Quick reminder: you can always check on the cruelty-free status of a brand by referring to Logical Harmony’s list, which is updated weekly!



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