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If you’re like me and you are in your late 20s- early 30s, chances are you are in the midst of attending a LOT of weddings. Sooo many weddings. Who even knew that my crazy besties were such marriage material? I kid, I kid. But for real, it has been a lot of travel, with even more coming up this summer. Personally, I have a phobia of checking my bags… As an only child, I’m already not the BEST at handing over my belongings to strangers, and as someone who has had my bag “lost” before (oh the HORROR), I would just as soon keep my must-haves on my person while traveling.

I used to fly with my mother’s vintage Louis Vuitton bags– then two years ago I went “hardcore vegan” (gangsta), and even though the majority of the LV bags are made of coated canvas (only the handles are leather), and although I am not supporting leather production since I didn’t purchase the bags, I just don’t feel right using them anymore.  But MAN, those suckers were durable.  Ever since I gave them up (I sold them and donated the majority of the money to animal advocacy organizations… People always ask me what I did with my old leather goods), I’ve been searching for travel bags which have the trifecta:  vegan, durable, and good lookin’.  I didn’t want to settle on just any old bag– good travel bags are so important that they are worth a wait and an investment.

Recently, an eco-friendly company called Eve sent me a duffle bag, and just like that, my search was over. I already knew that the bag was perfect, but then my boyfriend AND my photographer gushed over it, and my suspicions were confirmed that I had hit a travel bag home run.  Eve travel bags are durable, PETA-approved vegan, and sleek-looking; also, this bag is gender-neutral which makes it super practical in our household, since one of us is always on the go.  Bonus- it is also on sale!

eve duffle bag, vegan leather travel bag and madewell denim




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