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east hotel miami

It’s odd… I find myself in Miami somewhat frequently, whether for work, a bachelorette party, or for a vegan event or collaboration.  However, it took me YEARS to actually feel connected to the city.  I’ve never been much of a club goer, so I think that may have had something to do with it, and obviously the weather can be up and down.  However, I went on my own (vegan, eco, green!!!) terms, and I think that that was all I needed to finally fall in love; I am beginning to understand what all the fuss is about.


East Hotel

Vibe:  boutique, “lifestyle hotel” with a modern-meets-Indonesian flair

Why I loved it:  Dog-friendly!  Wonderful food and drinks– lots of vegan options at Quinto (especially the Sunday brunch) as well rooftop bar Sugar (you must have the vegan sushi roll!).  “Eco-switches” for lights and AC in all of the rooms in order to conserve energy.  Eco-friendly, vegan, organic, cruelty-free toiletries in the rooms… This is HUGE.  The hotel interior is so unique– and did you know that it was blessed by monks?!  Such beautiful vibes in here. Lastly, The East offers incredible service throughout the hotel.  Everyone was incredibly helpful and friendly, and they went to great lengths to make sure that my vegan self was full at every meal and that I knew exciting things to do in town. It doesn’t hurt that East is located right next to tons of restaurants and shopping hot spots.  I would highly, highly recommend!

Discount code:  Call the hotel at +1 844 896 0336 and mention “FashionVeggie” for 10% off your reservation!



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