i wanna go vegan… now what?!

Hi friends!  I just realized that, although I promoted this guide (compiled 90% by my friend Jessica at The Tree Kisser, 10% by yours truly) on my Instagram, I never posted it on my blog.  I know that personally, I wanted to go vegan/flirted with the idea for a looong time before actually making it my lifestyle… I was thinking, “So… What would I even eat?  Would my shoes have to be made out of hemp, or something?”  Ha!  🙂  It can be daunting at first.  I want to make it as easy as possible for you awesome babes to take even the most timid of steps towards reducing your impact on our earth and it’s little creatures, so HERE is the guide.  It includes shopping resources, a veg-friendly restaurant list, cheese/meat substitutes, and instagram blogs to follow for inspiration and information.  XOXO let me know if you ever need any help… I am here for anyone who needs a hand!




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