the brand you’ve never heard of that will save your skin


Let’s talk about skin, baby… I will start out by saying that I am in no way getting compensated for this post, I just want to share beauty secrets that I so believe in.  My day job is in dermatology, so I’ve tried using virtually everything as far as skincare is concerned, and right now I can say that– because of a daytime/nightime regimen I’ve implemented– my skin is the most clear that it has ever been.  The makeup-free photo that I just took after the shower (above) is not retouched in any way… and I really wish I had a “before” shot from a few months ago!  I’ve never been what you call “acne-prone,” but my face was certainly susceptible to a couple of stray spots and had a more dull overall tone to it.  Here is how I took control (using a little-known brand 100% free of animal testing or animal products, which was also formulated by a doctor whom I know personally and trust): Sugoi.  It’s the BEST, y’all.  You can’t order online since it’s a small brand,  but call my dermatologist’s office to place an order (972-649-6644) and they will gladly ship. I especially recommend: the exfoliate cleanser, the “brighten” face cream, the “brighten” eye cream, the advanced regeneration complex, and the medi c plus.  If you have questions about any of the products, just call and tell them that Molly sent you…  Babs Curtis (aesthetician) or Tanya Rodgers (the doctor) will be happy to answer your questions and will even give you a consult over the phone.  It is hard to find an ethical and effective skincare line… hopefully this helps you out!  XOXO- Molly



Order/inquire at the Skin Specialists’ office: 972-649-6644



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