vegan fashion for men … a shopping guide for caring men and those who love them

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First comes love.  Then comes marriage.  Then comes a little baby in a carriage.

OR, you’re us.  In which case, first comes a period of fun and passionate dating, then comes Molly going hardcore vegan overnight while her bewildered boyfriend tries to figure out what happened to their perfectly normal life, then come minor disagreements-turned-larger-resentments over half of the things that used to go blissfully undiscussed.  Such as a carton of eggs.  Or Neutrogena face wash.  Or his clothing. I would hug him in his favorite cashmere sweater, and suddenly I’d feel ill.  I couldn’t help it, I just knew too much about what happened to the poor bunnies.

NOTE:  Matt and I are GREAT now!  We’ve pretty much got it figured out.  Hence, we can now help you navigate the complicated (but not-so-much once you learn the ropes) world of vegan fashion for men.

ALSO NOTE: My lovah, God bless him, is a bonafide clotheshorse.  Everything I’m listing on here is Matt-approved and good lookin’. No hemp Birkenstocks for this guy!

Alright, lets get this party started.

matt tranchin, fashionveggie fiance boyfriend men fashion

pants: mizzen & main // shirt: mizzen & main // briefcase: matt & nat // shoes: will’s vegan shoes // belt: alternative outfitters

hair products: kevin murphy (the anti-gravity line)


  1. Will’s London
  2. Brave Gentleman
  3. Nicora 
  4. Matt & Nat
  5. Kat Mendenhall (cowboy boots!)

-QUICK TIP: If you’re in a hurry and need something overnighted, you can always go to ASOS.com.  Type in “Faux leather shoe” into the search box, then choose the “MEN” filter. Voila! Tons of vegan shoes at your fingertips! 



  1. Matt & Nat
  2. Brave Gentleman
  3. Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories
  4. Eve Cork
  5. Luca Chiara 
  6. Vegan Collection
  7. Dune London- vegan options here & here
  • QUICK TIP: If you’re in a hurry and need something overnighted, you can always go to ASOS.com.  Type in “Faux leather bag” into the search box, then choose the “MEN” filter. 



  1. Alternative Outfitters
  2. Vegan Collection
  3. Kat Mendenhall
  4. Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories
  5. Brave Gentleman
  • QUICK TIP: If you’re in a hurry and need something overnighted, you can always go to ASOS.com. Type in “Faux leather belt” into the search box, then choose the “MEN” filter. 



  1. Brave Gentleman
  2. Ministry of Supply
  3. Express (about half of their suits are wool-free; be sure to check “product details”)



  1. Vaute 
  2. Ministry of Supply
  3. HoodLamb (cold weather/snow)
  4. Brave Gentleman
  5. Spirit Hoods (funky/festival/faux fur/ part of proceeds go to animal rescue)



  1. Vaute
  2. Express (no wool! yay!)



  1. Nois 
  2. Wood Watches
  3. Daniel Wellington (1 vegan option)
  4. Lund London 



  1. Vegan Scene
  2. Unicorn Goods
  3. Vegan Chic

There you have it!  Vegan fashion for men, simplified.

And remember.. When in doubt (and if it’s warm out), they can always rock my favorite look on a man– linen!

Comment or message me with any questions or additions! I hope this helped. Be kind today! XOX

molly tuttle matt tranchin vegan fashion for men fashionveggie

(You can find more on vegan fashion for men on my Instagram… Matt is going to be modeling sustainable, animal-loving brands more and more for me! Stay tuned!)



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